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Should Biden run in -24?

Hmm. Being he can’t walk in -22……. ….seems a stupid question.

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Eh, so we disagree

Put 10 women and ten men in a room and ask them to explain the greatest movie of all times. Some will cite Citizen Kane with good reason, others may call upon Cinderella for good reason, still others John Wayne … Continue reading

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Pontius Pilate’s question part 2

A recent post titled ‘Pontius Pilate’s question’ @ this site addressed a concern or two; if the subject would have been Gaga, Cryus, the World Series, hockey, the Olympics, the board would have been lit up. But the question still begs … Continue reading

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Pontius Pilate’s question

Some of the very best questions are asked, and have been asked by men of dubious character, common men, men of power, and the young. How many politicians have asked ‘Can I get your vote?’ and based on the pedigree … Continue reading

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