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Is lying justifiable?

The kingdom of God is a kingdom of truth; true there are misfits in this kingdom, both by birth and by practice, but the principle in which God is honored is of truth. ‘He that honoreth me honors the Father,’ … Continue reading

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C S. Pearce- same sex marriage

C. S. Pearce has done a fine job of noticing the difference between  ‘churchgoers,’ and ‘conservative Christians,’ in their opinion of  same  sex marriage,  but she rides the pony of ‘culture change ‘ to argue that it’s about time for … Continue reading

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Paul the Jew

Some of you have expressed considerable doubt as to whether Paul the apostle was Jewish, thus we trust you will hear the Word of God with a careful ear. To ask the question: was not Paul a Gentile, suggests simple … Continue reading

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elders: are you fit?

written 1.05 –Preface A rather demanding and serious topic and a lengthly discourse with many associations in scripture. Necessary reading and study for anybody having an interest in the presbytery. You may be pleased to know, that Paul the apostle … Continue reading

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False teachers

We are pleased to consider your question: how can one know with certainty who is and who is not a messenger from God. In other words, you want to know how you may know a false teacher. This is easy … Continue reading

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Church fathers?

A warm salute to those of you across the world. Surely you have heard of mans appeal to the so called church fathers to defend certain religious practices; as if the opinions of men carry more weight than the apostles … Continue reading

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