This is unbelievable!

I so tire of hearing that word: unbelievable.

‘Did you see him catch that TD pass? It was unbelievable.  Did you see her sink that 50 ft putt? Unbelievable. Did you hear about the guy who lost 50 lbs? Unbelievable. Did you hear about that lady from Miami who has 10 cats and how she feeds them on a dinner plate? Unbelievable.

You get the point. No, it is not unbelievable. Niagara Falls flowing uphill would be unbelievable. A marathon runner breaking records running backwards with his legs tied would be unbelievable.

However, men have no excuse for assigning ‘unbelievability’ to the words of scripture in general, and to Genesis in particular. There is nothing unbelievable about God making plants, animals, water, fish, trees, and of course man. There is nothing hard to understand or unbelievable about the four rivers flowing from that magnificent paradise.

There is nothing unbelievable about men watching sheep, tending crops, travelling, inventing, making music, and even killing others. It’s called life. I would much more respect people who say they do not like the message of scripture- but I have zero tolerance for they who say the account as written is not believable. It is not only believable, but the sacred scriptures are the ONLY account which is historically accurate, geographically perfect, and whose message stands the test of time and is relevant for every age of man.

It is no wonder the word of God is despised. As it was then, it is now, for the generation of the children of men are bent on heaving their own way. And what is this way? Ha! It is the way of Cain, that one wayed avenue which ignores street signs and is a danger to everything and everything in its path of selfishness. Cain was selfish.

And no, his life and times was not unbelievable, as some things never change. There is a WAY which seems right unto a man………….and if you are an astute reader, you know what follows.

The family of Noah, Pharaoh, the passover, the exodus, the exile, the kings, the temple, the dreams, the covenants, the silence, the promises, Gethsemene, Calvary, the Romans, Pentecost, the Gentiles, Patmos, all part and parcel of documented history, all credible, all believable.

And sure as expected, there are knockoffs of scripture, because everyone wants to lay claim to truth. Even commerce allows you to buy fake Prada. Nothing new here. But as there are bits of truth in everything, ‘bits of truth’ are but poison in camoflauge. Go ahead and drink a glass of water with a drop of antifreeze in it.

God’s word is undiluted in its message- entirely. There are not bits of truth, as it is all true. It is all believable. Has the sun changed his purpose? Has the moon diminished her cool? Has the north star moved? Do not whales still give birth to whales? Do not the oceans still stop at the shore? Does not rain from above still nourish the corn?

Does not nature preach the evangelistic message of the continuity of the Creator? Do not the seasons and the four winds sing of eternity? Of course. So stop crying that scripture is unbelievable. Yeah rather, it is more alarming that in todays age, there are still people who have not learned of history’s lessons and men’s recalcitrance- and who still cling to godlessness as if it were the cats meow- now that is unbelievable.



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I say dear chap, there is no doubt

In my years of easy demolition of the theory of atheism, coupled with the instant hush of all naysayers who say: ‘there be no God!’ I bring this thought for the day.

An exaggeration to be sure, but it only makes the point and strengthens the appearance of stupidity levelled by they who have no room for the Creator in the heavens above or below. Now then.

Before there was sand: Toss a pile of sand into the air. Or sawdust. Or feathers. Or compost. Or copper. Or gold if you can find it. Before there was leather, toss a cowhide into the air.

Before it hits the ground in three seconds or less, isn’t it wonderful how godless evolution arranged blood, cells, bones, sinew, respiratory,  circulatory, neuro and digestive systems complete with wiring intact, with the ability to see, think, act, react, along with the other accidental things such as oceans, forests, mountains such as my friend Mt. Everest; and oh yeah, I can do this all day, but I must stop lest I embarrass the ilks of DeGrasse, Nye, Hawkins, Dawkins,, Harris, and all the other stooges of lazy intellect, with apologies to Moe and Larry.

Thanks for reading one more installment featuring the goodness and daily consistency of Almighty God, which proves every word of His is certain,, sure and steadfast. In a world where people’s word is no good, we have His word, and I for one am extremely thankful.

‘He made the stars also.’


(ps- with the incessant assault towards people of faith, why not consider for a moment the faithfulness of God, per His word,, and take your eyes off your own importance, and there just may be a more harmonious outcome)

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The world that then was…..

Sooooo, you have heard the gripe, one mind you, that has been repeated since man tried to depose God from His throne. There is no God! Genesis is a farce! The scriptures were written by lazy people who were clueless as to science! Sound about right?

Oh yeah, but one of my favs is this:

There was no flood. There is no proof. Oh my where is my laugh button. Nevermind, it’s really not a humorous matter, but people are shortsighted and never see the big picture. That gentle giant of grace and truth, who learned through his failures said this:

Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.

So, if water itself does not act as the only proof you need, perhaps you need to pull a J. Cousteau and dive deeper than he was able, and SEE and LEARN that the world that that was, is buried. And in this place of the dearly departed, we can gain a clue as to why man lived to be 900 years, because things are not quite the same today.

Overflowed with water. Ouch. We do not have this ‘overflowing’ today, but we certainly have reminders, as in, the great clouds above that carry the water which rains the earth, and be thankful, that we are not so deluged.

Can we not appreciate the seldom seen fact that clouds are but a broken canopy of the waters above, just as scripture asserts? True science doncha know, as opposed to the lying thieves of academia, who have no use for either God or science. That these windows of heaven were once opened, and in tandem with the fountains of the great deep, wreaked havoc on this world that then was.

So yeah, you want more proof? Hold your breath and dive deeper than whales, go deeper than  Mt. Everest, deeper than Elon Musk can fly overhead, and see those lakes below, under the massive oceans, those reverential burying grounds that hold the Creator’s promises.

But rest assured, you cannot survive, any more than a man can survive his own petulant cry of sursum cordem, on ward and upward! God already said ‘no’ per that massive tower of Babel. Even the eagles embarrass us by their obedience.

But can’t you at least enjoy that insightful word by our friend in his thoughtful epistle: ‘whereby.’ Love that. As to, and in what manner, a reminder of a truth just as pertinent today, with a view to God’s own oath.

It’s no wonder the scripture writers were mocked then, and now. They told the truth, notwithstanding Peter’s own weakness when he said: ‘I know not the man………..’ You see, his fears were mine, they are yours, as they reveal our very nature. Ah yes, but we NOW have an unction seeing the whole, no mirrored reflection or trying to survive eating a picture of apples, not a figure, but the true.

Then there is always that rainbow thing, an arc of a different nature, and once more not only mocked, but highjacked to put a seal of approval on decadence. Not too smart, but just another proof that I speak with sobriety and truth. But know this as an aside, God is the real Color Master, incorporating His azure sky with the ochre wheatfields and amber waves of grain, the greenery, the brown earth, the lights of night above, blood red, HE ALONE has all copyrights, and it would not kill us to say ‘how great thou art.’

After all, time is oh so fleeting, a thousand years as a day so to speak.



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Have you been humbled lately?

It’s short. It’s intense. It’s gorgeous. It’s altogether lovely. It’s the world which we live in, a world in which we become numb to what lies around us. I luuuuv stuff like this, watching what is above us, watching with silent awe what moves over our heads, yes, what moves over our heads.

Enjoy the glory of God’s creation, and btw, if you dare say ‘there is no God,’ you have my sympathy.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament doth shew his handiwork.

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Light and laughter

I luuuuv this observation, which by the way, I have been saying similar things for years.

‘Sunlight entering the water may travel about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) into the ocean under the right conditions, but there is rarely any significant light beyond 200 meters (656 feet). … Sunlight does not penetrate to these depths and the zone is bathed in darkness.’ (From NOAA)

And why do I like it? Tkx for asking, I’ll be happy to tell you.

Because it exposes man’s fraudulent arrogance, and proves that every word of God is good. No ‘significant’ light beyond 600 plus feet. Ouch. Yet, the modernists, the so-called elite of the intellectual boys club, swear they ‘know’ what goes on millions of miles above, no, check that, zillions of miles above our heads, far above the great deep of the Creator’s handiwork.

Cousteau below and Piccard above spoke the same truth, albeit unknowingly, when they uttered such words of majestic chagrin, because deep answers to deep. Whether it be a water drop in a pond or a heavy cloud, we live UNDER the Creator’s umbrella, we live under heaven’s zip code, and there are lands which today we cannot travel. But science fiction is real doncha know, as there is a cottage industry which steals money from people as long as they are told they are ‘smart.’  Fortunately we have the mind of the incomparable Paul as taught by God:

There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

In plain language, men are clueless regarding ‘science.’ Our distortions looking UP through vapor are magnified, and the millions and millions of miles and light years from here to there reveal arrogant and deceptive hearts made in the image of men. But note: the sun, moon, and stars are not only different, they are different in kind. Can we fathom this? Different kinds of lights. Not accidental purposeless cosmic rocks, but Lights, EACH with a purpose.

If we cannot see clearly what is a thousand feet beneath us, how can we say with ‘Intelligence’ we know what is above us? Apart from Intelligence, we cannot.  Intelligence, which men claim, by their very words, proves otherwise.

Truth be told, knowledge can never make people smart, as it only confirms what already exists. Bias is fed by the baristas of bias. Starbucks has always been late to the party. ‘Noah never lived, there is no EVIDENCE of a flood…..’ Blah blah blah. Bill Nye said so. DeGrasse agrees. Hawkins said science disagrees. Blah blah blah.

Can I remind my faithful readers, friend and foe alike, that Everest and K-2, are 29,000 ft above sea level, a height above that of a flying 747- which height is equaled UNDER the oceans. Are you getting this ramification? Yet, where pray tell, does ALL that frozen water come from at that massive height to create such torrid conditions and avalanches which kill a man for trespassing. Rest assured, the ‘natural man and his science are clueless.’ 

But yes, all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. It rained. And it rained. And it rained. And the waters rose. And rose. And rose. But you ask for evidence? Well here you go. I have it on good word that they who mocked the grand construction by the family of Mr. Noah were not laughing, just as they who mock today will not laugh tomorrow. Men’s laughter is all the evidence you need. Their watery coffins were sealed by the wax of their very lips.

Some things never change, and we saw more of this when that 9 foot goon dared to challenge the only God of creation, and who fell to earth quickly and then was headless. Yeah, mock that too. But science has no answer for godless arrogance and Death, as all things continue as they were. Am I sure?

If ‘scientists’ are lost as fog regarding 99% of what lies beneath the waters of the world, would you then trust these same people when they say they ‘know’ mileage, dates, and times as to the heavens? The answer appears obvious to an honest mind.

The waters at the top of the world, ie, Everest, and the deep oceans are once more proof and evidence that God’s word is good, that there are waters above and below, and that God separated the waters from the waters, and without knowing this, science is the great fail, and receives a failing grade of E+ in the college exam, and the + is only because science is spelled correctly.

But more perfectly: rain and snow are nature’s greatest laughing evangelists.


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And now a word from our sponsor

We interrupt the regular offence and defense of the word of God……(note the spelling) and the usual candor without apology for all things good and pure, of which God and His word are the source, to just chit and chat, about this and that, with emphasis on that.

The more one blogs, the easier it is for some to ‘find fault’ with us, because we lay bare what moves us, what is in us, how we think, why we think, what we find sweet, what we find bitter, and truth be told, someone may agree with me or you 99% of the time, but decide one day to say ‘adios’ because we say ONE thing that moves a mountain, one thing that is seemingly so unsettling that we put our proverbial fingers in our ears because the trumpet sound is annoying.

How can he think that, after being so spot on regarding everything else? How can he believe John was exiled to Patmos yet not believe the Lord Himself rode a donkey? How can she believe Paul was shipwrecked yet not believe Joseph was thrown into a pit? How can he believe God created the Seas, yet not believe He created the great whales? Well I never, goodbye!

How can He believe that Christianity is virtuous while remain a Democrat, or how can he as a believer support Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, or Trump?

It’s easy. All are not at the same mile marker today, and what one loves today, he may despise tomorrow. So then, how do we then trade thoughts and affections with they whose ideas we despise today?

There is great conversation regarding the depths of the oceans and how we are clueless as to what lies below; equally there is the same intellectual dynamic regarding what is above us, and I dare say, we are even more clueless than the 1% we pretend to know.

Time. Space. Matter. Yeah, clueless, and Universities of higher learning which leave out the Creator are the greatest offenders. They do not KNOW. Apart from God, they CANNOT know. You would be hard-pressed to hear a lecture from a blind man describe the color green, being blind from birth. Theories. Assumptions. Bias. Point made. Case closed.

Which brings me to this. I so enjoy cosmological discussions with they who disagree with me, because it forces me to examine my points, and it demands that others consider whether they have been spoon fed dogma, and whether it passes the smell test as to what is real, observable, testable, and repeatable.

But I find it cold-hearted and even more callous to hear the charges that a believer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or a devil that wears Pluto……..or somehow insane because he does not tow party line as to the consensus of where we live as humans, ie, on this place known as terra firma, and what in the world this earth is doing, CURRENTLY, from the vantage point called science.

Dear friend, neighbor, and friendly enemy of the gospel, what does this mean to you:

‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.’ So saith God.

What is heaven above? What is in the earth beneath? And what is the water UNDER the earth? Worth repeating and contemplating to be sure.

IN heaven above.

IN the earth beneath.

IN the water UNDER the earth.

I say without reservation that God knows more of His own creation than a thousand Tysons, Einsteins, Nyes, Copernicus, Krauss, etc etc, combined, but more important, to the believer I ask: do you take your cues from them, or do you somehow think God’s word lacks? But to the spirit of this post, I would encourage us, each and every one, to examine ourselves, and test whether our worldview has the approval of heaven, or if we have eaten the mildewed bread of godless science which is only a placebo for intellect.

But more. If I do not think you lunatic (moon crazed) then why cannot you assign equal dignity to they with whom you vehemently disagree? I say test all things. Prove all things. And btw, fellowship is much more than differences of opinion, still we both cannot be right, be both can be wrong, and therein is the test of our spiritual mettle.

Have a great new year.





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The compliments keep pouring in

Been blogging for a long time. Been writing even longer. Been thinking longer than that. While some minds are harder than concrete when faced with truths, I make no apology for holding firm in that which needs no defense: the living word of God, and for this, The Lions Den is accredited with such accolades as below, and I quote exactly:

‘Like a rogues’ gallery of indoctrination, ignorance, delusion, and disengenuity.’

Mind you, this is not just an opinion of myself for holding to the testimony of scripture, but if you are a believer, and a regular visitor, sorry to say, you too are included in such a wonderful description levelled by the godless mind, but just take heart, for false and lying accusations have been tossed at people far better than you and I.

Oh how the heathens rage….. But indoctrination? Really? You going with that? Nobody forced me to believe anything. I went to no classes that held a gun to my head. As a matter of fact, the most solid of believers willingly and happily came to the same conclusions at the risk of life, limb, or happiness. Just ask the Baptist. Daniel fed to the lions. Saul of Tarsus the religious one, then Paul the spiritual one assaulted on every side, yeah, they were indoctrinated and ignorant.

It is soooo easy to point out the blindness, the shallow opinions, and the thoughtless commentary by they who have zero tolerance for people of faith, as they MUST malign others while at the same time ignore what they are guilty of.

The DELUSION is in denying that God’s word is true. The IGNORANCE is so basic, but the result of such ignorance leads to a lifetime and membership in the ‘history rejecting club,’ with such goons as Goliath of Gath who would have been the first presiding Chair.

Obviously the big oaf with his large arms, big head, and large mouth led a life of delusion also. Little did he know there was a God in heaven with Whom he had to do, and that David was just a lad who reminded him and his foolish friends that the Maker of the sun and the moon does not sleep.

It did not end well for the circus act. Let God be true and every man a liar. ‘The living God.’ Period. Soooo, in yet another installment of proving all things, and holding fast to that which is good, we are cited as they who are disingenuous, but why?

Because at the very outset, we believe ‘In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.’ This is the foundation in which all other false charges are irrelevant, for if this opening statement is true, then every word thereafter is equally true.

It is true. Every word thereafter is equally true. But notice, long before science became a god, and long before Newton discovered a pencil, and long before matter mattered, we have God’s inspiring words regarding space, time, and matter, ALL in the opening verse of God’s word. Love that. May that little science god be dmaned.

But my oh my does the heathen hate that same word. Of course they do. Whether Ezekiel wrote of the wheels within the wheels, or Amos plowed the land, it doesn’t matter, for the atheist and his ten thousand ancillary gripes are all contained with his very disdain for: ‘in the beginning God………..’

He/she can’t stand such authoritative dogmatism, which reveals that ALL mankind is under authority, and that ONE is greater than you and I. There needs no ‘evidence,’ for a stubborn heart will always ask for another ‘proof’ to replace the one he currently is blind too. ‘What about what that scientist said, what about what that archaeologist found, what about what that historian wrote, what about what that astronomer saw……….?’ blah, blah, blah, and, blah. And the hamster on the treadmill gets nowhere fast.

So good people are charged with delusion for recognizing that heaven is silent in this age of God’s favor, for agreeing that an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, for seeing the incomparable wisdom of Solomon, the wonder and beauty of the Psalms, the glories of the grace of God, the amended ways of people who met the Lord, the charitable hospitals inspired by people who knew it is better to ‘love thy neighbor’ than take paper money to the grave, to love those who despise, use, and persecute them, to return good for evil, to comfort the widow, to pray for heads of state, to mind one’s business, to testify to ‘male and female created He them,’ (as opposed to gender-of-the day-salad-bar) to pay taxes, to do no harm, and of course the natural result of worshipping God and not a dairy cow nor a redwood tree, nor a butterfly.

So yeah, just a bunch of unschooled, ignorant, and deluded believers who can’t think a right thought apart from indoctrination, to this I say:  give me such thoughts, and tks for the insults. Keep them coming, but let me remind you, God was God long before you were in diapers, and God will be God long after the last man will be born, and His word will have lost none of its lustre in between.

But the little seed that germinates into such monstrous self created delusion is something I am reminded of by Citizen Tom, and that is: pride. Pride of life. Pride in not recognizing that authority of every stripe leads to a higher authority, to another, yet still another. Just look at any court rendering that does not have the right outcome. We will appeal! We will go higher!

Guess what. There is none higher than the heavens, and we have His word on it, which our conscience knows, but our hearts reveal man’s wickedness. The only indoctrination is thinking Goliath of Gath was a bedtime tale, and also thinking that the lying god ‘science’ is the savior of man’s intellect.. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Does it ever dawn on you?

Opinions about thousands of things neither make them true, important, irrelevant, or even necessary. But they can be, as some are obviously better than others. Consider this line of thought:

FACT- 6 year old boys and girls should have separate dressing rooms after Gym class.

Opinion- 6 year old boys and girls are not mature enough to know they can gender select, and they are too narrow minded in thinking a male is a male, and a female is a female., therefore separate dressing rooms are not necessary.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- I am insulted at this suggestion, because I know you are trying to connect the bathroom/dressing room thing with dark and light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion. No, the Democrats have proven that they alone dwell in the light.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- Little Greta Thunberg is not a raging maniac used by ‘globalists,’ and is smarter than all ‘scientists’ who disagree with her. After all, CNN has already crowned her saint.

FACT- There is darkness and there is light.

Opinion- There is only light, as darkness is a mere interpretation, and that darkness has not fully evolved. It will, and we all will live in the golden age of sunshine, where there will be no taxes, no gasoline, no theft, no killing a man for a nickel, for the ungendered, Dems, and Greta, will save us all.

FACT- The mere existence of light and darkness should cause every man to stop and think. WHY? Not a trick question here, but one that goes to the observable, testable, and repeatable consistency of that which we take for granted, daily.

Opinion- Random acts of serendipity have already proved that the universe and life are mere coincidental or if you will, accidental, and serve no real purpose, for if there was a purpose, we would admit to a Creator, which we cannot. For the 15.8933 billions years that we have been studying such things, we know we are correct.

FACT- Men are fools. We are clueless what lies beneath the earth a few hundred feet, we are lost as fog regarding what dwells a mile under the ocean, yet we have ‘proof’ of what lies above and beyond us at a thousand zillion miles………..and as to time? You are asking us to be too stupid.

Opinion- Scientists know, they told us. We believe the scientists. They would not lie. After all, listen to that genius Degrass or Nye, who swear that boats disappear over a ‘curve’ at a mere three miles. They saw it.

FACT- Oh great, don’t get me started. 3 miles? Really? And you call these people scientists?  They no doubt have never heard of the vanishing point, the laws of refraction over water, the mirroring effect, distortion, and lensing, where boats do NOT disappear over a curve, but simply MOVE AWAY due to perspective.  Don’t believe this? Engage a pair of quality binoculars, and you will see that ship which Degrass swears disappeared come right back into vision over his non-existent curve. It’s called a fact witness.

Opinion- Your dogmatism is arrogant. Everything you say regarding separate bathrooms for children, Democrats, little Greta the savior, the oceans, the sky, the beginning of life, the really smart DeGrasse, the 3 mile curve……proves it is YOU who lives in the basement of darkness, and that you have not got on board with the evolution of mankind, which leaves you living with apes who have already passed you by.

FACT- Truth does not seek nor ask for approval, but defends itself without effort nor breaking a sweat. Light and darkness. Light is separated from the darkness, and the dawn of each day proves this point. Evolution cannot now, nor ever, explain WHY light is separated from darkness, for if evo had its way, one would overtake the other for bragging rights.

Opinion- So you are saying evolutionists and atheists are short sighted and actually behind the times? You are saying men are not smart if they say ‘there is no God?’

FACT- I didn’t actually say that, but for once, that’s a pretty accurate statement.  Beginning with girls and boys choosing their gender from one day to the next, to people’s infatuation with clueless celebrities, reveals a lack of knowledge for Him who ‘separated the light from the darkness,’ and on the strength of this point alone, all other false conclusions spring forth, as noted.

Opinion- You are helpless, and one day you will bow the knee to science, and you…….

FACT- Stop right there. You have had your say. Tell Nancy Drew she was really Joe Hardy. Yikes. I saw a bug asleep on my living room ceiling. Can you walk on the ceiling? Can you traverse a basketball like an ant?  Enough of your pseudo science crap- I thank God every day for the ability to engage the brain, to use the trinitarian plumb-line, level, and compass, to gauge all things. The tools of nature preach the truth of scripture and FACT.  Have a nice day.

In fact………….evo, false science, and atheism have no fact witnesses.

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Love this burial

Don’t you so tire of hearing the age old charge that Christianity is the root of hatred and ‘death to the Jews?’ I do.

I believe that narrow minds are responsible for the perpetuating of such an idea. Not that said people can’t be smart in other areas, but insofar as this claim, the claim that a good ‘religion’ is the sole reason WHY antisemitism thrives and survives, I will instantly prove this narrative a simple dream of lazy minds.

But the real root is ALWAYS missed, and that is WHY a man seeks to kill and destroy another human being, regardless of the race. Which is worse, killing one man, or a hundred? The mother of Abel would beg to differ if you told her that her son’s killer would kill 90 more. So? I’m interested in MY son.

But it was the Creator’s initiative to call out a people for His name, whereby also the entire world would be blessed. Don’t believe this? Don’t like this? Too bad, as He made the garden of life and not you. Men are relevant, races are enabled and disabled, by our appreciation and association with the apple of God’s eyes: Israel. After all, we do read that God blesses them that bless thee, speaking of Abraham’s posterity through Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, then ultimately through the Lord Christ.

Which brings me to this. The promises of God arrived on time but to a people of stiff necks and cold hearts. The greater son of David had lived and upheld the law of Moses, but went further by revealing WHY the law was given in the first place, and for this, His life came to an abrupt end on Calvary’s central tree, but not before was uttered that eternal pronouncement: ‘I find in him no fault.’ (of course.)

THIS messiah could not have been, for HE charged us with disorder in the court! Surely the people of the book could not be guilty too like so many others who know not God! Uh, hello, that’s the point, there are none righteous, no not any, as the law said as much, but deaf ears pretended not to hear, and blind eyes pretended not to see.

But the contrite of heart heard and saw. Enter Pentecost, that Jewish feast, where Jews of every kind gathered; some were delighted, others mocked the delivery by a new man, Peter the apostle, who spoke words of truth and candor. About 3,000 as a matter of fact received this word gladly, and openly identified in the mikva, that ritual bath which they expressed before others.

All Jews. And they paid a price as they were harassed by other JEWS, for allegedly abandoning the faith of their fathers. But more. For the first EIGHT years, the Christian church was ENTIRELY Jewish, are you listening? Eight years. That is a loooonnnng time. The persecution of believing Jews was simply done by unbelieving Jews, so let’s bury here and now this NOTION that Christianity is the ROOT of antisemitism.

It never was. It never is. It never will be, but only in the minds of the careless. Need I remind you of the death of Stephen who while being pelted with rocks by the ‘lawkeepers,’ prayed for his ‘brothers’ because it was they who were really lawbreakers. Truth has this effect on people. Kind of like when I speak of science in ways that make people uncomfortable. It’s only the heart doncha know.

So no, the roots of antisemitism were never found in Christianity, and this thought will never be contradicted by facts or reality. Christians do not kill, neither are engaged in pogroms. But perhaps even a cursory look at the word ‘root’ will once and for all put in the graveyard the lie that Christianity is responsible for antisemitism, when I have proved infallibly, that the first examples of the deaths of Jews, believing Jews mind you, Jews in the church to be exact, Jews called Christians, were executed by JEWS.

The ROOT of anti-Semites was never grown and watered by Christians. The funeral is over, and all thoughtful people MUST agree with the facts of history.

And oh, then there is this: ye shall know them by their love one for another. Ahem, let’s take another look at Stephen and his behavior while being put to death……….by Jews………a Christian killed by Jews. Yeah, real antisemitism here.

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Eh, so we disagree

Put 10 women and ten men in a room and ask them to explain the greatest movie of all times. Some will cite Citizen Kane with good reason, others may call upon Cinderella for good reason, still others John Wayne in True Grit, or Max Von Sydow in The Seventh Seal and have equal cause, etc, on and on go the opinions based on preference or genre.

There would be great dispute and rightly so. How could things not being impervious be the same to one and all? They will not. They cannot.

Listen to any dialog between good people regarding politics and you will have opposite views looking at the same information. Bias and the brain are strange things, some different, maybe not better, but perspective plays a huge role.

Pick a sport. Some love soccer, some despise baseball, looking at the same sport, go figure. However, there are things in life that are without controversary, things that do not rely on mans weak opinions, things that are resolute and sure, things that teach greater things: if we pay attention.

Snow is cold. It is always cold. We know this because we know what is warm. Opinions are irrelevant when we say ‘time flies,’ or as I like to say, Tempis Fugit. The stars above, those glorious lights not being rocks, display their daily majesty whether or not we see them, or whatever we think of them. They are also immune to time, and do not care that we are aging.

Once more to borrow a good word, they are impervious to what wreck we have made as caretakers of terra firma. Yet, there is something that does not change, there is Someone that does not change, and that ‘thing’ is scripture, that written revelation of the mind of God, that we be not as lost mariners or seamen on the ocean of life.

And that Someone is Almighty God. We know Him, some not intimately as a Father, but we all know Him as God. He is THAT light which lighteth every man that comes into the world. The DNA of heaven is imprinted deep within our being; it’s very innateness cannot be denied.

This is why in EVERY culture, every age, every empire of the life and times of men, there is both affirmation and denial of the One who breathed the breath of life into man. We inhale His goodness, and exhale our lack of virtue. It is the very WORST of vices to think that evolution could rid the human heart, mind, and soul, of the knowledge of God.

I’m here to tell you that no-can-do, while you lift those legs and say you can-can. The knowledge of God is the greatest of the sciences, so saith the astute mind of a man dearly departed. And He was correct. We believers do disservice to ourselves by thinking that scripture in general, and Genesis in particular, somehow lacks, as if God forgot about 2020.

He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, and that insidious mark of the beast, coming through a chip and to a town near you, is proof positive that He is well aware of our so-called high-tech which we have managed to use to destroy ourselves. Why? Because a nation that forgets God………..a generation which has lost its way….

So while we disagree about many things simply by being human, we must agree that the epic of the ages is still God’s word, which is forever settled in Heaven, (thank you King David) and that His promises are still sure and steadfast, He still does not sleep or take vacations, He still keeps the apple of His eye, He still collects tears in a bottle, the Lord still is seated at God’s right hand, He still displays the rainbow as a covenantal promise, and He still shares our deepest sorrows, after all, He knew what was in Adam, and He is acquainted with grief, and He has long put in place EVERY atheistic excuse known to man.

In the beginning God. As I said, settled.  Thank God.


(as an aside, remember they who boast of greatness are always found out. Having brains beat till they turn to mush prove the carelessness of our words)

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Thanks a bundle

During December, people across the world generally heap upon others good words of cheer and simple good will; to every thing there is a season I suppose, so I too would like to join all comrades far and wide, and offer my nod of appreciation, to believers of course in general, but an especial shout out to atheists in particular.

That’s right you heard it correctly. Thank you. But why? Ha, I’ll tell you, and even ol’ Romeo could not properly count the ways.

  1. You have increased my faith., you have noted the anchor.
  2. You have endeared my affection for God’s word.
  3.  You have proved me correct.
  4. You have re-affirmed the value of prayer.
  5.  You have proved the science of scripture accurate and truthful.
  6.  You have endeared the book of Genesis in ways you can not even imagine.
  7.  Your ‘theories’ about the origin of man have caused me consistent and persistent laughter.
  8.  Your adulation of men such as Degrasse, Nye, Harris, Ra, have almost singlehandedly given me genius stature.  (of course I do not deserve the award, but thanks anyway)
  9.  You make me smile when I see the repeatable, observable, and testable nature of water, which water by the way, is ever present both above the earth in all its fulness, and of course while flows through all the Seas of the world.
  10.  You make me appreciate even more the solid fact that Moses and Peter knew more science than all the great pretenders today, by telling us that the earth sits IN the water, and that the earth is not the ocean, but that the earth and the Seas constitute the World. (As I said, true science)
  11.  You remind me of God’s promises to the nation of Israel, and that God keeps His promises, while men revile Him through pride.
  12.  You affirm and affirm the deceitful nature of sin, and inconvenient word much despised in academia.
  13.  You remind me of the beastly nature not of lions, but of humans, by teaching a 4 year old girl that by next year, she can become a 5 year old boy. (thanks for the reference to the incomparable 1st of Romans, a chapter in a book that has no equal)
  14. You confirm the degradation of society while technology increases, which proves men were much smarter in the days when they did not stare into a screen for hours upon end.
  15.  You have proved that God’s word is suited for any time of day, any age, in any century. The rainbow above reminds us that God does not sleep, and that He is ever near.
  16.  You have correctly stated that the ‘religions’ of the world compete with one another, but have incorrectly assumed that Christianity is just one more religion. It is not, as the grace of God is only demonstrated in God through Christ, and has no competitor.
  17.  You are also correct when you sat men try to reach the divine, whether real or imagined. The desire is innate, hard wired into conscience courtesy of He who created the brain, and of course there is a nemesis who would hiss the lie that it is all ‘imagination.’
  18. Thank you then for the reminder that lousy imaginations say ‘there is no God,’ a word spoken by the foolish.
  19.  Thank you for the reminder of the trinity of truth found in the compass, the carpenter’s level, and the plumb-line, all tools found in scripture, and all tools which tell the same truth regarding truth and science.
  20.  Thank you for the reminder that it was God who called the light Day, and that it was He who created the exact science of arithmetic.

So thank you again for helping my testimony flourish, and my faith remain strong as iron, as that anchor, but above all, for proving that God is oh so patient, which is consistent with himself, and even more staggering in light of what we have done to His creation.

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The Dagger that slices

Here is a thought that will surely rattle the cages of the so-called intellectual who pretends to know more than God. Yeah, there’s an idea, mere mortals ‘knowing’ more than God. Anyway:

The study of scripture is the most demanding and exacting of sciences.

Ouch. I just ticked off many a friend and foe. But who are really the foes here? Those who disagree with every post I’ve written or tickled their ears to the point of Christian disgrace?

There is more science in the opening words of Genesis……IF we would but pay attention. God in His infinite wisdom and mercy toward our modern shallow thinking skills, has given us a head’s up and revealed what TRUE science really is, that we be not lost as fog as they who pretend to know, sitting in judgment of God and His work, as if 2019 is well beyond the elementary principles or allegedly outdated information of how flora and fauna, birds and fish, and man and woman all had their first day, as clearly defined in the monarch of books.

Men come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, technology advances and retreats, (is it really an advancement of society where people walk down streets by the millions eschewing other humans while staring into a handheld machine………..)

But science. The arriving at conclusions by a bias free tested, observable, and repeatable process, is what Genesis does not pretend to offer opinion on, and which truth is loathed by all intellectual fools today.


Observable.  Repeatable.


Observable. Repeatable.

Such is the divine consistency of God’s hand. Does not the whale still today reproduce after his kind per Genesis? Does not the sun still move in his circuit providing heat and light to our earth per Genesis? Does not the moon still move in her nightly circuits providing the cool light of night per Genesis? Do not the mighty oaks produce after their kind per Genesis? Do not all the sparkling gems of the night also show God’s favor and magnificence by such a display of awe and power per Genesis?

Does not the water above our heads and the sheer fact that the earth sits in the waters below speak volumes of science and truth per Genesis?

Now then, what is it about man, and the desire to appear ‘smarter than God’ that drives the intellect to deny what is rightfully the Creator’s,  and to supplant the Owner of Life with man’s paltry opinions that Genesis is not science, nor can it be true?

I’ll tell you. It is the love of false science. It is lying science, with a shout out to the apostle Paul, for the mind of man does not change regardless of the century. Lying science existed then, it exists today, and it will thrive and survive tomorrow, but so what, for there will always be a market for extortion and theft.

Genesis could have been written this morning, and is as fresh, is as relevant, and speaks to the prince or pauper, kindergarten student or college PhD without apology or embarrassment. Things testable, observable, and repeatable. Let these concepts sink in.

14 billions of years IS NOT TESTABLE, nor can it be OBSERVED. Aah but you may say, ‘neither is in the beginning God………..’

But you greatly err, because the truth of Genesis then is true today, and our conscience demands we pay attention. It is not a matter of opinions which are a dime a dozen. Genesis has no competition, as if God can be challenged on creatorial grounds. He cannot. His word proves this. The ‘kinds’ test this. We ‘observe’ the ‘repeatable’ and know that ‘I Am That I Am.’

So what be this dagger? Easy. To repeat:

The study of scripture is the most demanding and exacting of sciences.

Go ahead, take a lifetime. Study what scripture says, NOT what infidels or lying professors have said, but what scripture SAYS. It appeals to your deepest need, and after decades of daily study, you will only unravel the first of layers. Truth is below. As it should be. It is not on the shelf where any untrained or careless shopper can decide between beans or sprouts, nope, it is behind…….may even have an ‘expiration date,’ but this date is a ‘whispering suggestion’ that God’s word is irrelevant, a hiss that is ignored by the correct of thought and soul.

Study the astronomy and How and Who put it there. Study the science and wisdom of Solomon by the unequaled ‘cut the baby in half.’ Study the long range and vision of Joseph who prepared 7 years of feed. Study the magnificence of the greatest stone workers, and the science of mathematics in carpentry by skilled hands such as we have never seen.  Study the farming of David and Amos.

The scientists of yore would embarrass us by their daily ‘living’ of what we masquerade by ‘testing.’ They would no doubt walk into a lab and say: ‘this is your livelihood, trying to erase God with a hand made microscope, while denying the Maker of the hand?’ Yikes.

It’s no wonder modern science fails miserably as it erects its own tower of Babel. The heights of heaven cannot be reached with bricks, steel, aluminum, fuel, or even rockets for that matter. Oh how He who sitteth in the heavens must laugh.

When I build a wall and hold a level, the bubble does not care, let me say it loudly: THE BUBBLE OF LEVEL DOES NOT CARE as to my opinion.  I can disagree with the opinion of the level, but the science of things observable, testable, and repeatable will prove the level correct and me a liar. Truth holds to its own.

So is the truth of Genesis and scripture. We may not ‘like’ the fact of a universe created by God; we may argue against the acts and wars of men; we may cite God for cruel or unusual punishment in commanding cities to be destroyed, yet, Yet, YET, we miss the boat entirely if we do not see that it is the Potter, and not the clay who acts as He wills, without controversy and always perfectly, if we would only remember that His creation was pronounced ‘very good.’

As I said, the science of Genesis could have been written this morning, such is the timeless word of the living God. And need I remind you that the lazy edicts of atheism are cut in pieces by that same word which is sharper than ANY two edged sword.  Now this, perhaps no other 5 words of majesty ever written, and in such demurity speaking of science:

He made the stars also. (Genesis 1.16)


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Learning makes people th2pid

It was only a matter of time. An animal granted personhood. This is the result of so-called elitist educational programming which has simply supplanted true reason, logic, facts, and above all, common sense.

I’m quoting from the article:

Judge Elena Liberatori’s landmark ruling in 2015 declared that Sandra is legally not an animal, but a non-human person, thus entitled to some legal rights enjoyed by people, and better living conditions.

But I say, after 30 plus years of living, produce the social security and tax returns! I want to see the signature of the orangutan! Not an animal, but a non human person? Really, how does a ‘judge’ say this with a straight face?

But the better question is HOW does a so-called judge adjudicate other matters when she can’t see through the fog of her own ignorance? And this is further proof of a world gone sideways, a world which gives a 5 year old boy the dream of becoming a 6 year old girl. This is pure rebellion. This is as decadent as it goes. This is the world we have made where there is no up or down, no right or wrong, no male or female.

But the apes and such have excuses for acting like animals. What is our excuse for making them look like saints?

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Let God be true

I love those four English words: yea, ‘let God be true,’ then perhaps even more accurate and powerful is what follows: ‘but every man a liar.’


I know I know some will cry ‘we don’t have the information or evidence to agree,’ but simply put, we do not like such incriminating dogmatism. There is not a man alive (no apology for the reference to the politically incorrect non-anthropos of mankind) who is not immediately made uncomfortable by these words pointing to himself. All men are liars of sorts.

Because by comparison, men are selectively true, while God is ALWAYS true. His consistency is above board. He does not fool us with sunsets in the east or one day a week oceans becoming vodka. No. His mercies they fail not. But yours, mine, ours? Ha! We fail, we fail because we are not impeccably infallible.

It has been said that the measure of a man can we seen by how he treats somemeone who can do him absolutely no good. OUCH again how our hearts are revealed. There are people who to us, do absolutely no good, and some even value them as worthless, yet, God is equally good to them. He gives rain from heaven to the praying grandmother as well as the auto thief. He gives days to the tax cheats as well as the grass cutter who doesn’t make enough to feed his family.

So how is it that we fail miserably to understand that God does not need us, that He does not need our help to illuminate the moon nor keep the sun shining in his strength? Because all men are liars. (It doesn’t have to be) Our sense of balance is wrong. We seek ‘justice’ as it suits us, not because we are perfectly fair. Our scales of fairness are completely in need of calibration. We lack in perfection.  Will you now dare to cite me a liar for saying so?

A man will step on an ant hill or burn it to the ground, then go to sleep, yet have no problem ending the life of a third trimester, or second even, human about to be born. We commit moral fraud as we respect the ant, yet lie regarding humanity. We lie and do not the truth.

God is true. Always and perfectly seamless. But we? We judge truth by the dishonesty in others while failing to see we are equally guilty by our very deception of God’s person. We are defective because we do not have a base line. We judge what is ‘wrong’ based on preference or prejudice, instead of weighing against what is ‘right.’

All men are clueless liars IF they do not consider WHO is just, right, and always true. May I then  introduce you to the God of heaven and His Christ who IS truth? Will your tongue flap without understanding as you try to find words citing Him with contempt, His life, His purpose, His person, and what He reveals about YOU?

Ah yes, truth be it however uncomfortable, was shown in the elite men who could not in good conscience pick up that stone against a common member of their humanity. They were found out by being in the presence of truth Himself which is always a good thing. Notice how they could not abide in the presence of that scorching heat. (And btw, this conversation and incident is repeated even now today. The heart is oh so deceitful.)

But did they enjoy that revelation of truth? Nope, they crept away being within arms length of agreeing that ‘all men are liars regarding themselves,’ for God is true. Of course He is. The finger of God always points to His perfections and our shortcomings. BUT, God is not a far away cosmic policeman waiting to give us parking tickets. His mercies are delightful and He is near.

And as a word of history coupled with a matter- of- fact, it was both truth and love that could not be tolerated in a world of darkness. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, perfectly showed us who God is, and who man is not. For this, the Light of the world was snuffed out. Truth is obviously painful to face, and men enjoy darkness, so it was far easier for Pilate to wash his hands, even though………..’I find no fault in this man.’

He is dear and understands what is in man. If we would only wise up, men would easily have a more harmonious outcome. And this is no lie.

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Who do you ultimately obey?

A 10 year old kid invites all his friends over his parents house on Fri. night. Dad gave specific instructions to Henry to enjoy free reign of the interior. No room was off limits, as they all enjoyed billiards, darts, ping pong, television, stereo, vids, and all the food from the fridge. No charge to anybody. Nothing was asked in return, EXCEPT:

Henry was to demand that all his houseguests stay away from his father’s liquor cabinet. That’s it, that’s all. Anyway, what 10-12 year old would have any interest in the stale fruit of the grape or barley and hops.

The evening progressed, and as you would know, there were some miscreants who could not resist the order to keep away from certain liquids. Henry got wind of the bad plans, and while not approving, did nothing to stop the ‘group howls’ of ‘What can it possibly hurt? No one will know.’ (yeah like this will end well)

You guessed it. The white cue ball was used as a make shift basketball, and there was broken glass everywhere, but the inebriation was louder than the train-wreck. Wallpaper was torn from the walls because of wrestling matches, grape juice was spilled on the white carpet, there was tomato evidence on the ceiling, and oh, Dad’s boat was crushed by the Mercedes in the garage which apparently drove itself. But man oh man did these kids swear they had the time of their lives. Until.

Dad unexpectedly came home and asked for an accounting. Henry’s head lower than low, and while not looking up, just started to point.  Then they all pointed shamelessly as if to assign their nefarious ways to others.

Somehow in all this, Dad was blamed. It was YOUR liquor which tempted us, it was YOUR food that made us crazy in the mind. It was your nice car which just demanded that we ransack it and turn the key having no idea what an engine is.

Fast forward 30, 50, 100, or 500 years. These criminal children had children, and they also fell in the footsteps of bad bad ways, having no need for the voice of authority, and the rest is let’s just say, history. So if the greatest voice of authority in the house was not heeded, whose voice then whispered that ‘all is good, do whatever you want?’ Hmmm.

And oh, let’s be reminded, that God’s creation was seen ‘very good’ in the beginning. Gotta love the eternal power and relevance of Gods living word. It is always timely, sober, forthtelling, foretelling, and has no equal today, yesterday, or forever. Why?

Because God’s word is forever settled in heaven, and is just as stable as God Himself.  (and as a bonus thought, only a crooked stick would complain when it sees a straight one. It is only by Authority do we learn of disobedience)

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Lights and perfections

A phrase that cannot be utilized (without the aid of a mocking stick) by evolutionists and atheists worldwide, is this 5 syllabled English combination of ‘lights and perfections.’ It just rolls off the tongue, more importantly though is WHERE this comes from. Of course it comes from heaven first, as God is light and His ways are perfect.

If people paid more attention to the concept of Light, there just may be a more harmonious outcome as to understanding the nature and purpose of Almighty God. He is light, and was light long before the sun was in diapers. Then there is that lesser light the moon, a bit demure but just as perfect, revealing more of the divine consistency of the Creator in all His glory. I will add that the sun gets waaaay too much credit for sharing the light duties of the moon, a task which it is really none of his business…..

Enter LIGHTning. Those brilliant flashes which serve as reminders, (so similar to the coming and going of the rainbow) which when followed by thunder, appeal to our attention, and arrest us immediately with silent pause, or, at least it should.

But no, we are not so shaken by the supernatural, for we lie to ourselves and say ‘it is only natural,’ and therefore miss entirely the message laid out in lavender and set before us. If rain is simple and natural, then lightning is supernatural, for it truly is super, then again, rain is equally super. Water falling from above, not in 4×8′ sheets, or by the ton, but in drops, yep, super!

Couple that with lightning flashes, scenes that reveal an open curtain for a split second, then the clouds do clap, with thunder so loud….causing the bones to rattle, while not considering how small man is, how entirely insignificant he is, and how he should fear correctly, get that, correctly, who man is, and who God is, who man isn’t, and who God always is. Standing in light should have that effect.

What is man, that God is mindful of him? Is he more significant than a maggot? Why, if the atheist treats all life as equal? Why, if the evolutionist says ‘amen’ when a lion will tear the head off an impala and then go to sleep, having done nothing wrong, while only to chastise a man for killing the same impala for food?

And why could the evolutionist or atheist btich when the lion kills a man? Survival of the fittest doncha know. The lights and perfections of God are not considered, therefore NO complaint is valid. None. Ever.

By the voice of the Lord the hinds do calve, (one of my favorite scriptural truths by the way) and nature pays attention to the supernatural. Light is recognizable whether it be in Tahiti or Timbuktu, whether it be in Jacksonville or Djibouti, and the Creator gives ample daylight to the nature of man to see and enjoy the perfections of God. In addition to the visual, there is much light in the audial, IF we have ears to hear.

Ever been on the high seas of the oceans feeling small? Ever been in the deepest of woods feeling small in the company of mighty oaks? Ever felt fearful in the most magnificent of storms? Maybe you should. But this fear is not the common ‘fear of spiders or rats,’ but a reverential fear, which could only come from the most sober of hearts, where pride is the most unwelcome of guests.

If you are a card carrying atheist, you are too proud to see that I am telling the truth, because it is not MY truth, but THE truth, for pride and light cannot peacefully co-exist.

Consider the Urim and the Thummin, and the bells upon the high priest’s hem; no place for the proud, for God is there. The lights and perfections of the twelve, the squared 144, and the nuances of God’s arithmetic, His very own perfections, since by the way, all Math is His creation.

A man cannot count to three without calling upon the truthfulness of Almighty God, so of course men cannot be trusted with things greater. God is good like this to remind us just how stupid we are: without Him.

A man dreams in Light, this inescapable fact that there is nowhere to hide: God is there. It has been said that man evolved to ‘need God,’ and will one day eradicate God from the conscience. Yeah, how’s that working out for you? Ever read the blogs of the godless who pretend God is dead? Their posts are riddled with lecture after lecture of HOW God is irrelevant, and how they have managed to rid God from their domain.

Yeah, how is that working for you? Not too good, because you can’t. Atheism and its bastard twin brother evolution are forever silenced by such blatant ignorance. If it were not for God, scripture and the truth of life, they would both go out of business and its goods would not sell at a flea market. But why? Because people do not pay for darkness, even if it’s discounted.

Do consider that light, that light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

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Obviously you should hurry…

‘Patience is queen in a world of hurry.’

Courtesy of your color friend some time ago, but reminds me of this today. If patience is queen, longsuffering is king. Many mistakes are made when things are done quickly. Need proof? Ha, how many years do you have to catalog the obvious finds?

‘Here is your large coffee sir.’ ‘Uh, nno, I wanted a small iced tea.’

‘Let’s recap your order ma’am, you want a medium red sweatshirt with USA on the front.’ ‘Uh, nnnno, I ordered a small yellow Tee-shirt with USSR on the back.’

‘Here you go sir, one single pane glass 24×36.” ‘Uh nnnnnno, I just said 5 minutes ago, standing right here……26×34,” which numbers you REPEATED before you made the cut.’

You get the point how these mistakes are multiplied when people do not listen carefully and attentively. Seems a small thing to some, and excuses are made because ‘we have a lot to do, and many people to wait on.’


Mistakes would be fewer if people would actually LISTEN with their two God given ears, instead of the time lost having to do-over, not even to mention the waste and cost. So then, does this not remind you of the greater mistakes that men make when assessing nature and creation?

What’s a few billion years taken from our dogmatic assertions by saying the universe is so and so old? Who cares if we change the dates, times, and conclusions? Who cares if what said was true yesterday is not true today. Does it really matter if we get your order wrong?

It matters, and I care, and so should any right minded person. The principles of ‘hurry up’ are a plague upon humanity, so we now have so-called scholars saying ‘there was no Exodus,’ ‘Moses never lived,’ ‘Daniel was a fable in the court of the king,’ and ‘Pontius Pilate never washed his hands.’ (thus are the sad results of hurried work)

To this and these, I say ‘begone Satan.’ That’s right, and I am being polite to infer such notions to the devil’s influence, because men choose to be blind. The time tested scriptures have held up, and will hold up to every lousy assault which seeks to find a weakness in the text. Newsflash: there are no weaknesses, there are no defects. God is stable as the stars, and He is capable of keeping His own word.

What, there has been a change in male and female created He them? No, but there has been a change in the perversion of the sexes while God remains blameless. His proof is obvious.

What, there has been a change in the mighty oaks producing bastard offspring such as sandalwood? No, but bless that scent, for the seed is in itself, and God made them after their kind, saying they were, and still are good. His proof is obvious.

Take yourself out of the picture and you will see God’s creation is very good. Try to consider God’s splendor apart from the acts of men. Consider His enjoyment of pure water being free of plastic and toxic waste lining the ocean floors, and still lakes, decorated with snow and pine trees, streams and rivers flowing perfectly with no need of erosion to make corrections. His proof is obvious.

For His pleasure they are, and were created. No impatient acts, no hurry up to get things wrong, and we should pay attention to the criminal hands who try to subvert or undermine the holy scriptures. Read Genesis 1 and 2 honestly, and without the whispers of the intertoobs or ‘smart people’ who say it is not true. I dare you to face the text openly and ask yourself: is this true?

Read it without the speed of the clerk who invariably gets your order wrong. Read it without the crippling aid of your friend with one good ear, and one blind eye. Read it before the bar of honesty for once in your life.

Now try to blame God for the deceit of men, the lies, the fraud, the murder, the rush to certain wrong conclusions, the lies about history, politics, religion, race, and every vice under the sun. Blame God to your own inability to see clearly, and you will once again prove you neither know the wickedness of the human heart, and that you are equally clueless as to the patience of Almighty God.

If patience is queen, surely God is longsuffering.


(to any who would cry: Science! Let me nip this in the bud and suggest you speak to your canary about science……………both of you will be frustrated, well, maybe not the bird. Be patient, in time he will understand. There is your answer)


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Wait a sec

When you walk into the home of a friend as an invited dinner guest, generally you are mindful of where you are and how to behave, or are you? You don’t bark out orders to get this or that, or do you? You don’t order food like you are in a restaurant; you don’t help yourself to the washing machine, you don’t decide on a new color scheme for the den, and you surely don’t move the aloe plant to another location, or have you?

Why then, if you so act respectful as a matter of common decency, do you equally insult the earth and its Homeowner by not behaving, barking out orders as if God is your Butler, while accepting all food from His hands, availing yourself of His colors above and below, and are just all around indecent as if your willful trespassing is not a crime?

Yes, a trespasser. Therefore a criminal. Trouble is, man compares himself with others, and gets a false vision of himself. Not too smart. Want to know what level is? Don’t take my word for it, get a level. The crooked ways of others will always make yourself appear more sober or straight.

Saw a vid the other day of Bill Nye and his egotistical claims that he knows more than God. Oh how I loathe such pretended intellect, yet I think of the patience of Almighty God who allows such creatures to spew such raw sewage and still walk like ants on a hill without God stepping on the mound.

His patience in light of such blatant pride is truly otherworldly. What men know can fit on the head of a pin compared to God’s infinite wisdom, (yes, this includes the mindless intertubes with its instant googles) yet mankind has managed to put God under his thumb. Hmmm, when will men learn.

But a guest! That’s what we are, stewards of Another’s property, yet men have tricked themselves into thinking that THEY are the great engineers, that THEY have all the copyrights to trees, mountains, clouds, birds, whales, and DNA itself.

Sorry folks, man is made in the image of God, an image which we have tainted purposefully, and have been duped to fall for the image on the coin. The next time you dine, consider the delicacies of the Creator, and how He actually waits on us………


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Cold and scattering

(Cold) Other than the obvious conclusion that a sober mind must make when considering creation, that God has the copyrights alone to His handiwork, that is, that the property of rocks, water, (including oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, clouds) minerals, leather, bone, blood, birds, fish, botany, male and female, and that further He has implanted this knowledge within every human being, so that they are without excuse, another infallible proof of His Being is  this:

Man is sooooo devolving in decency, reasoning skills, true science, (which God has also been kind enough to give us advance notice) but more importantly, that God said that the love of many will grow cold. Ha, that’s an understatement, for it HAS gone cold. Stone cold. Cold as ice. Dead cold. And not just the rotten love of a casual few, nope, the love of many, like an epidemic. Once more, God has also said as much. He knows the future after all. Of course.

(Scattering) Some are science clowns that resemble cartoons (with apologies to Bugs Bunny) the way they try to jump, juggle, twist, contort, and justify something in which guesswork reigns, while mocking with wretched humor anybody who dares disagree with them. ‘Gravity curves space and time……’ for instance, while the crowd goes crazy hanging on such lying lips. ‘The universe was once the size of a marble.’ Such is the untested, unproven, and pure poo poo of godless science.  Yeah, neil and friends, you really do know. Can’t stand this crap.

The love of many shall grow cold is not isolated to family rivalries. It’s bad enough that a  13 year old daughter pretty much gives her fingers in derision to her mother when asked/told to mate her socks instead of hands to help; it’s bad enough when young people would rather listen to the gospel of transgenderism (love and tolerance….) preached by idolized rock stars than hear the time tested wisdom of man and woman by their parents, nope, it’s a sad day when ‘love’ is promoted as something beautiful when it is ugly as hell.

Lying mouths are cold and ugly, I don’t care how much red gloss is applied to lush lips. The gospel of a hundred genders is devilish, I don’t care what Hollywood says. The lying gospel of Tyson, Nye, Dawkins and ilk, as pretty as they make it, are but the blackest of lies. Am I sure? Oh yeah, for they happily admit that God has no place in HIS own creation, yet they are beneficiaries of every emolument that heaven offers, while biting the hand that feeds them. Brrrr, baby that is cold.

Even Satan is not that bold to be so stupid. STUPID. For the devil even believes in God and trembles; he has enough sense not to challenge God on creatorial terms, in this he is at least to be admired. It’s the fine print however where the devil goes south, but I digress, or is it digrasse..

So love is devolving not Evolving, and who could argue otherwise? Has the internet made a daughter love her mother and father more, or has tech enabled her to think of her parents as stone age dunces? Do you believe in God? Then you are a dunce, it’s that simple. Mom and dad are so not worthy of my love.

Yet, evolution should take credit for producing such wormed morons, but in the world of reality, evo takes a back seat to decency, order, and true love, according to the scriptures, which by the way alone defines what love actually is.

It is not love which commands a man to blow up his neighbor with a bomb. It is not love which teaches Tyson to preach another gospel. It is not love which tells a teenager to end the lives of his classmates with a knife or gun.

It is not love which puts in the hands of people drugs which poison the mind. Then what is it if evolution boasts of such fine offspring? Evolution should forever have a mouth sewn shut with such embarrassment never to speak again, but no, this lying love of false knowledge will preach yet again, finding disciples with weak minds that seek such poor food.

It’s pretty bad when ‘natural affection’ takes a bad seat to ‘every man did that which was right in his own eyes.’ In this, evolution, strike that, evilution is charged with the highest of crimes for producing a society in which there is no right or wrong. I’ll say it, DeGrasse is dead wrong and loves lies; transgenderism is also a lie hiding behind ‘love.’  The devil does not like truth, but is clever enough to avoid it or spin his web of deceit.

‘The love of many will grow cold.’ Ouch. Such pointed knowledge thousands of years ago should capture an honest man’s attention, no rather, he should be arrested immediately by such a prediction. What’s the point in mentioning something that serves no purpose other than to state the truth? Who benefits? Whose pockets are lined?

But scripture does not care who listens; like the carpenter’s level it is immune to opinions which shift like the tide while itself being stable as the sun or Mt. Everest. Scripture stands and shuts the mouths of Tyson, all lying scientists, preachers with carnival acts, media, Hollywood, presidents, kings, shahs, imams, and anybody who dares to cite God as insufficient or charge His word as not being credible. I do feel sorry for such weak and shallow minds.

So what ultimately do loveless people and comedic lying scientists have in common? Easy. They have all purchased deceitful lies with a credit card that has no funds. Go ahead, shake a fist at God. Personally, I prefer to give thanks with the same fingers.

(If you have the stomach to see how a guy loves himself while bathing in the foam of his utter ignorance, look at this short vid.)

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The math of God

I am so glad God is absolute, that He can be relied upon, that His precisions are firm, steadfast, sure, resolute, and predictable. After all, He created the exact SCIENCE of arithmetic doncha know.

Time which is measured by seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, would all disappear quicker than you can say ‘in the blink of an eye,’ if it were not for the structural stability of the foundation of numbers, CREATED BY GOD.

That’s right. 7 days of the week courtesy of the Creator. The age of Methuselah, the ending of the days of Moses, the ripe age of your Aunt Josephine, guaranteed that arithmetic will always be alive and well and have no need to ‘evolve.’ Nope, God is not a game show host promoting guesses, prizes, and comedy.

969, 120, and 76 years respectively are all concrete proofs that God’s metrics are always spot on. Which reminds me. A fella asked to borrow a ladder from a friend after first being assured that it was in fact 28feet, able to reach a peak for a particular job. The homeowner was CERTAIN it was 28′ and told his friend to ‘come pick it up.’

Being cautiously optimistic, the would-be-borrower asked for confirmation of the size since it would be useless otherwise. After a day and a measurement the ladder owner said ‘Sorry, it is only 20.’ This is exactly how God is not, that His math is as precise today as it was in the beginning, and this also reveals how ‘sure’ men are in their ignorance.

Atheism and evolution are this ‘sure,’ and they are equally egregious in their ignorance. Atheism and evo have no answer for the unchangeable properties of math. 7 days of the week cannot be improved upon. It is the Creator’s design. He does not fool us. He does not expect us to accept 9 inches to the foot. He does not offer a 6 ft stepladder when only a 10 will do.

When we read of the 120 years of Noah, we can bank on the math. When we read of the 7 days of Joshua, we can bank on the math. When we read of the 10 steps of the sun dial, we can bank on the math as well as the movement of the sun. God is sober minded, and Einstein knew but a single grain of sand compared to the knowledge of God whose ways are past finding out.

But man errors when we compare ourselves to each other. Of course Mr. Albert appeared genius. Compared to whom? Compared to what? But to the Reservoir of knowledge, are we not but all idiots?

A child cannot count to three without invoking the eternal truth of the Creator. This is fact. And of course we cannot tolerate such rigid teaching because ‘we have evolved.’ Please, cut me a break with such stupidity.

And oh, there is this. The math of Lazarus, being dead four days….. And Jonah, being three days and nights in the belly of the whale. And the Lord, being three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Not 6. Not 2. But 3. According to the scriptures. Love the math. Love the truth of numbers which do not, which cannot lie.

Arithmetic! The science of God. Take that ye atheist and infidel.

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