Theology 101

Do you know how I know there is ONE God?

The same way YOU know there is one God; the only difference being I choose not to suppress this conscious fact which is purely revealed to our conscience. Of course it is.

When an honest mind views life (did you catch that: honest?) and considers design, intelligence, light, heat, darkness, cold, bones, blood, nerves, animals, sea life, birds, man, woman, male, female, AND the current attempts by modernism to present male AS female as if we are now enlightened, and the insane views to call that which is crooked straight,  and to create endless diversions OUT THERE such as the Muskmobile convertible allegedly making tracks around the sun………(yeah like who believes this crap………..) one must conclude there is an all out assault on the only God of heaven and earth, as if man himself is responsible for giving wings to eagles and gills to fish.

Man has in fact done a fine job of making God his butler, saying God is a lousy employee for not catering to the whims of the creatures He supposedly made. I smell something rotten in Denmark. God is not on trial, and it’s a sad day on earth (by day I mean period of time, such as thousands of years) when the question of God’s existence is even an issue on the table.

It is pathetic that a reminder like this even needs posted, but after all, it is a sign of the times. Don’t think there is a ‘cashless society’ coming to a town near you? Ha! God gave us a heads up long before a single president ever graced the dollar bill. His word is that good.

You may laugh today, but go ahead and try to purchase your bottled water tomorrow with paper or coin. You will be hauled off in cuffs……for tomorrow is right around the corner, and men are so selfishly stupid as to doubt God and His word. Did you ever hear the nitwits who cry scripture can’t be trusted because Nazareth can’t be found? Where is my laugh button?

Did you ever hear the walking dead (yeah this is scripture too) say rainbows are ‘purely accidental and meaningless?’ How about the ‘fact’ that Moses never lived? That John the headless was a tale written to inspire fear in the gullible? Yeah, okay, sure, and I suppose it did not snow in Russia a thousand years ago because there are no pictures. Are we beginning to see the clearly painted pattern of disgust that people hold in derision toward the God of creation?

The God of creation? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Now don’t get me started on the equal fact that man needs redeemed, that we need saved from ourselves, in the which, if we are once more honest, we can find, that while there may be many imposters, and many books which pretend to be the ‘way,’ there of course is only One Way, and that road is narrow, because Truth is not popular,and while being correct, level, and plumb, welcomes whosoever will, as it is now, as it has always been, from the beginning, God.

Ah yes, the conscience, internet be damned.

(btw, theology is not the study of the possibility of God. This is not on the table for debate)

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Let’s talk gun control

Soooo, immediate and predictable was the response by the short sighted minds to lay blame at the feet of an unthinking tool: the gun made me a killer! Let’s dissect this a bit shall we.

It’s the automatic weapon that fires non stop that is the culprit. Really? Did you ever see a shotgun in the hands of a skilled instructor such as Tom Knapp? Did you know that a shotgun can do more damage than an ak-47 when used properly, or improperly?

If the shooters (killers/monsters) had ended the lives of 50 people with a Berretta 12 gauge, would there not be STILL the same reaction, and call for ‘gun control?’ Of course, and only an honest person will admit this.

If a man walked into a nursing home on the 4th floor, and systematically shot in the head 75 patients with a handgun, would there STILL not be the same reaction and call for gun control? Of course, and only an honest person will admit this. But the reason the automatic rifle gets all the press time in the eyes of the short sighted is because it plays to a narrative, a narrative that ignores:  (a,) killing is against the law regardless how it is done, and substitutes: (b,)  guns are evil in themselves and must be curtailed or even removed completely.

Hmmm. Ever seen a ak-47 go up against a tank rolling down the street? Absolutely useless, and a poor ‘killing machine’ against a bigger and stronger force. And this mere fact alone should send shivers up the spine of the shallow headed, that HAVING such a machine in the tool shed, will make others think twice before ransacking your house with a nefarious desire to steal, destroy, or even kill you and every one in your house.

Wait until foreign bodies invade your streets, or even your own government, and you will wish for the day that you had a shotgun or ak-47 for a back up, as opposed to your threats to the invaders with a plastic spoon.

It is against the law to kill people, be it with a screwdriver, a boy scout knife, a rope, a baseball bat, or a frozen lamb chop. The gun lobby is correct when they refuse to give an inch. Then it will be two inches, then a yard, then total surrender, and THIS is a problem for the law abiding citizen who has no protection against the godless and power hungry.

Take away a mans rights to defend his life, home and loved ones, and you just wrote a ticket to his own demise, for WHY should the lawless care about taking your life when you have no means to protect yourself? Again, the shortsightedness of the liberal mind that pretends evil does not exist, preaches everyone will wake up and ‘live in peace.’ Yeah, ok, sure. Ignore the fruits of sin to your own wishful thinking.

Killing is wrong. It is brutal. Putting crying children in front of the camera does not move me, as I can see through the drama. But why doesn’t ONE murder by a thug in Chicago move the politicians? Why is it always about the number of the deceased that moves people to prejudice? Why don’t you hear about 50 murders in Detroit, or better yet, why don’t you ever hear of the countless times a grandmother killed an intruder who wanted to kill her son?

It’s the narrative stupid. But it is against the law to murder people. Yet killing an intruder is not murder. But nooooo, a thousand warning signs were ignored by the actions of the deranged, who gave clues, and left bread crumbs that he was about to end the lives of people with a machine gun. People say they care, but they prove otherwise. They care allegedly AFTER the killing spree, but are mute to lift a finger so as to possibly spare the unnecessary deaths. Then the further carnage by the media.

I say school buses are far worse than guns. Imagine a lunatic hijacking a school bus with a hundred kids and driving it over a cliff. It’s a crime to highjack a bus and drive it over a cliff. It’s also against the law to drive the bus over the cliff with children in it. The bus is a tool. The gun is a tool. When handled properly, they are very useful. When in the hands of monsters, anything is a killing machine.

Gun control? Ha! Practice target shooting; your control will increase, but the gun is as harmless as a dove.


(But why post this and the vid? Because shooting is a sport, and protection is necessary.)



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Did you know?

So then how does man know that lying is innately wrong? How then do we know stealing your neighbor’s wheelbarrow is wrong? Is it simply that the ‘wrong’ is enacted without another’s permission, or that they have been violated or harmed? WHO and WHAT measure dictates what is wrong?

Who ultimately determines WHAT yardstick is used? I say my 35 inches is just as good as your 37 inches, since they are both opinions, yet WHY is 36 inches the only measure that counts as to what is verifiable, reliable, and true, every time?

Who decides WHY there are 24 hrs to the day? The board of timekeepers, or the keeper of time Himself? Wall Street, or He who made the sun so we could track time?

We KNOW the answer to these questions could only be satisfied by the human conscience as wired by the Creator of the brain. Hitler KNEW his actions were wrong. Abraham KNEW lying about Sara was wrong. Mr. Timex KNEW he did not create the second or the minute hand. The conscience is a btich, so unlike the laughing hyena who will steal his brothers meat, then go sleep like a baby after having his stomach satisfied, feeling he did nothing wrong. And he is correct, even though he be a ravenous beast. (But men are not beasts are they………….? Hello/goodbye evolution)

Yet, he that reads, having stole his neighbors tomatoes, KNOWS he did amiss, and that he greatly erred. How we know THIS, is precisely how we know EVERYTHING. Let God be true, and every man a liar.  Want to know God more? Deal with the inescapable sin issue.

Tis a far greater crime to lie to oneself.

The things that are made are clearly seen, so that we are without excuse, as to God’s hands in creation and purposes. Any doubts? Just look at the testimony of the plumb line, the carpenter’s level, and the mariner’s compass. The correct measure and trinity of truth, all speaking with one accord; God’s word is good. No question about it.

To ignore these truths is punishing- to explain them away is deceitful- to mock them is perilous. And of course, any conscience knows I am telling the truth.

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Love me some questions

Here’s some fine questions for to consider.

If there be no God, (singular doncha know, One above all- He who exposes all imposters) tell me, what right have you to enjoy the sounds of the morning songbird?

What right have you to light, heat, air, or water?

Who gave you the privilege to walk gently on terra firma, aka, earth?

Who gave you the brains to decide whether you will walk to Denver, take a plane to Punta Cana, or swim to Brazil?

Who has neglected to withhold night vision from you as the bat or owl?

Who has not given you the legs of a deer or hooves of a goat so you can leap like a frog or run like a gazelle? (I tell you it’s not fair to not have hooves. Maybe we should call the Department of Evolution and file a formal complaint)

Who has given you more significance than a termite? Why don’t YOU make food for the honey bee like he does for you? Who are you to expect such delicacies without returning the favor? What, are you a beggar living at the welfare of others?

If you are as common and no more relevant than a black bear, why then do you not invite him into YOUR den to sip brandy?

If there be no resurrection, why then pray tell do you put flower bulbs INTO THE GROUND, that they may rise again to a newness of life? (Thus does nature embarrass our self enjoyed ignorance and pride)

If there be no God to uphold the sun and moon from falling on our heads, WHO then apart from intelligence is responsible for such a display of strength and majesty? (Nope, accidental life will not do here, for planning requires and demands intelligence and aforethought with repeatable and predictable results)

How then great must God be, as the strong man to build Everest, the oceans, all trees, sand, eagles, wrens, ducks, heifers, lambs, and of course whales. Which reminds me.

Did you know that the largest of whales can swallow 10,000 gallons of water in a single gulp? But nooooooooo, his throat is too small to take in a man named Jonah……….. Hilarious how myopic the human brain can be when fooled by godlessness.

And a thousand other examples posed as questions could prove the day. That proving of course that God owns all days, and that He, and not Mr. Rolex, owns all time, which time by the way is oh so fleeting, just as He has said for thousands of years. God is light years ahead of our petty b*tchnig.     😉



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No imagination necessary

(Heard a short lecture by the self made guru of godlessness Hitchens, and how his disciples hang on his every word;  I’m impressed at his level of abhorrence for all religion in general, and for God’s word in particular. His arguments are so lousy and lame, it’s a shame he cannot connect the dots of life as his words are painful to hear, so this Bud’s for him and his clones.)

Imagine if you will a world where there is no rain, no water, no rivers, no lakes, no oceans, no trees, no dirt, no fruit, no song birds, no bees, no dogs, no sun, no moon, no stars, no love, no joy, no sand, no camel, no prairie, no lion, no snow, no Everest, no heat, no cold, can you imagine these things NOT being?

Can you conceive of no male or female, no man or woman, no north or south, no east or west, no TIME, made without design? Of course you cannot, UNLESS you refuse to engage the God given brain.

I loathe the godless mind, which enjoys itself and feeds like a leech from every emolument of life without stopping for one second to say ‘thank you,’ for you see, after all, ‘thanks’ is an expression of the recognition of the hand of another’s courtesies, courtesies which are non existent in the life and times of accidents or chaos.

Go ahead, keep telling yourself the rising sun is just another accidental occurrence today, that its heat and light just so happened to arrive at the right moment, taking over the night duties of the moon. Keep telling yourself that the owls who deferred to the morning light and gave way to song birds are somehow existent because of a train wreck.

There is no song bird singing at a trainwreck. The ones laughing at funerals are paid professionals- this is no time for fun and games. If a man, or woman for that matter, thought sincerely for one second of his life, there is no other conclusion to a sane mind than: ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

Am I sure? Oh yeah,

‘For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:’

Did you catch that? Clearly seen? No ambiguity, no shadow, no question. And to add insult to injury, these things are understood. Ouch. So men understand, they simply suppress this understanding and say it is wrong. Go ahead, go into a boxing ring with your conscience. You will lose before you throw the first punch. The scars left by the conscience are punishing where God is denied.

And the result? You have no excuse for your self made ignorance, and this is why the godless despises scripture, because God’s word reveals truth at every turn. And we are not even talking about redemption here as this is a topic for another time. Creation is easy, life 101 so to speak.

Is it any wonder that to the believer, God’s word is a savour of life, and to all others it is a savour of death. Same book. Same words. One received. One reviled. And this is understood, clearly. 



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This is a joke right?

Read a quip by a fella who sincerely (well maybe a feigned sincerity) asked if historians of the Christian persuasion can possibly be honest by promoting the biblical narrative.  Here it is.

Question: Can a biblical historian be thoroughly objective as a Christian and retain their integrity?

Ha! Perhaps this is the better question:

Does the atheist have an ounce of INTEGRITY when sitting in judgement of God and scripture?

Thus the question posed regarding historians is riddled with contradiction, and further reveals the deceptive traits in promoting ‘errors’ in the only reliable historical account of man’s origins, his progress, his regress, and his future.

But there is more. It is not so much that the atheist has issues with Joshua, trumpets, King Darius, Daniel, dreams, Mordecai, Haman, Xerxes, Esther, the hanging gardens, the Red Sea, The Tigris and Euphrates, Seth, Enos, Methuselah, King David, Shem, Japheth, Ararat, (all historical certainties doncha know) but that specifically, the atheist cannot tolerate the scorching revelation what scripture reveals about HIMSELF. This is the furnace of truth, this is the crucible that tests the reader of Gods word,  liars, thieves, and all criminals will do anything to try to break the mirror of truth, aka, the holy bible. Sorry, no can do.

Sure many have tried, many fabrications of their own delusions, large erasers employed, but God’s word stands, like the armor it is, it reveals EVERY assault against it, and remains untarnished, without a dent or a speck of rust. The historical record remains just as resolute as the sun shining in its strength and all misfits may as well waste their time trying to find fault with him too.

But what pray tell can the atheist teach us regarding this so-called integrity that he holds? Integrity is the foundation of a building, it is what holds up everything above it, and without this foundation, the building falls. While being not seen, it is the root for everything built upon it. No wonder the atheist would destroy the root, that which holds mankind to the only standard, yet the atheist boasts of integrity that he possibly cannot have? Please.

And THIS is the state of mind of all antagonists of scripture. A man may not like what scripture presents as history; he may not like the acts of men and the responses by God, but he cannot argue against the truth of what scripture so accurately says, about HIM.

And in this brutal assessment of the heart of man, the atheist has eyes clouded by a lousy and lying frame of reference, just as God’s word explains, and men revolt and despise such authority, and the more one revels in rebellion, the greater the antagonism toward God, scripture, and good people of faith, resulting in such blatant stupidity as: Can a Christian keep his integrity by believing the historical narrative of scripture?

Newsflash. The historical narrative of scripture is the ONLY source that can be trusted entirely. It’s God’s word after all. He owns all copyrights, just like the KJV 1611. Go ahead and copy it and pass it around.      😉


(ps- I do not apologize for such direct words/ Is my language strong? Nope. Not strong enough. Read the book of Jude lately or the 1st of Romans?)


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It’s good to be all shook up

And now for today’s news ((7/05/19)) from the west coast. This is a copy from years ago, April 2015. Enjoy.)

Science does a stellar job of explaining the tectonic plates under ground as the reason how the earth quakes, but cannot explain the source of ‘why.’  Sure, the limited wisdom of man may attempt to say ‘why,’ but cannot do so adequately apart from God. As a matter of fact, he fails miserably and completely.

It is quite a fascinating thing to ‘feel the earth move under my feet,’ and if there be a Creator, one would think he would have said something about it. Oh wait, he did. When the earth first quaked, it was recorded (no, not in the 1700’s) thousands of years ago, as the man of God said:

Image result for earthquakes on all continents





‘But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.’

Of course, not only did the earth split wide, but a man and his family and everything that belonged to them went down below as the earth closed back up. God as the owner of all that is, proved that quakes belong to Him, and He is well aware and sees all the shaking fists of mankind. Do not confuse his lack of action today with His indifference.

There is this thing called grace, while at the same time the whole creation groans. Only God could orchestrate the two marvels. But earthquakes. A natural display of spiritual truth, that in any age, the Creator of life has an interest and keen eye on the affairs of earth. A mere clearing of the throat as it were, this little quake; a hiccup, an opportunity to open the eye and listen with the ear.

So the word of God admonishes there will be earthquakes in many places. Yes, in the United States, a place kinda irrelevant at the writing of scripture. Quakes in places one would not expect; quakes across the world.  Sure they are expected in the middle east……………..really? Why? There is a stirring in the heavenlies, more so today than yesterday, more so tomorrow than today; indeed there must be an accounting and a point when time ceases to be.

And behold, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

Uh oh.  The clearing of the throat has become a bit more pronounced, but man does not care. A lifetime of sunrises, rain, heat, snow, rainbows, life, death, sorrow, pain, the wonder of the fingernail, hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, tongues, memories, and ten thousand other proofs have all gone unnoticed as man asks for one more proof that God is.

What do you want a personal invitation? Oops, got that too. One would think though, that even the most sober minded of seismologists would take another and closer look at WHY the earth quakes, and come to agree: ‘in the beginning God…’

The presence of God should give us the shakes, as He is higher than the heavens, but became the lowliest of all. The crushing and death of the son of God was far more intense than any earthquake or flood; as a matter of fact, it was the entire wrath of God unleashed against sin and ALL ungodliness. Yea, a thought worth quaking over.

For a related post

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Perhaps there is A God

Dedicated in general to the online world of atheists, evolutionists, naysayers, but in particular to ark/zande/nan/violet/argus/steve/mike/tabster/marvel/scott/ etc etc,  and of course specifically to believers, here and abroad.

Music. The universal language that evolution cannot explain, and the language of the human spirit that embarrasses atheism, FOR, man is made in the image of God, and has the innate desire and ability to CREATE.

The song of the bird is wonderful to the ear, yet the song of the Chinese is understood by the Russian who doesn’t understand a word of English. Isadora Duncan the pioneer of modern dance, when asked to explain how and why she dances, replied: ‘if I could explain it, I would not be able to dance it,’ more or less were her words. She knew God could not be put in a box.

She latched onto expressing what was broken by way of Babel, what was separated by way of communication, the distance that cannot be bridged by sin, that can be reunited through symphony. The agreement of music testifies to the tuning by the Maestro, that worldwide, the language of the spirit is God given, and understandable, since God’s handiwork is clearly evident, being understood by the things that are seen.

Atheism has a son, a bastard known as evolution, with a one eyed father known as Ego, and both are slain by music. Enjoy this testament to God, language, and countries without borders. Ah yes, love.

(PS- Go ahead and laugh at the country boy singing with a polished opera singer, but do so to your own shame. Go ahead and ignore the fact that the language of the heart through song is understood by the Japanese who do not know a word of Czech. Go ahead and ignore the Creator through people who create. Go ahead and ignore the freedom and liberty to pursue all good things given by God. Perhaps your closed eyes may open today. Perhaps.)



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World Cup op-ed

So Rapinoe for the stellar women’s soccer team decided not to honor the USA anthem at the  -19 WORLD cup, where she represents not herself but the United States? Hmm. Now the emphasis is on HER, and her politics, instead of individuals playing their hearts out for their countries.Why people can’t set aside their egos is beyond me, but I digress.

But why will the US team win it all, and the Cup?  I will play the fool to make a point.  On any given day, and with a lousy bounce here, a missed ref penalty call there, a lesser team can always win the day. That said, some crazy good European teams stand in the way, but the US will win the Cup.

Call me a fool, that’s okay, I have cited myself as far worse, just to make this point. I can be entirely wrong, I can be mistaken, but my OPINION is irrelevant as to the outcome. I will be no more be excited if I am proven correct, and no more disappointed if they lose…. to make a point.

My opinion is irrelevant. People will lose homes and businesses, some will lose their character for betting wrong, win or lose. Gambling is big business and is a drug that has snared many a life in many a way.

Now consider this. People have OPINIONS regarding the sacred scriptures, the holy bible, the word of God, and be entirely wrong, yet it changes not the contents of the good book. Scripture does not care if you read the pages with a true heart, or if you line your canary cage. Scripture is not hurt by the aloofness and mental shortcomings of men.

God’s word is not a book of opinions. It is THE source material for the only valid. credible, and accurate account of creation, which then follows the true history of man’s ways, his vice and virtue, with perfect accounting of names, dates, places, archaeology, prophecy, geography, true science of course, with every act recorded verified, and the attempts by true fools to dismiss its contents. Foolishness rewards many disciples.

So while I may be wrong since I am not a prophet in the ‘guessing’ part of soccer, (which true prophecy is never wrong nor is it guesswork) I am never wrong when I say quite candidly that God’s word is never wrong. How could it be? He knows the end from the beginning, and  yet He allows us to  ‘play on.’

Men cannot tolerate such confidence and therefore confuse such dogmatism with arrogance. No wonder Paul the apostle was despised then, even more so today, as he wrote with heaven’s pen that ‘I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded, that HE IS ABLE…………..’

Now there’s un understatement, as to God’s ability. He is able, and even willing to turn one from rags to riches, from pauper to prince, from eating in a dirty basement to dining with kings, but the question is: are YOU willing to trust His ability? Of course He knows the outcome of the World Cup, but we play on. He understands my ‘opinion’ regarding the result, and my willingness to be proven wrong to make the larger point, which I enjoy.

God’s word can be trusted, entirely, and win or lose, girls’ soccer is represented well this year, (except maybe for Megan) and may the best team prevail, and may I remind you again that God’s word is always good. So enjoy the stoppage time and extra minutes that God has bestowed upon you and your life. God is not that man waiting to throw you a red card. He is good after all, just like His original creation.


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Salads, kinds, and brain rot

(Dedicated to worldwide self made apostles of the keyboard, who smirk while enjoying their atheism, as if God is subject to their lying intellect; enjoy yet another simple installment and the utter ease in tearing to shreds that plastic god: humanism.)

If atheism is not a religion, water is not wet. And the twin freakish sister of course of this religion is evolution, aka, ‘accidental and purposeless creation,’ whose disciples while feasting on a mirage of bread, simply are trying to gain calories from yesterdays mildew. Too strong? No. Not strong enough.

Reminds me of a hundred professional food experts, who judge the cut, the taste, and the presentation of luscious dishes, only to deny that there was an actual cook who stands behind the stainless steel doors laughing at the stupidity of the elite. Yeah, the lamb chops and the Waldorf salad appeared from the trash compactor just waiting for your ability to dismiss them.

But the two headed monster known as Atho and Evo, has somehow missed that it is the white-tailed deer who happily sits on a blistering cold and frozen ground at -70F, protected by leather, and not skin, a fact that mocks the evolution of man, who could only hope that in a zillion years he could be so lucky to be born leather clad so he can ice fish like he was sitting in Miami snagging a sun tan.

Then there is the elephant who dreams of the day when she can give birth to a lion, for she so tires of the same ole repetition of reproducing after her kind, a fact that mysteriously eludes all atheists and promoters of godless evolution.

Or maybe there was a mother on welfare who is still hiding behind endless bureaucracy that helps her raise 4 tigers, 3 camels, 9 hippos, and 7 chimps, all animals which she swears, passed through her very birth canal. Oops, didn’t think so, I must have her confused with the intellectuals and truth tellers of atheism, whose ability to fabricate a yarn is legendary.

There is no God!!! says the atheist, an evil and monstrous lie that refuses to see that the very ‘pursuit of happiness’ condemns such flagrant stupidity, for the right to life is God given. Which of you reading, who of you ASKED to be born? correct, it was chosen by another, and you would be well served to cement your lips shut lest your foul mouthed ‘there is no God’ be the very weight that drowns you.

Can’t stand this dirty job, but no man worth his salt runs and hides from pointing out such blatant and willing poison and infectious waste, especially when it is dressed in chiffon while the gullible applaud because they don’t know Adam from Saddam.

A little voice maybe, but a necessary voice nonetheless, as truth does not seek approval from the majority.

So of course atheism and evolution are religions, pure zeal but of the lying imaginary. Of course atheism and evolution despise God’s word, for the Creator must have the first and the last word. He does, of course. The Alpha and the Omega doncha know. He was before all things, and by Him do all things consist. Love that.

There is more science in Genesis 1.1 than in all the godless books combined, if but men would only pay attention, and actually engage the brain, as to WHAT is said. (And of course what follows is proof positive than Gen. 1.1 is without apology, and matter of factly, infallibly correct.)

Btw, as to the obvious ‘kinds’ thanks be to God, that women produce babies, girls, ladies, etc, so too does the atheist honor God’s word by his desire to reproduce baby atheists, who will one day grow up into full fledged adults, who will also refuse to recognize that they too want to see their ‘kinds.’  Even the wrath of man praises God. Ouch.


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An arrow finds its mark, perfectly.

Ah yes, solid gold. Some one-liners just have a way of encapsulating a point, an idea, an ideology, a world view. This happens to be a fav. Enjoy, and try to disagree.

But first, do you know the difference between manure and diarrhea? Do you know the difference between creation and the alleged cosmic train wreck aka evolution? Do you know the difference between male and female?  Do you know the difference between good and evil? And with WHAT and HOW do you entertain such distinctions? Now then:

If atheism was a bodily vehicle, it would be Diarrhea. Capital D. Useless.

Bulls eye.




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The web of serendipity?

It has been said that if you want to learn the mysteries of the oceans, study the dewdrop.

I say, if you want to know the depths of the universe, study the spider’s web. (porch photo)

The planning, design, math, (including the lines, the space, the angles) construction, consistency, reliability, strength, material, the overall splendor, ALL preach with one accord the magnificence of nature thanks be to the Creator of nature.

The universe in all its glory can easily be seen in the web made while you were sleeping. The songbird has little use for this marvel, as he/she is not so wired, and could not find one teacher on earth to so instruct her in the way a spider knits. And of course, there is a song that the spider cannot sing, yet the same wonder is expressed by that alone what he does best.

Nature does not compete with bragging rights like people do as they beat their breast for hitting a home run or dunking a basketball. No, nature is unassuming and dignified, and does not boast. Words are not needed, as the actions themselves are stereophonic.

Can you hear the reverberations of the silk strings pluckt by the little fella? Oh yeah, the universe sings, above and below. Can you not see the constellations of the sky in its customary display of repetition and design? Are not these daily reminders of the miraculous taken for granted as if they are not incredible?

And it is a WorldWideWeb, a quiet reminder that truth knows no boundaries. Go ahead, swat that web so it doesn’t get in your hair, and you will wake up tomorrow seeing the same web in the same place. Supernatural really. But look at the lines, the spacing, the angles.

If you look a certain way, it disappears, and so will snag a bug that will see its last day. And so the Creator’s universe will be happy to snare the foolish back to sanity, that is, if we but pay attention. Go ahead, YOU try to make a spiders web if you think it is no big deal. Get the materials. Spin it.

And yet the spider does it, having never had a lesson. The apostle was so right: ‘Doth not nature itself teach you?’ Of course it does, if we as humans learn a thing or two about who God is, and who we are not.

But aah, who we are makes all the difference, because as The Creator has so equipped the spider to create such magnificence, He has also withheld from his family the fact that he was not created in the image of God, as this was reserved for man alone. True, we have made a mess of things, but not all.

And in this nature agrees, for the whole creation groans. Need proof? How delighted are you being waken up at 3am by a kid in a racing car with a broken muffler and the idiotic boom box pulsating that you can hear a mile away, as it beats out something other than music?

Even the spider runs and hides as his web shakes from the noise, but I prefer the calm coos of the doves, as the cadence and songs of nature are tuned by the only Maestro. Evolution? Blah blah blah. Creation? Obviously.

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Its not yet the time for figs….or flowers

There is one flesh of birds, there is one flesh of fish, there is one flesh of the dairy cow, and of course there is one flesh of man. Pity the brook trout for wanting to be an eagle, and pity the poor man for wanting to live his life as a hippo, and pity the bluejay for wanting to walk like an Egyptian camel.  Exaggeration? Yeah, that’s kind of the idea.

But that great philosopher, that esteemed teacher, that revered doctor of law and order, that illustrious seamstress, that unequalled apostle, that incomparable pastor, that rare prophet, that decent citizen, that wonderful evangel whose thoughts and words were given him by Another, has also said as much, but without exaggeration.

The 15th of 1 Corinthians is loaded with natural and spiritual gold, a resource not to be taken lightly, but we do, Jew and Gentile, believer and non, evolutionist and creationist, we rarely applaud such matter of fact dogmatism, and find ourselves far too often apologizing for what is not only crystal clear, but demonstrably proven, in 2019.

As if anticipating objections across time, the man of God and naturalist Paul directs us to the simplicity of things that grow; that they are not as they once appeared, because God fitted them, and he reminds us of things seen, and their purpose, which are the foundation of faith. Faith is testable, provable, and repeatable. Anchors are trustworthy.

And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain:

But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body.

All flesh is not the same flesh: but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, and another of birds.

There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption:

It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; it is raised in power:

Ah yes, the cornerstone of good faith is truth, and of course not only do we have Paul’s word, but we have the Lord Himself confirming this. Sowing and reaping as it were, all things in their time. I love how Paul (through inspiration of course) uses nature as a springboard which is necessarily caustic to evolutionists worldwide, and how with one stroke of the pen, says ‘adios’ to atheism never to return.

Birds, fish, beasts, men, heavenly bodies, each having a purpose, with none stepping on the toes of the other. Each has its own glory. But note the strength of Paul’s point, that while the dead are placed in the ground like a common flower bulb, resembling nothing of the flower to be, so too is the life of man to be, and this example in the faith of the flower, naturally teaches us ‘we shall rise again,’ but differently, just as nature demands and proves, time and time again.

But with WHAT body shall we be? Who cares? God can be trusted, after all, He surely did not ask for my help in constructing the earth so it can be contained in water. (Ah yes, the great ice circumference, holding in place ALL the oceans of the world, now that is supernatural,  but I digress.) So yes, both the bulb, and the flower, are equally beautiful, in their time. God’s got this thing, after all, He is the Lord of the living and the dead.


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Can you purchase common sense with a shekel?

In light of historic and almost biblical proportion of rainfall and flooding, do consider just how quick and how high, and how deadly water rises after a mere few INCHES of rain in an hour or so.

Towns erased as it were, some with nary a loss of life, so don’t you dare try to tell me God is not good. It is within His rights to take His giant hand of grace away from His creation, since mankind has pretty much forfeited his rights to the title deed of the earth, by DISMISSING God from His very terra firma.

That’s right, by word, deed, principle and practice, man has become the very cesspool that he finds in others. Of course there are exceptions, there are Some who have not bowed the knee to DeGrasse, Nye, Hollywood, the lying gods of evolution and atheism, CNN, NPR, (Fox is not always innocent either) and the sinister henchmen who line their pockets with the preaching of that false gospel called ‘global warming.’

And I am being entirely too kind by calling these people sinister- for the floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, freezing weather, intense heat, are all but part and parcel of the four winds which alone control the land we call home, aka, the earth. But I digress.

To gripe about flooding without recognizing the Creator of water is well, not too smart, stupid even. People complain with utter disdain about the impossibility of the water from the rock of Moses, while speaking with the forked tongue that evolution in fact produced the oceans of the world from that little rock and the so called big bang to begin with! Idiots I tell ya. Too much head banging perhaps.

But the floods. ‘As it was in the days of Noah.’ Of course people will laugh, ignore, despise, mock, try to embarrass others, as they ridicule God Himself and His very recording of His doings, but they miss ENTIRELY that it has not rained for 40 days and forty nights since………just as God promised.

……….He is good like that, keeping His oath to Himself. God cannot lie. It is not that He can and chooses not to, but He CANNOT. This is why God’s word is despised. It is good, because He is good. This is why Christ was despised. He told the truth because He is the Truth. Light has this effect on darkness. Turn the light on in a dark room and watch the night critters head for the hills.

But we go about our ways, and rebuke God for our temporary inconviences, while forgetting and ignoring ten thousand days of health and prosperity. I think of the clowns who had their amusement at the expense of Noah as he built a rather large vessel. Imagine the social media of the day, with people drawing cartoon images of a man and his family as the ‘retardation of the species,’ those unfit to grace the dirt of the earth while they ‘believe’ there is a God above all, with Whom we have to do. Yeah, Noah was just a fool.

But it is safe to say that Mr. Noah was a gracious man, a hard working honest craftsman, whose skill would no doubt exceed even the expertise of the mortise and tenon work of the Amish, and King Solomon, that other excellent builder.

But what is ‘even as it was in the days of Noah?’ It is not a flood let me tell you. It is daily life, going to and fro, nothing unusual, people marrying the same sex, opposite sex, some even dare to marry a horse. ‘Even as it was.’ Some living as if they were animals themselves, others oblivious to decency and law, others creating mayhem and mischief, stealing, lying, and others of course, with one sharp eye on the goodness of God while being careful to remember that earth is but a temporary place, with the sun and moon also testifying to the fleeting of time.

So what’s it to be? Who and what gets your vote? Is it the goodness of God, or is it the decadence of man in which you place you trust?  It’s a no -brainer if we engage the God given brain.


(And do remember that the world is darn near 75% water………. But this is irrelevant……yeah, sure, okay)

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‘I don’t like this’

Sure there are legitimate reasons not to like something, as in a torrential downpour when you are already bailing out 4 feet of water from the basement. That’s a legitimate gripe.  Love me some rain, but c’mon.

Or when you are decent to a stranger on the highway, allowing him to go through the gate before the train comes, only to have you sit and wait for six hours because the train conveniently broke down, JUST as you were ready to drive through the crossing. The fellow who said tkx is now home, showered, dinner, and sleeping, while you sit still waiting for the mechanics to arrive from Timbuktu. So yeah, that’s a legitimate gripe.

You get the point regarding the thousands of possible daily interruptions or inconveniences that test our mettle, and far too often we succumb to impatience.

HOWEVER, don’t you tire of the illegitimate gripes by people who say ‘God’s word can’t be trusted. God’s word is untrue. God’s word is full of fables and fiction. There is no God’s word. There is no God, as gods are a dime a dozen.’

Well, one of out six ain’t bad.  Little gods are a dime a dozen, even cheaper than that, since all gods collectively can neither count to three nor tie their shoes. Aah, but there is ONE God, capital G thank you, wherein and whoin we all live under the umbrella of His goodness. We even breathe because of His intrinsic worth.

That said, not liking what God’s word says is a legitimate reason for avoiding Him and His word. It is a bastard excuse nevertheless, and the most shallow of reasons for somehow dismissing the Creator from His very realm, but NOT LIKING something does not mean it is not true.

People dismiss God NOT because scripture is not credible: people dismiss God because of what scripture reveals about themselves. The very first words of Genesis thunder to the intellect and conscience, that: ‘in the beginning God………..’

Man cannot abide nor tolerate such authority, such dogmatism, such resoluteness of fact and purpose, such error free thinking, full of power and truth. Thus do bastard’s children reproduce more rebellion by living a life subject to rule and law, yet being so willfully blinded by He who set law in motion, not even seeing the daily laws of the sun’s circuits, with the moon right behind Him.

So we have been proven to be lawbreakers, by word, fact, and in deed. But please dear reader, do not gobble down the lame excuse of scripture’s weakness to appease your lazy intellect so you can replace it with the worship of that other little god: science! Stubbornness is the most uncomfortable indigestion.

Scripture is good, very good, and records with accuracy and excellence the life of times of Adam and his posterity, with man’s future laid out, and we have the last Adam as the most reliable witness that scripture is true, even the words of God Himself. But we do not like scripture, and the world’s endless books are enough proof that I am correct.

Men must worship something if not themselves, bowing to others to confirm their comfortable idolatry, finding common ground among rats and weasels, never looking up to see the unapologizing piercing eye of the eagle, whose vision was also given by One greater.

Oh that we would see with eyes of heaven, not wasting one more breath, not disLIKING scripture because it is not true, but because what it reveals about ourselves.

Wisdoms children need not always be orphans.  I LIKE scripture. Do you?


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Now here’s a good one

In my not-breaking-a-sweat dismantling of pseudo science and lying professors of evolution and accidental life, here is yet another tender morsel, guaranteed to delight the sane mind, and equally sure to raise the ire of they who pretend to be smart.

Inspired by the accusation that I am a creationist……….. I bring this. Enjoy.


Specializing in Artificial Intelligence since creation.

                           Pity is to be shown toward any person who sees creation as an accident or a train wreck.


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‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

The news sleuth M. Drudge posted an article about undersea activity by men which found garbage at the lowest parts of the ocean, ie, where the carpet of the ocean is showing signs of litter by way of plastic. Is this newsworthy? Yes and no. Then again, what is really newsworthy?

What snapped my attention was not the fact of garbage itself, but the ensuing commentary which further reveals the heart of men, the dark and sad hearts of men who cannot see that they themselves are the very ones guilty of far worse crimes than they find in others. Yes, criminal activity, as in tossing God out OF, and FROM, His own creation. Am I sure? Well, you decide.

In the neverending attempt to ‘prove’ that man is advancing in intellect, morality, wisdom, and humanity, the daily news itself mocks evolution while it promotes evolution which elevates the lying narrative that mankind is on an upward spiral toward utopia which must at all cost leave out God, while giving the silver envelope to the academy winners who worship the golden calf: Science!

Let’s hear the speeches from a few who have memorized their imbecilic lines, but first, enjoy the fact that it was NOT stone age men who have dumped their waste in the oceans of the world. Nope, these federal crimes, while appearing misdemeanors, would be reserved for the enlightened ones, they who would make commerce by violating another man’s property, intruding upon which common sense forbids.

While our ancestors made brass, copper, perfectly cut stone, milled timber for the excellence of building, tools that were precise and exquisite and useful, finely made tapestries, they avoided apparently by choice, things which while useful, were destructive to generations later. Plastic and rubber must wait until such time as evolution becomes king.

Useful yes. Important yes. Innovative, moreso, but not at the expense of hurting God’s creation. So while some btich about trash at oceans floor, and the danger of extinction of animals, let’s hear from a disciple of higher learning:

‘Reading those stats above, I can’t get too worked up over human fetuses being aborted. After all, we’re not an endangered species. I feel obligated to do my bit: I always encourage lovely evangelical ladies to consider going the abortion route, instead of being so selfish about bringing their unwanted brats into the world. Call it a civic duty, if you like.’

I hope you have paused to consider the reality of these words. Hope the fire has simmered. THIS is the example of the godless, the decadent, the insane world view of they who have set themselves out as Trash Collectors, deciding by artificial fiat, WHAT is worthy of living, and what is unworthy, just as a person tosses a sandwich baggie into the ocean as a useless piece of scrap.

It is precisely these kinds of people who while being intruders, masqueraders of academia, are but trespassers on God’s earth, and who have impaneled a jury of peers to acquit all their colleagues, so they can hand out plastic useless diplomas to everyone who agrees with them. God is garbage! Toss Him out to oceans floor!

Ha, as if God is unaware of the deeds of miscreants. Plastic at ocean’s floors reveal greater problems than whales which forego such lousy plankton by choice. The plastic exposes the fact that man has NOT evolved, but that man has by word and acts, PROVED to be full of greed, ignorance, vice, crime of all sorts, and has proved correct what the good book has said all along, that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Got that? The ROOT. The source, the cause, the operating system. I dare you to turn on your computer and scan your screen, and within seconds, you will see the attempt to SELL you something- the love of money will embarrass even your pride it is that thick.

Back to the guy about the unborn, the human trash compacter. He gleefully places the fetus in the same boat as the trash at the bottom of the ocean, and is proud; he further goes on to say it is the ‘civic duty’ to do so. Gotta keep the case workers employed doncha know, they have mouths to feed….

Can you not see why I so despise the godlessness of the atheist and their pretended smarts yet warped view of life? They accuse the Creator of the vile acts of men, while doing the dirty work themselves as they wash their hands and accuse good people of superstition. Yeah, ok.

This line of ‘taking out the trash’ as in including humanity’s young, is indicative of atheism, evolution, public schooling, higher education, and dare I say, simple pride, which is really the worst sin of all, men setting themselves up as kings over all, promoting their duncery to susceptible minds.

Congratulations ye earth dwellers. While you have pretended to be advanced in thought, ye have debased yourself, by your very words, and while enjoying every emolument that life offers, you have refused the Author and Giver of life itself. Nice work. You made mom proud. Disgusting to think upon a plastic bag in the ocean and refuse to see the utter ignorance of the atheistic heart.

This is jack the barbarian, and I approve of this message.

(And yes, I am well aware of the advancement of the medical world, and the steps implemented to extend lives, and am aware of the massive tonnage of bio waste for instance in one hospital alone, let alone two in a city, or five, or a hundred, or in a state, a country, and combined in the world. This point alone should stun all sane minds. Where does it go? At what cost to the greater good? Yet, evolution should be embarrassed at the destruction it has created. But since evo is blind and emotion free, it is therefore non existent and thus irrelevant)



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Private Joy

How can we be sorry for good friends who are coping with what seems like misery……when they are not sorry themselves for the same perceived tribulations? How do we express pity or sympathy when what they are going through is more valuable than gold? But we are human. We understand another’s woes. Or do we?

When the Lord Jesus was reminded that Lazarus was nigh dead, (as if He didn’t know that they were already wrong) He had to face the seemingly aloofness considered by Mary and Martha. He did not care! Why doesn’t He go, Now?

Fact is, He did care. He does care. And the misunderstanding of a greater purpose, and the misappropriation given to the Lord by the dear women was not lost on Him, after all, He knows what is in man. But did not the Lord of glory say ‘I am the resurrection AND the life?’ He did. There was no question as to this, as He was full of proof, as the evidence of His words and actions needed no sermon.

Unknown to them, their brother died. Lazarus would live again, but first………..things in life needed attended to while Lazarus slept. Amid the darkness, life would go on. Circumstances, lack of faith, failing faith, imperfect faith which tends to see things through the deceptive bent straw in the water-glass. God has no bent straw, but allows us the gift of perception: if only the women knew at the time, that the Lord’s lack of action was really for their very good, that He is mistake free, and perfect.

He understands our weaknesses, our attitudes during crisis, and like a faithful spouse, He will never leave nor forsake us. So when we tend to our friends or family who are dead to the world so to speak, with tubes, iv’s, monitors, if only they knew how great love demands such attention, when nothing can be given in return, just the mere presence of loved ones speaks to the Presence of God’s unfailing promises, that His chastisements are NEVER punitive, and that sometimes, words are not necessary.

God does not punish His children with a whipping stick. A father who paddles his son for almost setting the house on fire does so NOT to punish him, but reminds him in a way that no other can, and the old wordsmith Webster had it correct. Chastisement is always with a view to restoring the correct relationship.  It is never one-sided and vengeful. A child who loved his father would hardly want to burn down his house. 30 years later, a child will understand.

So among that distance that Mary and Martha thought the Lord could not bridge, they would be within inches of understanding the greatest truths of all time, but tears and not knowing the bigger picture of the Lord’s will had clouded their judgement, and they actually thought the Lord did not care.

Of course He cared, the same way He cared when He slept in the boat while the disciples thought they were going to drown. But did He not say ‘Let us go to the other side,’ being fully aware of an impending storm? Oh yeah, He said that, and He knew, and He knew what was coming during this learning trial of faith: ‘Master, do you not care that we perish?’

Uh fellas. ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not ………….’ So they, like the women, and like us on occasion, see the waves, and a possible funeral; hopeless and helpless are we. But perhaps there is a greater purpose, one that, if we had not gone through such a trial, would be oblivious to the ‘rising again,’  or the moving of mountains, or the walking on water. The funeral is for another time.

Indeed. There is the nearness and dearness of the three, not that the Lord loved the others less, but that He took Peter, James, and John inside- He also took them to the high mountain- He was, He is, I am, and after Jesus wept because of Adam, His friend Lazarus arose, just as He said. Of course. After all, God is well aware of seed-time and harvest, but more so, He knows of filial love between family, He careth for you. Primus inter pares and all that.

So while you and I may be sorry for so and so who goes through hell on earth for a zillion reasons, just ask they who sit in ED beds, OT rooms, CTICU units, OR waiting rooms, CHEMO treatments, there is a whole lotta ‘nearness and dearness’ going on that spouses and family would not trade for all the tea in China.

Casting all your cares upon Him, because He careth for you.  There is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. He will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Ye are of more value than many sparrows….bless them little birds.


(Was going to drop a comment at a friend’s place, but the more I thought about the subject at hand, I wasn’t sure how to condense it, so as it is, this is a tribute to that post, and her as well. Some blogs are good, others very good, some lousy, some noise, others a symphony, if you do not know of the wit, whimsy, woo, and wonder as found in hearts saturated in truth, go have a visit.)

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The music of Spring

Just as the Creator promised, the continuity of the seasons confirms that He is, that his word is good, very good even, that He can be trusted, and that there is absolutely no shadow of turning in Him.

When a friend tells you ‘I will meet you at 1 pm for lunch,’ then shows up at 2, here we see a drastic contrast that God is not like this. Sure, circumstances change whereby an employee may be running late for his shift, but God is faithful. Always. Not a minute late. Perfectly on time is He, as His measures are consistently accurate.

‘By the word of the Lord the hinds do calve.’ Do you ever think HOW this happens? Or how the locusts gather TOGETHER and plan their assignments? Or HOW, every year, the maple buds appear, then on their heels the green leaves? Then there is the rain. People who follow such things pay attention to: ‘On this day for the past 30 years it rained 27 out of 30 days.’ Hmmm, I’m sensing a pattern.

Of course it is a pattern, and this return of spring sings the musical score of the Writer and Conductor. The blueprint of heaven can be seen in the spider’s web, who builds that masterpiece in the same spot, year after year after year; then there are the wasps, those annoying and sometimes terrifying flying insects who will at whatever cost, build their nest in the most inconvenient place, for YOU.

The songbirds are back, clapping too for spring. But its the bumblebee which snags my attention, that colorful hovering tiny winged fella that defies logic and makes NASA green with envy as to how it flits, dips, ascends, descends, and just is a plain aerodynamical marvel, and I so enjoy working side by side with them as we have an agreement, an accord as it were, to not invade each other’s space, and this has worked out fine as long as I can remember.

THEY, like God, are not nervous, so unlike the chipmunk or noisy blue jay who must tell everyone he arrived, nope, the bee is the dove of the flower visitors, demure, unassuming, and so does not boast.

God does also not boast, but who the heck cannot notice the consistent cloud covers, the dazzling colors when the sun makes its circuit, the sound of water over rocks tuned perfectly to that cadence which is never routine, the ocher wheat fields of spring, the geese and their Vees overhead, and we must admit: more rain, and more rain.

Rain is necessary regardless of our occasional inconvenience. We do not see the big picture of the butterfly effect, that the caterpillar in Seattle has an effect on the camel riders in Giza. But spring, where hope springs eternal, where nature agrees that the Father of time and eternity acts according to His own good pleasure.  It wouldn’t kill us to agree.

Like pictures at an exhibition, the rite of spring proves seed-time and harvest, day and night, winter and summer, cold and heat, shall not cease. Why is it so hard for people to admit that God and His word are good? Oh if men would pay attention to the music of Genesis.

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That’s no angry bird!!

In my never ending quest of easily exposing the fraudulent false science of evolution and godlessness, and proving every word of God is good, today we have this.

One would think, that after bazillions of years of head banging, the woodpecker would so tire of having to drill like a jackhammer his beak against the tree…..and evolve already, to the point that he would not be the only bird which suffers from daily migraines….just to eat his lunch.

Or…. we could consider there was NO evolution as far as the woodpecker was concerned, there were NO bazillions of years, there were NO gripes by the bird, and the knockety knock daily raps were simply music to his ears, with only people complaining that the bird must be an idiot for not evolving already.

Thus does creation daily pronounce evolution as mindless duncery, and thus does nature sing the praises of God.



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