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There is no sky!

Can you prove the sky exists? Really? Yet you talk about ‘it’ every day. That place where the birds make their air lanes, that place that offers the most gorgeous sunsets, that place which is home to the wind; can … Continue reading

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Esther and the son of my right hand

What is puzzling is how anybody could find fault with Israel’s concern about a neighboring country’s  desire to exterminate their people. Who with a straight face could side with Iran? Unfortunately there are many, thus a needed visit to the … Continue reading

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How cold is it?

Just a bit of whimsy to help facilitate the arrival of spring. Of course there must be a recognition of He who brings the cold. Top ten reasons it is so cold: 10.  It is so cold the Maytag refrigerator … Continue reading

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Just a simple dove

When was the last time you heard the cooing of a mourning dove? Yes, that little unassuming and demure grey bird, usually found with its mate. Oh, did I just say two of them? Yes, reminds me of the doves … Continue reading

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