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The hospital and the pink hat

This true account speaks of the integrity of God’s word, for it speaks of the inherent disdain of man towards any truth of God. Two men were in a surgical waiting room of a hospital having a discussion. Nothing odd … Continue reading

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The mark of the beast

The word of God tells us that a remarkable man will arrive on the page of history. He will be a man of unequaled diplomacy and tact. He will appear as head and shoulders above all others, so much so, … Continue reading

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You on trial

Question for you. If you were on trial for being a christian, would there be any evidence to convict you? That is, could your life withstand the scrutiny of every person that sees you daily, in the market, in the … Continue reading

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elders: are you fit?

written 1.05 –Preface A rather demanding and serious topic and a lengthly discourse with many associations in scripture. Necessary reading and study for anybody having an interest in the presbytery. You may be pleased to know, that Paul the apostle … Continue reading

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A marriage song

1.05. 2005 Surely I do not speak as an expert, but this union should be entered upon with the utmost care and sincerity. God has instituted marriage as a good thing, and we have seen good things come from bad … Continue reading

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Church fathers?

A warm salute to those of you across the world. Surely you have heard of mans appeal to the so called church fathers to defend certain religious practices; as if the opinions of men carry more weight than the apostles … Continue reading

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