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To all good mockers

Anybody who dismisses God’s word as unreliable, untruthful, irrelevant, a crutch for the weak, inaccurate, a collection of useless tales, behind the times, scientifically barren, or any other shortcoming or defect, then you, and I mean you, have an intellect … Continue reading

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Bless that little nut

Collectively, all the atheists in the world do not have the IQ of a peanut, with apologies to the little nut. Why? Because intelligence belongs to, and springs from, He who created the brain. If you do not believe this, … Continue reading

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Fuzzy math and hammers

You know what cracks me up? The arrogant and heady self congratulating college grad who knows it all, thinking all his new superiors in the business field are idiots, yet, the first day on the job as a ‘superintendent’ of … Continue reading

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Ques. of the day

If godless evolution were true, where did the human skull acquire the intelligence to order online a brain to protect?  And on what shelf can these brains be found, catalogued, then ordered? Or better yet, where did the human brain … Continue reading

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Who cares?

A quick and simple question. Since people boast of the evolution of all that is, apart from God of course, one may want to consider the stifling predicament of a wrong answer. When did the human baby ‘evolve’ to the … Continue reading

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Truth 101

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.   Deal with it.  

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Just a small thing

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  (time, space, matter)     Time, space, matter All contained in the very first verse of scripture. There is no other document on earth with such revelation of truth and … Continue reading

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Can’t go into detail…

Short and sweet. (correction: sweet to some)  It is impossible to choose a favorite thought, verse, or line in the scriptures, but there is one in my mind that is certainly near the top. In this particular passage, there are … Continue reading

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Same old song?

  Some people say the song and dance of the believer is stagnant, short-sighted, out-dated, and boring. To this I say: really?  Others ignorantly assume christianity is a glorified pep rally, playing the same old song and stale as cardboard. Well, … Continue reading

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In the beginning God…

Debating the age of creation is like watching politicians, its all the same and never settled. Continue reading

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Why that avatar

Air, land, water. This pretty much makes up life and all that is in it. All fine examples of what is true, just, and good. ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ No explanation of theory, no … Continue reading

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