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It’s just grand I tell ya

Gotta love the drama of the decons, yep, those illustrious new disciples of atheism (so-called) proudly perfecting, promoting, and pompously pontificating the art of godlessness, as they tell one and all that yes, they were once blind, but now see … Continue reading

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Goliath of Gath

(This is an answer to Blaze posters who mocked God’s word.) To all the naysayers: Yes, there was an extremely large man, by name Goliath of Gath, who was a perpetual agitator of the Israelites. (Similar to all mockers here) He … Continue reading

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The stone marksmen

Among all this people there were seven hundred chosen men lefthanded; every one could sling stones at an hair breadth, and not miss  -Judges 20. So reads a chronicle of the Jewish wars. Out of 26,000 men, we are told specifically that these men … Continue reading

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Israeli prisoner swap

(A few years back) 1000 prisoners swapped for 1 Surely you have heard of the trade of over 1000 Palestinian prisoners for one  Israeli. What a masterstroke of tact and diplomacy by a nation and government who  values life. The palestinians got … Continue reading

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Proof of Resurrection?

(A few thoughts) A person asks for ‘proof’ of the resurrection of the Lord; others may say this is foolish, but truth be told, if the heart is sincere, it is not really out of the ordinary to seek earthly … Continue reading

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Benghazi hearings

Mr Hicks stood as a David against several Goliaths of opposition and hostility, but he prevailed. Elijah Cummings lectured Hicks, as well as the entire Republican field, and it was quite embarrassing, or should I say, it was obvious there … Continue reading

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