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Never argue with a lily

Simple? Yep. Deep? Yep. Irrefutable? Yep. Subject to scorn? Unfortunately. Apart from faith, prove to me the scent of the lily of the valley exists.  Where is your d_mn proof? Can you touch it? See it? Feel it?  Perhaps explain … Continue reading

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Number please

Had an interesting discussion recently, or should I say I tried to, but in the end as always, God’s word is blameless, and men run for cover, but sadly there are no rocks large enough to hide the conscience under. … Continue reading

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The mansion and the pipsqueak

A master architect built a fine estate on a thousand acres, high atop a hill, with views exceeding 5 countries. A massive display of craftsmanship, skill, foresight, after sight, knowledge, as well as an unequalled eye for detail in hiring … Continue reading

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To life I say

So it goes: ‘What proof do you have of a Creator?’ In my very best John McEnroe on the tennis court challenge to the official I shout: ‘YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!’ But to satisfy the questioner I state anyway: ‘My … Continue reading

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An explanation of an unusual word, giving credit to the Creator Continue reading

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