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Consider the lowly bulb

Why do people blow a gasket when shown abundant proof by way of evidence that it is quite easy to believe that nature itself preaches the resurrection of things once dead? They say you are crazy and part of some … Continue reading

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I am the greatest?

In years and years of blogging, no topic has been taboo, at least here, and having written countless posts on atheism, and (not bragging btw what’s coming next) still remaining undefeated in dismantling all commentary and arguments against the Creator, … Continue reading

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‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

The news sleuth M. Drudge posted an article about undersea activity by men which found garbage at the lowest parts of the ocean, ie, where the carpet of the ocean is showing signs of litter by way of plastic. Is … Continue reading

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It’s just grand I tell ya

Gotta love the drama of the decons, yep, those illustrious new disciples of atheism (so-called) proudly perfecting, promoting, and pompously pontificating the art of godlessness, as they tell one and all that yes, they were once blind, but now see … Continue reading

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