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Its not yet the time for figs….or flowers

There is one flesh of birds, there is one flesh of fish, there is one flesh of the dairy cow, and of course there is one flesh of man. Pity the brook trout for wanting to be an eagle, and … Continue reading

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Just a little water

(I like the quaint rebuffs from skeptics who say believers are slow of mind when it comes to believing the testimony of the monarch of books, ie, the holy scriptures.) Let me say positively here again,  no amount of ‘evidence’ … Continue reading

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Can’t go into detail…

Short and sweet. (correction: sweet to some)  It is impossible to choose a favorite thought, verse, or line in the scriptures, but there is one in my mind that is certainly near the top. In this particular passage, there are … Continue reading

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That explains A LOT

This may come as a surprise to some, others will find it somewhat amusing, others will not believe it, others may be shocked, some will not care, others will laugh,  some will mock, others will smile, some will give thanks, … Continue reading

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In the beginning God…

Debating the age of creation is like watching politicians, its all the same and never settled. Continue reading

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What color was Adam and Eve?

This was a recent question asked by a christian man, and the answers were quite revealing. Natural bias was called upon to defend a position, all wanting an edge in both knowing, as well as trying to prove a superior … Continue reading

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