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A good perspective among covid nonsense


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See you tomorrow?

There is a whole lot of faith which dwells in the Neverland of Tomorrow. The television weather people know this, as they guarantee another 5 days…doesn’t matter if they change the forecast the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day, the 5 … Continue reading

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The resistance!

So there I was. Today actually, cutting our grass, (well, lowering the weeds to be exact). Headlights caught my eye down the road, and there was a slow-moving silver vehicle, and within seconds, no, make that an instant, I realized … Continue reading

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Culture huh?

In one of the most illuminating and bizarre exchanges recently online, the following observation was made by a man to defend the insane and absurd notion that ‘there is no God.’ ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Worth repeating: ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Let … Continue reading

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A few minutes at the fair

                                          Life begets life. In him was the light of men. Do we get this? The mere fact of the … Continue reading

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