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The word wide web

Sooooo, the common spider who spins a web to snag his daily bread, how long did it take him to read the instructions for constructing such a masterpiece? Surely the little fella would starve to death before he could figure … Continue reading

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Just a wee sparrow

There are birds of the air that speak of power, promise, majesty, and color, all having the imprint of the Creator. The eagle, the dove, the cardinal, the sparrow. Ah yes, that unassuming little sparrow, in which we are reminded … Continue reading

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Just another rainbow

I’ve mentioned it before that there is hardly a sight that can be compared to the grandeur and genuiusness of the rainbow spanning the earth. Try to recall the first time you witnessed such a sight, and the instant ‘wow … Continue reading

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It’s more than a bee

I’m pretty certain there is but one insect that supplies food for man, and that is the bee. Honey, that sweet nectar we so take for granted. It was a valuable commodity way back, heck, over 4 thousand years ago and … Continue reading

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Chasing Ice

I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this, so we will go with one noun: ‘Wonderful’ Watch the vid below and try to get the context of how massive this is. https://plus.google.com/111341398160608381865/posts/Y5XCLah7UZT

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