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The root of the matter

The root. We take it for granted in so many ways. The root of the massive oak tree is not seen, but we see the majestic towering thanks be to the root. The root of the lily of the valley … Continue reading

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Count them!

God told Abraham to ‘look now toward heaven and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them:’ and he said unto him, ‘So shall thy seed be.’ Some think that the patriarch looked up and just couldn’t do it, … Continue reading

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Itching ears are here again (Jesus was married)

From the Blaze-  (with ColorStorm’s opinion below) A document uncovered inside of the British Library in London, England, is said to hold monumental secrets about Jesus’ life, including the claim that he was married to Mary Magdalene and that they … Continue reading

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Hey Jude

Pound for pound, I would cast a vote for the book of Jude in the New Testament as being one of the most intense, humbling, and hopeful. It is the darkest and the brightest all at once. To borrow: it … Continue reading

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Paul the Jew

Some of you have expressed considerable doubt as to whether Paul the apostle was Jewish, thus we trust you will hear the Word of God with a careful ear. To ask the question: was not Paul a Gentile, suggests simple … Continue reading

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Gay marriage- constitutional right?

It is true that the govt. cannot legislate morality, and thankfully so, but they should not also change the meaning of words. Mirriam Webster now has gone on record stating that ‘marriage’ should be redefined. Once you go down this … Continue reading

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