Somethings to ponder

Is EGO or Intellect the engine which fuels the god of atheism? Why?

Will human beings ever grow skin like the LEATHER of the whitetail deer? Why? Why not?

Has evolution ever created one genuine snowflake?

Can evolution prevent the rising of the once dead but perennial flower bulb?

Do not the four seasons speak of earth’s consistency and promise, without which a Creator would be an impossibility?

Does not the moon’s perfect light speak of a Creator whose watchful eye does not sleep?

Is it not laughable that men boast of evolution having knowledge that they have accumulated in 30 years, while at the same time stating their same ‘knowledge’ points to an impossibly verified billion of years?

Is it not strikingly apparent that men in fact have not evolved, either in learning or morals, and have been but poor stewards of earth’s resources, yet blaming God for every vice under the sun?

Does not the opening line of Genesis answer man’s deepest yearning for truth and purpose, and settles forever the question of How and Who? Yes, ‘in the beginning God……….’

Do not the records of Kings and Chronicles, point to a divine record keeping that is envious of the most attentive Court and Deed Recorder?

Does not Psalms and Proverbs lead the mind toward a greater mind of excellence and wisdom? Do these very books not speak eloquently and ask questions, as well as answer, that man is small but relevant, having the ability to create and perceive?

Has mankind (includes women of course, which no sober minded female finds offense) ever been able to rid the conscience of God stamped upon the soul? Why not?

Does it not alarm you that in the providence of God, He has told any willing ear that there will arrive on the page of history a world-wide trading system, that would eliminate cash and coin? Hint hint: the introduction of bar codes/ chips/ eye scans/ credit cards/ with the self described arrogance of Musk and Gates as the greatest preachers?

Are men not fools for doubting God and His word?

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Who dares to challenge the goodness of God?

Beauty and goodness comes in many flavors. Here is a song that should make believers happy, and while it may even excite the auditory canals of the atheist, a greater question should be asked: Why does something please me that I cannot even understand the words?

I love the timbre and tempo, I love the seriousness and delight of the singer, I so enjoy the clear reverence for a God above all, and I am fond too of the apple of His eye.

Enjoy and pass along to others who appreciate music of all stripes. (there was a sweet singer of Israel back in the day…………)

Aharon Berk- V’erastich Li | וארשתיך לי – אהרן בירק – YouTube

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Some serious questions for one and all

Saw my neighbor last night, that effulgent and demure moon that I call my friend. MY friend doncha know, as she is there for ME. Call it arrogant, call it presumptuous, but what would YOU call it, and why is … Continue reading

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The glorious book of Revelation

Secrets revealed for they who are intimately familiar with every book of the bible which precedes it. Intellectual and spiritual maturity, (so missing in the tender ears of the immature or unlearned) which guides the soft hearts in knowing the marvel and excellence of God, are the critical components in unfolding the book of books.

Of course to the ignorant it is a book of nonsense, but to the wise it is the capstone that reveals mysteries that only baffle an atheist.

Above all, it proves the Creator of the sun and moon does not sleep, and is well aware of man’s attempts to supplant Him. In this God laughs, and His patience is otherworldly. In context, covid-19 will prove to be but a pimple on the page of history, as Revelation is not a book of gossip or which agrees with majority opinion, nope, but a book which puts a premium on understanding, the KEY to unlocking it’s contents.

What is so dark about topaz, jacinth, or jasper? What is so strange about He whose voice is as the sound of many waters? What is so strange about the plagues that men so equally deserve? What is so odd about God telling His agents: ‘hurt not the trees?’

Revelation declares with no ambiguity the end of days, with no appeal to a higher court, as only God is truly Supreme. No gloom of days, no, yeah rather, an admission that when the last crop is in, when the last raindrop falls, when the last dream is had, when time must cease, Revelation states what has always been true: that God is always good and His ways perfect.

The Lord of heaven and earth stands true, and of course His word is always good. A man would be a poor carpenter if he has never learned the secrets of the plumb line and the level. 65 books to test the apprenticeship. Revelation, while difficult, is not a book for amateurs.

Which is harder to believe, that the air of Mt. Everest is heavy, or that God’s angels await with patience?

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A good perspective among covid nonsense

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I dare you

While contemplating what is plumb (vertical) and what is level, (horizontal) the thought occurred to me.

Without God in mind, the common atheist (as good a person as he may be) is just a simple mass or glob of irrelevance. Prove me wrong. I dare you. I dare the likes of DeGrasse, Nye, Maher, Sagan now departed, or any woman on earth who makes the claim of a godless existence, to try to defend that YOU are relevant and have a purpose.

You may try. You can makes excuses. You can defend cosmic irrelevance with a crooked smile, but you will fail in any court of law where common sense is the ultimate jurist.

Without design, there is no intelligence. Without intelligence, there is no blueprint. Without a blueprint, there is no Burj Kalifa. Without aforethought, there is no planning of streams, rivers, lakes, oceans. There are no mountains. Mighty Everest could not stand without a foundation, immoveable. The Sears tower would topple without engineering of the massive pillars hidden beneath the ground.

There would be no blood nor need, no bone, no sinew, no thumbs, no feet, no where to go, for walking requires intelligence.

So too, life without a print, would be irrelevant. I would have right to take anything, anywhere, anytime. I could steal your cow, shoot your windows, burn your home, destroy your cornfield with gasoline, and go to sleep, having done NOTHING wrong, for after all, life and me are easily irrelevant. There is no higher purpose, and every man has his birth right to do what is right in HIS OWN EYES.

I dare you to disagree, that is, unless, there is one God with whom you have to do. And there is. And He does. I dare you to defend your random existence of accidental and purposelessness. You cannot. For purpose requires, no, DEMANDS intelligence.

And yet, in all this, in this world of anarchy, lawlessness, disorder, there is immeasurable beauty that supercedes all else, there is the daily harmony of the simple stream that does not care who votes for who, who steals from who, but which runs along, as it always has, cascading and making the sounds of water over stones, sounds which no early maestro can muster, but we do not pay attention to the true Conductor, who is ever so patient with the blindness and deafness of men who defy Him.

God is good like that, but be careful what you do with that dare.

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The elegance of the hidden

While doing renovation at our house, it is so easy to scrap something that appears unsightly; a piece of lumber loaded with rusty nails, the appearance of decay or rot, it’s time seems used up, the purpose being ended, the post that held up a porch has seen better days, and the greyish hue of time makes the wood look like a grandfather on life support.

Old/ unwanted/ cast away?

But wait. The wood is heavy. It feels strong. So what if its years of service have ended, there is something here that needs investigated. So I paused the cement work, grabbed my circular saw with a new Diablo blade, and cut a few areas that were not affected by damage.

Can you see the possibilities?

But are we not as humans, similar to the wood? Do we not judge things by appearance on occasion to our detriment, and do not others make assessment of us without having all the facts? Imagine if you will, the unexpected and off the charts serendipitous moment of elation when I laid eyes on this magnificent piece of lumber hidden through time just waiting to be revealed.

Look at this grain!

Smooth like glass, not a defect to be seen, but more, the hidden man of the heart so to speak. And it was 2″ wide! Not the artificial measurements of 1 1/2″ that passes for 2″ today, nope, no false advertising. 2″, rock hard and exquisite.

Beauty from ashes

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to see this, to hold it, to enjoy the depths of God’s understated genius, and to consider that all good things come from His hand. But are we not like this piece of wood too? Such distinct works of creation, with no two grains the same, fearfully and wonderfully made.

The believer who sees this will smile to, for the connections are obvious, yet all others may not be so enthralled, for ‘science’ can take no credit, none, nula, nada, zero.

So, while men look on the outward appearance, God looketh upon the heart, and sees value where others do not. In the middle of a hot sweaty day, I so much smiled at the hundreds of ways ‘we get rid of things,’ and miss what joy and blessing awaits us being a foot away.

He made the trees. He made coal, gold, cotton, leather, and of course, He made the stars also. Look closely, underneath it all, and you will see the foundations of the earth, made by the Architect who is always perfect, and who enjoys revealing Himself to they who earnestly seek.

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Judicial restraint?

You have heard it all. The cop was a monster killer. Floyd was a boy scout. The word ‘Justice now!’ is given a platform, and is code for ‘we want OUR verdict.’ Everybody apparently is on the ‘protest’ bandwagon, and nobody will be satisfied until a jury finds the policeman guilty of murder.

But not so fast. Mind you, this is my opinion, but haven’t we been told ‘innocent until proven guilty?’ Doesn’t seem that way. When asked how they will proceed, all interested parties set forth their demands: conviction. Guilty already, without ALL evidence.

Consider that small word ‘proven.’ Sure the video was telling, but all we hear is the point of view of the man who had a knee to his head. I want to hear from the policeman. I want to hear what happened, what was said, BEFORE the man ended up on the ground.

Is it possible, and I raise the possibility, that said policeman feared for his own life? Is it possible that Floyd threatened him, his family, with death, the minute he could stand? Surely you have heard of ruses used by men who say ‘I can’t breathe,’ then when released, stand up and attack with a vengeance he who was holding him down? Criminal behavior follows the morally bankrupt. So here is reasonable doubt if so.

Have not officers dealt with lying men and women in that situation before? Was the policeman intentionally trying to end a life? Was he holding a gun to his head? What was said?

You have also heard that witnesses are sought that paint the cop as a monster, but you do not hear one word as to video that would help the policeman. And the riots? Really? Cars stolen from dealership to PROTEST?

An ER doctor cant get to his emergency because roads are blocked, and everybody applauds the carnage. One policeman in a dubious looking photo, but I refuse to get onboard and say guilty of murder before the evidence says as much.

And the fact that Cooper, Wolf, Brooke, Cuomo, etc etc, are not interested in ALL evidence, is a sad day in America when people who are clueless find a man guilty without hearing all the facts.

Surely no reasonable person could argue against my points.

(btw, the reason the military was involved, was the policemen’s hands were tied while they were being bricked as they watched their cars burn. So yeah, liberalism and its insidious poisonous policies is why the military was needed. )



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The condition of things

Greeting to friends across the world, hello to believer kin, evo and atheist neighbors  everywhere. Do consider.

Social distancing? Uh, nnnnno, let’s go with the more correct phrase: social Conditioning. Don’t think so? Bear with my folly, then decide for yourself.

Do you really think that the idea for locking ankle bracelets with GPS trackers to identify c-19 cases was dreamed up last week? Do you honestly believe that a man who lives with his spouse on a 4,000 acre ranch in Northwest Wyoming should be handcuffed and carted away to jail for not keeping his 6′ distance?

At WHAT time in history can you remember when all the nations of the world seemed to be in harmony fighting a common enemy? Does not the very idea of a truce with communism, Al Quaida, pharmaceutical companies, and lousy governance give pause for serious introspection?

It will be found out that the makers of the problem will be makers of the cure, (if not already made) and the whole world will wonder, but not all. The not-so-subtle daily conditioning of plans, laws, what business is ‘necessary,’ who will be compensated, what ‘time’ one may leave the house, who can sell food, what state you may enter, what border you may cross, etc, etc, has long been in the drawing room, just awaiting the ‘right’ opportunity to ascend the next level………….the next level ere the ‘one world government’ takes its place upon history’s front page.

Yes, the c-19 ‘crisis’ is just another step towards the necessary genius aided by the Googles, the Microsofts, the Bing’s, the Twits, the Instagrams, the Tubes, the CNN’s, princes, dukes, queens, kings, prime ministers, presidents, to put in place the alleged safety and security of the citizens on this place called earth. (Then there is the new and improved 5g interference, but that’s an entirely different rabbit trail.)

Rest assured, it is neither safe nor secure, but it is a placebo where man will once again ‘feel safe,’ after c-19 dies it’s hard death. But ah! the lessons given by the governments of the world will be much appreciated by the masses, and like toy soldiers, will all fall in line one by one and ‘thank’ the governments for being so helpful. Really?

So the crisis ends, but look what was gained. Compliance. If you were caught outside after 8pm, you were obviously a threat, if even to walk your dog. There is always a price to pay, and freedom is slain on the government altar. Wear a mask! Go to the infection tent for examination. We want to protect you!

Now this is where the believer as well as atheist needs to pay attention. The good book,  the holy scriptures that is, God’s revelation to man whereby we be not lost as fog in a cloudy world where up and down, left and right, right and wrong, are only opinions, this book tells us, with ZERO ambiguity, that the ‘peace of the world’ is not only diametrically opposed to the peace of God, but is a sworn enemy of truth itself.

One must question the sincerity of one’s faith who doubts Daniel spent a night in the den of lions, Joseph was thrown in the pit, Pharaoh had to deal with too many frogs, Joshua’s seven circled trek, Samson died under a pile of rock while apologizing to God, or that there WILL be a singular world government with its own bankrupt currency, led by a very evil man, a man by the way who will have nothing short of Hollywood’s brain- dead charm, able to sprinkle words of fairy dust to put to sleep they who lack understanding. You see, it’s not even so much what I think about the exodus of Moses, but can God be trusted. Uh, yeah, He can be trusted, we have His word after all.

So while the believer has no excuse for debunking the very scriptures he supposedly holds dear, (if he makes the claim of an elected one,) the atheist should also wake up and take notice, that the good book has always been correct, that He who is apart from time, He who spoke forth the sun and moon, He who engineered heat and light, gold and coal, leather and cotton, male and female, TOLD us about c-19, which is only a sign of the times. But who needs signs when one has already arrived?

30 years ago I knew this day would come, and I was thought a fool when I casually mentioned the bar code on a loaf of bread as one more item of CONDITIONING. You see, the essence of good conditioning is slowly cooked, over time, until such time that one more layer is put upon the ply, until that little ant appears in full as a monstrous dragon. But how did this happen, how did it grow, how did we not notice? Easy, we SLEPT, and while we slept, an enemy hath done this. We didn’t notice because we had other cares.

So complacency over time was used by the devil’s of chaos, sowing seeds of doubt and despair, and whether c-19 is manmade, or a fluke of nature, it is used as a worldwide tool by God’s adversary, but mind you, God is not surprised, and neither should be people of faith. So believer friend, will you admit to the conditioning, and atheist and evo neighbor, can you not see the condition of things?

And btw, just as it was foretold, the c-19 attention is just another birth pang to the implementation of the cashless society, which has been in the works for decades, to make citizens of the world ‘safe,’ just like the mask makes you feel ‘safe……..’ CONDITIONING.


(For more of God’s head’s up on things to come, take a peek at this.)

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Word for the day- razor

By now you may have heard that some talking heads are saying it’s about time for a ‘one world government’ to help alongside the current  c-19 crisis, to steer as it were, ships having no captain, to aid a carpenter who does not know how to read a plumb-line, or to help a mason who doesn’t know how to handle a level, yep, man is lost without a wannabe Solomon who alone can offer such aid as well as other ‘obvious’ emoluments that only he can supply. Yep, man is ready to turn over his brain to the elite, but I digress.

No this is not about the world govt. coming to a town near you (per the scriptures of course) nor is this about the plight of the infirmed or dying, (of which I sympathize) but this is more to the point of identifying fraudulent, misinformed, or lying self made educators.

I saw robins, blue jays, cardinals, doves, wrens, crows, hawks, and other such winged marvels yesterday, and I smiled immensely, then I thought of the MD’s, nurses, and case workers on the front lines in ED’s, yet we so rarely get excited about good news. So we focus on death and despair, and ignore life which stares us in the face. Daily. The c-19 thing merely magnifies our selfishness and myopia. Speaking of myopia.

The current wave of venom and virus spread across the fruited plain of the US as well as the world should forever shut the mouths of evolutionists and atheists once and for all. First, if evo is the great ‘fixer,’ than why be rattled if 10, 1,000, 10,000, a million, a hundred million, or 3 billion people lose lives due to ‘nature’s equalizer?’ How can one honestly complain of that which has been praised for eons?

The evolutionist has no where to hide with such blistering exposure, as he must say ‘amen!’ to the diabolical vacuum sweeper known as coronavirus 19. But what fool would agree with the observations of a Christian?

So the atheistic house of cards is also fallen as evo’s twin in so simple and short a manner.

Who then can open a mouth of protest against the tidal wave of nature’s poison to rid the world of irrelevant, purposeless, accidental and ultimately meaningless life. Do you hear this, meaningless? That’s exactly what the end is of man without a Creator, MEANINGLESS.

Can I now refer you to the word at the top: Razor. This is the final and absolute word on the impossibility of godlessness aka, evolution, as well as atheism which only has the ability to praise itself, but lo and behold the razor! The Truth which slices and dices to pieces all petty gripes and self made dogmas which leave OUT the Creator from His own handiwork. To this, smart people will say amen.

And oh btw, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.

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On a clear day

Soooo, no evidence of a Creator? No proof of God’s hand in His own engineering masterpiece called life? Well then, let’s have a listen to One greater who knew you would say that:

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

(so saith God through His inspiration to Paul, and therefore to you)

Love that word: clearly. Clearly seen. No ambiguity here, no looking through a bent glass. As varied as they may be, no CNN, NPR, Sesame street, or FOX news opinion where bias rules the day. No sports guesswork where stats are called upon as a seer to project a winner. Nope, CLEARLY seen. With so few things that are clear, it is wonderful that God has given to us the ability to recognize true north.

And the result? That we have NO excuse. But what’s the reaction of foolish people? We complain, we cry for ‘evidence,’ we ask for proof, while we ignore the only proof we need, and that is what our eyes and heart tell us.

Don’t want to be an enemy of truth? How about just agree with God regarding what He has made, as well as what He said concerning ourselves. Clearly, it is easy.

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Friday nugget of light

Did you know that the Kjv 1611 has no copyright? Is this not pause for wonder in a world of commerce which thrives on the love of money? So go ahead and copy, redistribute, freely. And ask yourself why.

While I’m here, as other translations are helpful to many, the King’s version is the monarch of books. Written in understated elegance which does not flatter, full of matter-of-factness which stirs intellect, affection, and bare bones attention to detail, the book takes you from elementary learning, to calculus squared, if you are interested that is.

From botany and the origin of the species, to climate, gender, flora, fauna, cosmology, the contents will take you where so few fear to go- to the outer limits of truth and beyond, past the cherubim, past the portals of death, to the waters above the waters, and the broken windows of heaven, to the very throne of God itself, where doth abode forever Truth and light.

Yes, light! That daily reminder of truth which we so take for granted- it is always there so to speak, but commonplace is no excuse for ignoring the extraordinary.

So take a gander at that most illustrious of Psalms, 119, and read of the sweet singers pointing to that light which is a lamp unto our feet, that light which guides like a perfect needle on the compass in a world where fog is applauded as clarity. Yes, dependable clarity.

Contrast that to dark speeches given by late night comedians who are secret politicians, plying their craft to they with itching ears, whose ears have been polished by lying science pretenders who swear they KNOW there is no God, that light ACCIDENTALLY appeared to further aid demonic evolution….

So yeah, here’s a shout out to God’s word, thankful for His promise of the covenant given as a reminder by way of the spectacular rainbow- which word is finer than gold- which word is forever settled in heaven- which word confirms day and night, hot and cold, male and female, the sun and moon, and which word promises the restitution of ALL things.

God’s word, GOOD. Extra, extra, read all about it, and you will still after 100 years study, only but scratch the surface. and the kjv, better than all.

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This is unbelievable!

I so tire of hearing that word: unbelievable.

‘Did you see him catch that TD pass? It was unbelievable.  Did you see her sink that 50 ft putt? Unbelievable. Did you hear about the guy who lost 50 lbs? Unbelievable. Did you hear about that lady from Miami who has 10 cats and how she feeds them on a dinner plate? Unbelievable.

You get the point. No, it is not unbelievable. Niagara Falls flowing uphill would be unbelievable. A marathon runner breaking records running backwards with his legs tied would be unbelievable.

However, men have no excuse for assigning ‘unbelievability’ to the words of scripture in general, and to Genesis in particular. There is nothing unbelievable about God making plants, animals, water, fish, trees, and of course man. There is nothing hard to understand or unbelievable about the four rivers flowing from that magnificent paradise.

There is nothing unbelievable about men watching sheep, tending crops, travelling, inventing, making music, and even killing others. It’s called life. I would much more respect people who say they do not like the message of scripture- but I have zero tolerance for they who say the account as written is not believable. It is not only believable, but the sacred scriptures are the ONLY account which is historically accurate, geographically perfect, and whose message stands the test of time and is relevant for every age of man.

It is no wonder the word of God is despised. As it was then, it is now, for the generation of the children of men are bent on heaving their own way. And what is this way? Ha! It is the way of Cain, that one wayed avenue which ignores street signs and is a danger to everything and everything in its path of selfishness. Cain was selfish.

And no, his life and times was not unbelievable, as some things never change. There is a WAY which seems right unto a man………….and if you are an astute reader, you know what follows.

The family of Noah, Pharaoh, the passover, the exodus, the exile, the kings, the temple, the dreams, the covenants, the silence, the promises, Gethsemene, Calvary, the Romans, Pentecost, the Gentiles, Patmos, all part and parcel of documented history, all credible, all believable.

And sure as expected, there are knockoffs of scripture, because everyone wants to lay claim to truth. Even commerce allows you to buy fake Prada. Nothing new here. But as there are bits of truth in everything, ‘bits of truth’ are but poison in camoflauge. Go ahead and drink a glass of water with a drop of antifreeze in it.

God’s word is undiluted in its message- entirely. There are not bits of truth, as it is all true. It is all believable. Has the sun changed his purpose? Has the moon diminished her cool? Has the north star moved? Do not whales still give birth to whales? Do not the oceans still stop at the shore? Does not rain from above still nourish the corn?

Does not nature preach the evangelistic message of the continuity of the Creator? Do not the seasons and the four winds sing of eternity? Of course. So stop crying that scripture is unbelievable. Yeah rather, it is more alarming that in todays age, there are still people who have not learned of history’s lessons and men’s recalcitrance- and who still cling to godlessness as if it were the cats meow- now that is unbelievable.



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I say dear chap, there is no doubt

In my years of easy demolition of the theory of atheism, coupled with the instant hush of all naysayers who say: ‘there be no God!’ I bring this thought for the day.

An exaggeration to be sure, but it only makes the point and strengthens the appearance of stupidity levelled by they who have no room for the Creator in the heavens above or below. Now then.

Before there was sand: Toss a pile of sand into the air. Or sawdust. Or feathers. Or compost. Or copper. Or gold if you can find it. Before there was leather, toss a cowhide into the air.

Before it hits the ground in three seconds or less, isn’t it wonderful how godless evolution arranged blood, cells, bones, sinew, respiratory,  circulatory, neuro and digestive systems complete with wiring intact, with the ability to see, think, act, react, along with the other accidental things such as oceans, forests, mountains such as my friend Mt. Everest; and oh yeah, I can do this all day, but I must stop lest I embarrass the ilks of DeGrasse, Nye, Hawkins, Dawkins,, Harris, and all the other stooges of lazy intellect, with apologies to Moe and Larry.

Thanks for reading one more installment featuring the goodness and daily consistency of Almighty God, which proves every word of His is certain,, sure and steadfast. In a world where people’s word is no good, we have His word, and I for one am extremely thankful.

‘He made the stars also.’


(ps- with the incessant assault towards people of faith, why not consider for a moment the faithfulness of God, per His word,, and take your eyes off your own importance, and there just may be a more harmonious outcome)

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The world that then was…..

Sooooo, you have heard the gripe, one mind you, that has been repeated since man tried to depose God from His throne. There is no God! Genesis is a farce! The scriptures were written by lazy people who were clueless as to science! Sound about right?

Oh yeah, but one of my favs is this:

There was no flood. There is no proof. Oh my where is my laugh button. Nevermind, it’s really not a humorous matter, but people are shortsighted and never see the big picture. That gentle giant of grace and truth, who learned through his failures said this:

Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.

So, if water itself does not act as the only proof you need, perhaps you need to pull a J. Cousteau and dive deeper than he was able, and SEE and LEARN that the world that that was, is buried. And in this place of the dearly departed, we can gain a clue as to why man lived to be 900 years, because things are not quite the same today.

Overflowed with water. Ouch. We do not have this ‘overflowing’ today, but we certainly have reminders, as in, the great clouds above that carry the water which rains the earth, and be thankful, that we are not so deluged.

Can we not appreciate the seldom seen fact that clouds are but a broken canopy of the waters above, just as scripture asserts? True science doncha know, as opposed to the lying thieves of academia, who have no use for either God or science. That these windows of heaven were once opened, and in tandem with the fountains of the great deep, wreaked havoc on this world that then was.

So yeah, you want more proof? Hold your breath and dive deeper than whales, go deeper than  Mt. Everest, deeper than Elon Musk can fly overhead, and see those lakes below, under the massive oceans, those reverential burying grounds that hold the Creator’s promises.

But rest assured, you cannot survive, any more than a man can survive his own petulant cry of sursum cordem, on ward and upward! God already said ‘no’ per that massive tower of Babel. Even the eagles embarrass us by their obedience.

But can’t you at least enjoy that insightful word by our friend in his thoughtful epistle: ‘whereby.’ Love that. As to, and in what manner, a reminder of a truth just as pertinent today, with a view to God’s own oath.

It’s no wonder the scripture writers were mocked then, and now. They told the truth, notwithstanding Peter’s own weakness when he said: ‘I know not the man………..’ You see, his fears were mine, they are yours, as they reveal our very nature. Ah yes, but we NOW have an unction seeing the whole, no mirrored reflection or trying to survive eating a picture of apples, not a figure, but the true.

Then there is always that rainbow thing, an arc of a different nature, and once more not only mocked, but highjacked to put a seal of approval on decadence. Not too smart, but just another proof that I speak with sobriety and truth. But know this as an aside, God is the real Color Master, incorporating His azure sky with the ochre wheatfields and amber waves of grain, the greenery, the brown earth, the lights of night above, blood red, HE ALONE has all copyrights, and it would not kill us to say ‘how great thou art.’

After all, time is oh so fleeting, a thousand years as a day so to speak.



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Have you been humbled lately?

It’s short. It’s intense. It’s gorgeous. It’s altogether lovely. It’s the world which we live in, a world in which we become numb to what lies around us. I luuuuv stuff like this, watching what is above us, watching with silent awe what moves over our heads, yes, what moves over our heads.

Enjoy the glory of God’s creation, and btw, if you dare say ‘there is no God,’ you have my sympathy.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament doth shew his handiwork.

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Light and laughter

I luuuuv this observation, which by the way, I have been saying similar things for years.

‘Sunlight entering the water may travel about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) into the ocean under the right conditions, but there is rarely any significant light beyond 200 meters (656 feet). … Sunlight does not penetrate to these depths and the zone is bathed in darkness.’ (From NOAA)

And why do I like it? Tkx for asking, I’ll be happy to tell you.

Because it exposes man’s fraudulent arrogance, and proves that every word of God is good. No ‘significant’ light beyond 600 plus feet. Ouch. Yet, the modernists, the so-called elite of the intellectual boys club, swear they ‘know’ what goes on millions of miles above, no, check that, zillions of miles above our heads, far above the great deep of the Creator’s handiwork.

Cousteau below and Piccard above spoke the same truth, albeit unknowingly, when they uttered such words of majestic chagrin, because deep answers to deep. Whether it be a water drop in a pond or a heavy cloud, we live UNDER the Creator’s umbrella, we live under heaven’s zip code, and there are lands which today we cannot travel. But science fiction is real doncha know, as there is a cottage industry which steals money from people as long as they are told they are ‘smart.’  Fortunately we have the mind of the incomparable Paul as taught by God:

There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

In plain language, men are clueless regarding ‘science.’ Our distortions looking UP through vapor are magnified, and the millions and millions of miles and light years from here to there reveal arrogant and deceptive hearts made in the image of men. But note: the sun, moon, and stars are not only different, they are different in kind. Can we fathom this? Different kinds of lights. Not accidental purposeless cosmic rocks, but Lights, EACH with a purpose.

If we cannot see clearly what is a thousand feet beneath us, how can we say with ‘Intelligence’ we know what is above us? Apart from Intelligence, we cannot.  Intelligence, which men claim, by their very words, proves otherwise.

Truth be told, knowledge can never make people smart, as it only confirms what already exists. Bias is fed by the baristas of bias. Starbucks has always been late to the party. ‘Noah never lived, there is no EVIDENCE of a flood…..’ Blah blah blah. Bill Nye said so. DeGrasse agrees. Hawkins said science disagrees. Blah blah blah.

Can I remind my faithful readers, friend and foe alike, that Everest and K-2, are 29,000 ft above sea level, a height above that of a flying 747- which height is equaled UNDER the oceans. Are you getting this ramification? Yet, where pray tell, does ALL that frozen water come from at that massive height to create such torrid conditions and avalanches which kill a man for trespassing. Rest assured, the ‘natural man and his science are clueless.’ 

But yes, all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. It rained. And it rained. And it rained. And the waters rose. And rose. And rose. But you ask for evidence? Well here you go. I have it on good word that they who mocked the grand construction by the family of Mr. Noah were not laughing, just as they who mock today will not laugh tomorrow. Men’s laughter is all the evidence you need. Their watery coffins were sealed by the wax of their very lips.

Some things never change, and we saw more of this when that 9 foot goon dared to challenge the only God of creation, and who fell to earth quickly and then was headless. Yeah, mock that too. But science has no answer for godless arrogance and Death, as all things continue as they were. Am I sure?

If ‘scientists’ are lost as fog regarding 99% of what lies beneath the waters of the world, would you then trust these same people when they say they ‘know’ mileage, dates, and times as to the heavens? The answer appears obvious to an honest mind.

The waters at the top of the world, ie, Everest, and the deep oceans are once more proof and evidence that God’s word is good, that there are waters above and below, and that God separated the waters from the waters, and without knowing this, science is the great fail, and receives a failing grade of E+ in the college exam, and the + is only because science is spelled correctly.

But more perfectly: rain and snow are nature’s greatest laughing evangelists.


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And now a word from our sponsor

We interrupt the regular offence and defense of the word of God……(note the spelling) and the usual candor without apology for all things good and pure, of which God and His word are the source, to just chit and chat, about this and that, with emphasis on that.

The more one blogs, the easier it is for some to ‘find fault’ with us, because we lay bare what moves us, what is in us, how we think, why we think, what we find sweet, what we find bitter, and truth be told, someone may agree with me or you 99% of the time, but decide one day to say ‘adios’ because we say ONE thing that moves a mountain, one thing that is seemingly so unsettling that we put our proverbial fingers in our ears because the trumpet sound is annoying.

How can he think that, after being so spot on regarding everything else? How can he believe John was exiled to Patmos yet not believe the Lord Himself rode a donkey? How can she believe Paul was shipwrecked yet not believe Joseph was thrown into a pit? How can he believe God created the Seas, yet not believe He created the great whales? Well I never, goodbye!

How can He believe that Christianity is virtuous while remain a Democrat, or how can he as a believer support Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, or Trump?

It’s easy. All are not at the same mile marker today, and what one loves today, he may despise tomorrow. So then, how do we then trade thoughts and affections with they whose ideas we despise today?

There is great conversation regarding the depths of the oceans and how we are clueless as to what lies below; equally there is the same intellectual dynamic regarding what is above us, and I dare say, we are even more clueless than the 1% we pretend to know.

Time. Space. Matter. Yeah, clueless, and Universities of higher learning which leave out the Creator are the greatest offenders. They do not KNOW. Apart from God, they CANNOT know. You would be hard-pressed to hear a lecture from a blind man describe the color green, being blind from birth. Theories. Assumptions. Bias. Point made. Case closed.

Which brings me to this. I so enjoy cosmological discussions with they who disagree with me, because it forces me to examine my points, and it demands that others consider whether they have been spoon fed dogma, and whether it passes the smell test as to what is real, observable, testable, and repeatable.

But I find it cold-hearted and even more callous to hear the charges that a believer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a devil that wears Pluto……..or somehow insane because he does not tow party line as to the consensus of where we live as humans, ie, on this place known as terra firma, and what in the world this earth is doing, CURRENTLY, from the vantage point called science.

Dear friend, neighbor, and friendly enemy of the gospel, what does this mean to you:

‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.’ So saith God.

What is heaven above? What is in the earth beneath? And what is the water UNDER the earth? Worth repeating and contemplating to be sure.

IN heaven above.

IN the earth beneath.

IN the water UNDER the earth.

I say without reservation that God knows more of His own creation than a thousand Tysons, Einsteins, Nyes, Copernicus, Krauss, etc etc, combined, but more important, to the believer I ask: do you take your cues from them, or do you somehow think God’s word lacks? But to the spirit of this post, I would encourage us, each and every one, to examine ourselves, and test whether our worldview has the approval of heaven, or if we have eaten the mildewed bread of godless science which is only a placebo for intellect.

But more. If I do not think you lunatic (moon crazed) then why cannot you assign equal dignity to they with whom you vehemently disagree? I say test all things. Prove all things. And btw, fellowship is much more than differences of opinion, still we both cannot be right, be both can be wrong, and therein is the test of our spiritual mettle.

Have a great new year.





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The compliments keep pouring in

Been blogging for a long time. Been writing even longer. Been thinking longer than that. While some minds are harder than concrete when faced with truths, I make no apology for holding firm in that which needs no defense: the living word of God, and for this, The Lions Den is accredited with such accolades as below, and I quote exactly:

‘Like a rogues’ gallery of indoctrination, ignorance, delusion, and disengenuity.’

Mind you, this is not just an opinion of myself for holding to the testimony of scripture, but if you are a believer, and a regular visitor, sorry to say, you too are included in such a wonderful description levelled by the godless mind, but just take heart, for false and lying accusations have been tossed at people far better than you and I.

Oh how the heathens rage….. But indoctrination? Really? You going with that? Nobody forced me to believe anything. I went to no classes that held a gun to my head. As a matter of fact, the most solid of believers willingly and happily came to the same conclusions at the risk of life, limb, or happiness. Just ask the Baptist. Daniel fed to the lions. Saul of Tarsus the religious one, then Paul the spiritual one assaulted on every side, yeah, they were indoctrinated and ignorant.

It is soooo easy to point out the blindness, the shallow opinions, and the thoughtless commentary by they who have zero tolerance for people of faith, as they MUST malign others while at the same time ignore what they are guilty of.

The DELUSION is in denying that God’s word is true. The IGNORANCE is so basic, but the result of such ignorance leads to a lifetime and membership in the ‘history rejecting club,’ with such goons as Goliath of Gath who would have been the first presiding Chair.

Obviously the big oaf with his large arms, big head, and large mouth led a life of delusion also. Little did he know there was a God in heaven with Whom he had to do, and that David was just a lad who reminded him and his foolish friends that the Maker of the sun and the moon does not sleep.

It did not end well for the circus act. Let God be true and every man a liar. ‘The living God.’ Period. Soooo, in yet another installment of proving all things, and holding fast to that which is good, we are cited as they who are disingenuous, but why?

Because at the very outset, we believe ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ This is the foundation in which all other false charges are irrelevant, for if this opening statement is true, then every word thereafter is equally true.

It is true. Every word thereafter is equally true. But notice, long before science became a god, and long before Newton discovered a pencil, and long before matter mattered, we have God’s inspiring words regarding space, time, and matter, ALL in the opening verse of God’s word. Love that. May that little science god be dmaned.

But my oh my does the heathen hate that same word. Of course they do. Whether Ezekiel wrote of the wheels within the wheels, or Amos plowed the land, it doesn’t matter, for the atheist and his ten thousand ancillary gripes are all contained with his very disdain for: ‘in the beginning God………..’

He/she can’t stand such authoritative dogmatism, which reveals that ALL mankind is under authority, and that ONE is greater than you and I. There needs no ‘evidence,’ for a stubborn heart will always ask for another ‘proof’ to replace the one he currently is blind too. ‘What about what that scientist said, what about what that archaeologist found, what about what that historian wrote, what about what that astronomer saw……….?’ blah, blah, blah, and, blah. And the hamster on the treadmill gets nowhere fast.

So good people are charged with delusion for recognizing that heaven is silent in this age of God’s favor, for agreeing that an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, for seeing the incomparable wisdom of Solomon, the wonder and beauty of the Psalms, the glories of the grace of God, the amended ways of people who met the Lord, the charitable hospitals inspired by people who knew it is better to ‘love thy neighbor’ than take paper money to the grave, to love those who despise, use, and persecute them, to return good for evil, to comfort the widow, to pray for heads of state, to mind one’s business, to testify to ‘male and female created He them,’ (as opposed to gender-of-the day-salad-bar) to pay taxes, to do no harm, and of course the natural result of worshipping God and not a dairy cow nor a redwood tree, nor a butterfly.

So yeah, just a bunch of unschooled, ignorant, and deluded believers who can’t think a right thought apart from indoctrination, to this I say:  give me such thoughts, and tks for the insults. Keep them coming, but let me remind you, God was God long before you were in diapers, and God will be God long after the last man will be born, and His word will have lost none of its lustre in between.

But the little seed that germinates into such monstrous self created delusion is something I am reminded of by Citizen Tom, and that is: pride. Pride of life. Pride in not recognizing that authority of every stripe leads to a higher authority, to another, yet still another. Just look at any court rendering that does not have the right outcome. We will appeal! We will go higher!

Guess what. There is none higher than the heavens, and we have His word on it, which our conscience knows, but our hearts reveal man’s wickedness. The only indoctrination is thinking Goliath of Gath was a bedtime tale, and also thinking that the lying god ‘science’ is the savior of man’s intellect.. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Does it ever dawn on you?

Opinions about thousands of things neither make them true, important, irrelevant, or even necessary. But they can be, as some are obviously better than others. Consider this line of thought:

FACT- 6 year old boys and girls should have separate dressing rooms after Gym class.

Opinion- 6 year old boys and girls are not mature enough to know they can gender select, and they are too narrow minded in thinking a male is a male, and a female is a female., therefore separate dressing rooms are not necessary.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- I am insulted at this suggestion, because I know you are trying to connect the bathroom/dressing room thing with dark and light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion. No, the Democrats have proven that they alone dwell in the light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- Little Greta Thunberg is not a raging maniac used by ‘globalists,’ and is smarter than all ‘scientists’ who disagree with her. After all, CNN has already crowned her saint.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- There is only light, as darkness is a mere interpretation, and that darkness has not fully evolved. It will, and we all will live in the golden age of sunshine, where there will be no taxes, no gasoline, no theft, no killing a man for a nickel, for the ungendered, Dems, and Greta, will save us all.

FACT- The mere existence of light and darkness should cause every man to stop and think. WHY? Not a trick question here, but one that goes to the observable, testable, and repeatable consistency of that which we take for granted, daily.

Opinion- Random acts of serendipity have already proved that the universe and life are mere coincidental or if you will, accidental, and serve no real purpose, for if there was a purpose, we would admit to a Creator, which we cannot. For the 15.8933 billions years that we have been studying such things, we know we are correct.

FACT- Men are fools. We are clueless what lies beneath the earth a few hundred feet, we are lost as fog regarding what dwells a mile under the ocean, yet we have ‘proof’ of what lies above and beyond us at a thousand zillion miles………..and as to time? You are asking us to be too stupid.

Opinion- Scientists know, they told us. We believe the scientists. They would not lie. After all, listen to that genius Degrass or Nye, who swear that boats disappear over a ‘curve’ at a mere three miles. They saw it.

FACT- Oh great, don’t get me started. 3 miles? Really? And you call these people scientists?  They no doubt have never heard of the vanishing point, the laws of refraction over water, the mirroring effect, distortion, and lensing, where boats do NOT disappear over a curve, but simply MOVE AWAY due to perspective.  Don’t believe this? Engage a pair of quality binoculars, and you will see that ship which Degrass swears disappeared come right back into vision over his non-existent curve. It’s called a fact witness.

Opinion- Your dogmatism is arrogant. Everything you say regarding separate bathrooms for children, Democrats, little Greta the savior, the oceans, the sky, the beginning of life, the really smart DeGrasse, the 3 mile curve……proves it is YOU who lives in the basement of darkness, and that you have not got on board with the evolution of mankind, which leaves you living with apes who have already passed you by.

FACT- Truth does not seek nor ask for approval, but defends itself without effort nor breaking a sweat. Light and darkness. Light is separated from the darkness, and the dawn of each day proves this point. Evolution cannot now, nor ever, explain WHY light is separated from darkness, for if evo had its way, one would overtake the other for bragging rights.

Opinion- So you are saying evolutionists and atheists are short sighted and actually behind the times? You are saying men are not smart if they say ‘there is no God?’

FACT- I didn’t actually say that, but for once, that’s a pretty accurate statement.  Beginning with girls and boys choosing their gender from one day to the next, to people’s infatuation with clueless celebrities, reveals a lack of knowledge for Him who ‘separated the light from the darkness,’ and on the strength of this point alone, all other false conclusions spring forth, as noted.

Opinion- You are helpless, and one day you will bow the knee to science, and you…….

FACT- Stop right there. You have had your say. Tell Nancy Drew she was really Joe Hardy. Yikes. I saw a bug asleep on my living room ceiling. Can you walk on the ceiling? Can you traverse a basketball like an ant?  Enough of your pseudo science crap- I thank God every day for the ability to engage the brain, to use the trinitarian plumb-line, level, and compass, to gauge all things. The tools of nature preach the truth of scripture and FACT.  Have a nice day.

In fact………….evo, false science, and atheism have no fact witnesses.

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