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This is unbelievable!

I so tire of hearing that word: unbelievable. ‘Did you see him catch that TD pass? It was unbelievable.  Did you see her sink that 50 ft putt? Unbelievable. Did you hear about the guy who lost 50 lbs? Unbelievable. … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsor

We interrupt the regular offence and defense of the word of God……(note the spelling) and the usual candor without apology for all things good and pure, of which God and His word are the source, to just chit and chat, … Continue reading

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Who do you ultimately obey?

A 10 year old kid invites all his friends over his parents house on Fri. night. Dad gave specific instructions to Henry to enjoy free reign of the interior. No room was off limits, as they all enjoyed billiards, darts, … Continue reading

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Interpret this

Ever since there has been a history recorded of men’s doings, we have been witness to the spin of ‘why’ one truth is credible, while others are not. ‘Interpretation’ is called upon as a smokescreen to deaden the weight of … Continue reading

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Plain old scripture

Dontcha just love the timeliness and eternal relevance of God’s word?   ‘Before Abraham was, I am.” Pilate: ‘what is truth?’ And God said, ‘let there be light, and there was light.’ (He made the stars also) ‘The Lord was … Continue reading

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