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U.S. general leads fresh assault on Obama policies

It is one thing for a person to criticize a dignitary; it is quite startling when a man of position and character makes the claim.  Responsible ears should perk like antennae, and pay attention.   U.S. general leads fresh assault … Continue reading

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Bill Maher and friends

orig. 3.12.12 Mr. Maher does a fine job of masquerading as a comedian, as he appeals to the prurient Maher’s appeal is his ability to express this base speech to they who are afraid to say it publicly.  His opinions … Continue reading

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Obama and scripture

The good book says to ‘pray for those in authority,’ and I suppose so few believers actually do, especially, when we have leaders who resemble despots rather than humble servants. Naturally, this should lead to a ‘slow to rail’ mindset, … Continue reading

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An Easter salute

Say what you will about Krauthammer: he is quirky, too dogmatic, reminds you of your strange uncle, whatever, he is correct here. Does not the word of God condemn ‘gay’ behaviour? Sure it does, as it points out the same … Continue reading

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