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From Saul the great one to Paul the little one

Christian friends and atheist kin. Have a looksee at one of the most timeliest movies ever to hit the big screen.  Jim Caviezel the incomparable highlights. Enjoy.   https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=paul+the+apostle+movie&&view=detail&mid=DE196AC4662758C616A3DE196AC4662758C616A3&rvsmid=1B6EAB7000CC9F1076231B6EAB7000CC9F107623&FORM=VDQVAP

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Some dusty feet there…

All right listen up ye godless neighbors in blogsville. You have said at every opportunity that believers are dunces who can’t thpell kat if you spotted them the k and the t…You have said that God is both evil, immoral, … Continue reading

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A challenge to all men and women

Magnificent. Bold. Factual. Undeniable. Elegant. Eloquent. Unassuming. Powerful. Scientific. Truthful. Incontrovertible. Unimpeachable. Trustworthy. Such are a few fine words that describe the first few chapters of the word of God, which we know as Genesis. Now the challenge. I dare … Continue reading

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