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Snow. The great truth teller.

Pick a town, any town that just received a deluge of snow. 5′ now on the ground. Can you possibly conceive the sheer weight of that snow, NOW on the GROUND, that just yesterday was above your head? Can you … Continue reading

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Some things never change

Amazing isn’t it, how evolution cannot erase the written word, and how the incomparable rainbow in the sky is testament to the goodness and promises of Almighty God. The rainbow may have been high jacked by the lbjqbvd crowd, and … Continue reading

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Some sandpaper for you

Why sandpaper? Well, it abrades and polishes depending on the grit. Dedicated to CTom, ARK, Zande, SOM, mike from books/ sklyd, and of course all others who appreciate evidence and facts. Btw, you all can argue and complain with each … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsor

We interrupt the regular offence and defense of the word of God……(note the spelling) and the usual candor without apology for all things good and pure, of which God and His word are the source, to just chit and chat, … Continue reading

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Theology 101

Do you know how I know there is ONE God? The same way YOU know there is one God; the only difference being I choose not to suppress this conscious fact which is purely revealed to our conscience. Of course … Continue reading

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Its not yet the time for figs….or flowers

There is one flesh of birds, there is one flesh of fish, there is one flesh of the dairy cow, and of course there is one flesh of man. Pity the brook trout for wanting to be an eagle, and … Continue reading

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‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

The news sleuth M. Drudge posted an article about undersea activity by men which found garbage at the lowest parts of the ocean, ie, where the carpet of the ocean is showing signs of litter by way of plastic. Is … Continue reading

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Question of the day

Was talking to someone about this that, and the other, and the subject matter steered past humor, and invariably into more serious things about life, death, and finally, purpose. Purpose. The purpose of humanity. Is there one? Should there be … Continue reading

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Prove it!

Since life itself is apparently not sufficient, I asked a fella what proof would convince Him of God’s being, and he said this: ‘It’s hard thing to prove, although I suppose conjuring a thunderstorm in the Antarctic winter would be … Continue reading

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Culture huh?

In one of the most illuminating and bizarre exchanges recently online, the following observation was made by a man to defend the insane and absurd notion that ‘there is no God.’ ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Worth repeating: ‘Culture creates conscience.’ Let … Continue reading

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‘Associate to aisle 2 please’

A man was working with a table saw and placed a piece of oak on the metal fence and ripped it clean. Oops, he also extended his hand a bit too far and cut off his second finger. ‘Dang’ he … Continue reading

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It’s just blood after all

Science has discovered what God had designed all along; there is a similarity between the physical make up of man (no apologies to the neuter non anthropos offendees who do not appreciate the word woman included in man),  with the … Continue reading

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How cold is it?

Just a bit of whimsy to help facilitate the arrival of spring. Of course there must be a recognition of He who brings the cold. Top ten reasons it is so cold: 10.  It is so cold the Maytag refrigerator … Continue reading

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Andromeda (you must watch)

Please watch this entirely;  (Full screen) and take off your hat before it blows away, and sit down lest you faint. The heavens declare the glory of God.  And oh by the way, as Genesis simply says:  He made the … Continue reading

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