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The finest five words ever written

You can cite your favorites, I’m sure. You can draw from poetry, literature, history, the arts, family, business, architecture, carpentry, proverbs, autobiographies, sports, television, radio, and a host of sources where inspiration sings to you. We draw interest from personal … Continue reading

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Now here’s a good one

In my not-breaking-a-sweat dismantling of pseudo science and lying professors of evolution and accidental life, here is yet another tender morsel, guaranteed to delight the sane mind, and equally sure to raise the ire of they who pretend to be … Continue reading

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Stand up and be quiet

One of the greatest proofs for the obvious existence of God to an honest conscience, is the length, width, height, and depth people travel to dismiss Him.  This is indisputably true. Then there is always the word of God which … Continue reading

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A simple question

                        If        the heavens above,      and          the fulness of the earth below,           are not proof of … Continue reading

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