A collection of messages through words, music, images, and song. Obviously some of Jack’s fav’s.

(updated often)

-Leonard Cohen

-Barbara Streisand, ah yes, memories

-Johnny Cash (the song of songs)

-Sam Beard – Iron and wine- (music and dance)

-John Denver, Placido Domingo (very nice editing pics)

-Enya (classic)

-High Kings (excellent voices)

-Michael Card (he asks a good question)

-Israel K

-Johnny Cash (the first time..)


Barbara Streisand, vintage vid.  Polished and professional, her younger stuff was off the charts in every way. This rendition is the standard for how young girls should aspire as to voice quality, diction, passion, elegance, with a strive toward excellence.

Johnny Cash, (Hurt) This rework of a Nine Inch Nails song, he would come to life’s end soon after this song was recorded, thus making its message that much more relevant.


Classic Sam Beard.

‘Boy with a coin’ – Rare combination of music and dance, done simply and with elegance

Iron & Wine


John Denver, Placido Domingo- ‘Perhaps love’

Enya- Amarantine

Only Time
Only Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The High Kings, ‘Will you go lassie go’


Michael Card, ‘Why?’


Israel Kamakawiwo’le, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’






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