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The ship of fools

Can you imagine Noah telling God: I can’t build the ark, I don’t have the internet to tell me how to build it. Uh, that would be a big fat nnnnno. Yet we do have the internet that tells us … Continue reading

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Not all are laughing

Did you hear the one about the atheist going out of business sale? Yep, big news, well, not really. Made page 97 of the ‘Scientific Journal and Gazette’ in column 4 middle of the page, in 2 short paragraphs in … Continue reading

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Comedy central baby

Did you ever notice what lengths the atheist will travel to TRY to discredit the scriptures? That is, post after post, day after day, citing people and events IN the scriptures, whose words cannot be supposedly trusted, in an attempt … Continue reading

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Why be ordinary?

Received a compliment the other day, some folks said that ‘ordinary Christians don’t believe the crap that I do.’ Of course the implication is that I believe things in scripture that other believers do not, thus marking myself with other … Continue reading

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