The inconvenient store

If Atheism were a 24 hr food store, you may find this scenario upon walking through the doors of Big Al’s Atheist Food Closet.

A customer is looking for food and drink, you know, some staples of life, after driving 900 miles, water maybe, fruit, vegetables, perhaps a lamb chop or two, eggs, whole grain bread, you get the drift.

Problem is, there is nothing on the shelves. Walking around in circles, scratching his head, appearing lost as fog, the guy finally walks up to the checkout counter, sees a gal filing her nails, reading her ‘God delusion,’ chewing on a wad of gum, she looks up through her glasses as if to be so annoyed at the prospect of helping somebody and asks: ‘Like totally, uh, er, um, uh,  can I like uh, help you?’

‘I seem to be confused,’ says the shopper with an empty cart. ‘There is nothing, Nothing, absolutely NOTHING on the shelves. This is supposed to be a food store!’ Visibly agitated, he shouts at the volume of a bellowing elephant.

Looking at him now over the top of her cheaters and pounding away on that gum as if she was beating it with a club as she slams the book down, says: ‘Uh, dude, this is an atheist shopping food store. There is nothing on the shelves. We are so hip cuz we are like, uh, content-free. Love it man. Atheism has nothing. Atheism believes nothing. Nothing is everything man. The shelves are supposed to be empty, as this is a learning center for the mind. You really need to like, totally get it. Can’t you feel the music? Can’t you smell the notes? So pass the word. We are here to expand the horizons of humanity. Tell your friends about Big Al’s food store, where we provide real food.  But like uh, have a chilled day, like okay.’

Stunned, the customer walks away, and hears the gal sneeze. Instinctively he turns around and says ‘God bless you,’ to which end the sassbox mutters, ‘Sorry, He is not welcome here, so save it.’

In this harmless act of humanity, tradition aside, the girl showed what is all too common, and behaved more like an unreasoning animal who could not just say something like ‘thank you,’ instead of betraying her godless features, which are just about as ugly as one can get, but you already saw that above.

Postscript: Is this a stretch? Is this an accurate portrayal of the mind-boggling stupidity of atheism? Does not the false intellect and dripping snobbery of the clueless cashier smell from here to high heaven? Is it not completely true that atheism offers nothing of lasting value? A man may as well try to drink anti-freeze, and pretend it is lemonade than to expect there be mental nourishment from the cesspool of atheism.

Am I correct? Am I being truthful? Uh hello? Read any atheist blogs lately? Or comments on Christian sites? Listened to DeGrasse lately or Bill Maher? Enough said.

Atheism is the poison that fuels all godless religion, of the which atheism itself is the little god that can’t spell cat or tie his shoes. Atheism is the epitome  of inconvenient truth, and is the most egregious assault on humanity. By the way, it is stale bread in which even hungry ducks dismiss.


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The teacher above all

Was reminded of an old favorite scripture truth recently, brought to our attention by the astute, level-headed, sober, and brilliant mind of Paul the apostle, a mind by the way, that has no modern equal.

Is this my opinion? Nope. It is actual, factual, truthful, and may be challenged, but not so by brutally honest hearts. Key word there, honest.

Saul the legal scholar who sat under Reb Gamaliel, then the gracious Paul the apostle who was instructed by the direct teaching of the Lord most High said this: ‘Doth not nature itself teach you?’ Of course he was speaking primarily of the distinction between men and woman, but he carried the mail in so many places, telling of truths that all may find comfort in.

He told of the natural affinity between the sexes, and used as a springboard Mr. and Mrs. Adam, there being no ambiguity at all of humanity’s first parentage. He spoke of the seed that springs forth another ‘kind’ of life, an offspring of that which went before, confirming the ‘kinds’ of nature and Genesis.

He spoke of the differing stars and their place, and how they covet not the glory of another. He spoke of botany and plant grafts, he spoke of that age-old institution known as marriage, as that mysterious yet obvious union between essentially opposites. Yes indeed, Paul was all about nature as the grand instructor.

He plied his craft as a tentmaker to pay his way, and was no stranger to hard times on the high seas. A man’s man was he, rugged, strong, natural, spiritual. A man not afraid to take the low place of unpopular opinion, because he valued truth more; a man not afraid to pray for ruffians in public, no doubt as some scorned. He too gave them bread for their weary stomachs which calmed their minds. To this end, many of Paul’s enemies became his friends.

A man with a price on his head, but why? Because he spoke with absolute truth and his words had power. He knew how to act in public because he was trained in private. Paul was wise. He too was nature’s friend. He met with no-gooders, do-gooders, and gave them all the correct context for their deeds, once more, using nature, logic, and the eloquent words of scripture.

Paul knew of economics, deposits, and banking, but knew of a finer jewel known as the sacred trust. Paul was well aware of battles, fights, scars, threats, but used this knowledge to impart insight into what a good soldier really is. One who is aware of the real enemy and his tricks, and one who requires a special set of skills to recognize and defeat.

Can I refer you to the helmet, the sword, the breastplate, and the sandals? To battle in this warfare which is inevitable, one must know He by whom all things consist, and that He alone is the reason for all opposition and warfare, and that to He alone all men must answer; to be called a ‘worker together’ during this warfare is truly humbling.

And oh there is always Paul’s instruction on death, citing it’s beginning and certain end, as he explains here we are today living between the corners of life as it were. By virtue of being born, we all earned our righteous wages. Righteous as in not righteous, but well deserved. I have been through this countless times that children are adept in trickery of their minds and hearts, lying and pretending to deceive: without ever having a lesson by Dr. Spock, while at the same time displaying a guilelessness that many an adult should envy. Such is the dual nature of man.

Paul was well aware of the many natures that humans employ; some choose to act like beasts and he said as much, but he also says it does not have to be, that men can aspire to a better nature, one with the Creator in the picture. He speaks too of going further, as in the Redeemer, but far too many have fingers in ears already.

Paul spoke of this and presented it perfectly, with of course, a more excellent way. As Paul wrote, travelled, and explained the doctrines of faith, he was met with miscreants from all sides, yet gave them faith, hope, and charity, the likes of which they have never seen. He was like fresh water to so many, while the many brought him grief as well as poison.

When he met with the proud intellectuals of his day, only a keen eye could see how easily they ate their own words, as some using their God-given brain, deferred to the apostle of the Gentiles, but with a heart for Israel. Paul knew all about nature’s dry bones, and those bones which caused tears.

And if this were not enough, one could always be awed and stricken by this: It was not Sagan, it was not Hercules, it was not Darwin, it was not an orchestrated accident without a conductor, it was not every atheistic blogger who ever lived, it was not DeGrasse, it was nobody and nothing but GOD Himself:

who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,

That’s right, according to our illustrious and thoughtful apostle as he refereed to that monarch of chapters which has no equal, Genesis, which proves the beginnings of all that is. But there is more, for by this same power and truth, God also:

hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Love these twin truths. God is glorified. Genesis is confirmed. Believers carry this same light, and this is precisely WHY the infidels cannot tolerate the true nature of science, for God is involved. Light from darkness, light that has no purpose apart from intelligence. It is no wonder fools write books upon books of useless and endless theories to create merry-go-round smokescreens against the God of nature and redemption.

So who is this teacher above all? Solomon? Paul? Apollos who was also mighty in the scriptures? Nope, all fine choices, but not a who, but what. The winner and only choice? Nature, just as it was asserted above.

Doth not nature itself teach you? Indeed.

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The facts of life

Just when you think you have heard and seen it all, have a look-see at this wonderful example of godlessness, with an added heap of praise by infidels local and universal, and I kid you not, this is word for word by a proud atheist when speaking of flowers:

‘Sciences amazing creation.’

Am I exaggerating when I say this is numbskullery at its finest? ‘Sciences amazing creation’ is like saying polar bears are nephews of Jean Claude Killy the world-class skier; its similar to believing that a mindless pile of wood was responsible for constructing a temple that would make the world-class carpenter Sam Maloof jealous, and saying ‘sciences amazing creation’ is akin to saying that 100m Olympic hurdles were ‘created’ for box turtles which can neither run nor jump.

Science cannot ‘create’ as much as a gnat, a pimple, or poison ivy. Science has no consciousness to ‘create.’ In this insane observation by an infidel spoken to the passengers on the ship of fools, the hand has been laid bare: the infidels, the pagans, the atheists worship science, but good people have known this for thousands and thousands of years.

Am I sure? Of course, for ‘they worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator.’ And this creature has more than three grandchildren:  ego,  false science, and that wonderful punk called atheism.  Science is only the process where creation is understood. Yet is the revelation of atheism and its ‘sciences amazing creation’ not entirely bass akwards?

But who are the atheistic apostles of such stupidity but Sagan, Nye, Hawkins, Dawkins, Harris, and any other person who sits down at this dining table wherein only last month’s food with zero calories is on the menu. Even the ravaging jackals have fled for fresh meat as they know there is no life in 40 day old road kill, and atheism is nothing but the death knell for intellect as it pretends life.

‘Sciences amazing creation!’ Perish the thought. See those numbers sitting on the table, one through ten?’ Is this exact science of arithmetic father to creation? Or did the Creator in fact enact a perfect system and process where things may be counted, then known?

In fact, yes.

See the letters displayed on your Scrabble board? Is this exact science of the alphabet a-z, and alpha to omega father to creation? Or did the Creator in fact enact a perfect system and process whereby things may be read and known?

In fact, yes.

I’m seeing a pattern but many will refuse to admit seeing the identical, testable, and provable pattern, being happy in the delusion of that idiotic process called godlessness, aka, false science.

The regulars who pace about this blog with tongues hanging looking for any opportunity to pounce against the only God of life, and decent people of faith, as revealed in the only true account of history’s beginning, will never in a thousand years admit the untenable position of ‘creation thanks be to science,’ and will argue against common sense, reason, logic, and spiritual insight, rather clinging to the pea-brained sized intellect of a world apart from God.

They worship arithmetic, they worship the alphabet, and they worship every kind of machinery that puts man on the pedestal, while at the same time, making God as their floormat for their filthy feet, thanks be to a dark heart.  And yes dear friend, they DO worship.

In fact, not too smart.

They btcih because the scriptures are not Popular Mechanics; they complain that the recipe for rubber tires is not found in the book of Esther, therefore Esther is not scientifically accurate.  Science! they say is life, and Genesis does not show how to grow tomatoes, therefore Genesis is suspect and useless. Science! they say is the modern god.

Well guess what Sherlock? Vogue magazine is not a treatise on the Maybelline applications worn by Jezebel, neither is Sports Illustrated the place to look for proof that David slew the big dummy.

God gave us brains, but like Goliath of Gath, some people are just too plain ignorant to know that scripture contains ALL that God wants us to know regarding life and Godliness, and that any brain should know the difference between Genesis and Revolution. Apparently, many did not get the memo that you don’t learn how to hang and finish drywall in the books of Kings.

But further. The baker did not make the cake for the wedding. That little one horned troll called ‘science’ made the batter, iced the cake, and presto, out pops the cake. The carpenter did not make the table, science did.  Monet did not paint his flowers, science did! See how easy? Science is the creator, which as I have been saying for decades, is the greatest act of perversity the human mind could concoct, and is guilty of intellectual malfeasance only found in humans.

Science creates nothing. The piano made by smiths could not give a whit whether songs are played to the devil or God, so the ‘science’ of craftsmanship is always subservient to the hands of intelligence. It’s no wonder that God and His word are light years ahead of man’s utter arrogance and pretended intellect when the brilliant and clear minded apostle wrote: keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

Love that head’s up for the whispering snickers being profane and babbles and to pay attention for the liars who would say Moses never lived, or Genesis is not modern enough. Ha!!

It’s like He wrote it this morning, and all the proud strutting peacock brained bloggers should wake up and pay attention and consider: just maybe, God does have the drop on humanity.

In fact, yes He does.

(and as a bonus thought, no, science did not create the magnificent lily of the valley with an exquisite scent second to none.)

Also see this:

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Erase this!

No man (or woman) has an eraser large enough to rid the conscience of the knowledge of God. This knowledge seethes deeply and is imprinted long before the newborn’s cord is cut.

At every turn in every age, God is there. Sagan tried to erase God with his pseudo intellect cloaked behind his bihyuns and bihjuns of years. Beep, no, sorry, big fail. He has been replaced with the latest big mouths but small brained Tyson, Nye, Dawkins, and their ever receding ignorance of the eternal.

It is the conscience of man who has the blueprint of God which will stop to give aid to a stranger; it is the goodness of man which is demonstrated by an Israeli surgeon who tries to repair the neck wound of somebody who tried to kill his wife, while the ravaging hyenas snicker and run for cover, looking out only for themselves. Brute beasts I tell you, so unlike man who is created in the image of God.

The human conscience may argue until the face is bloody, but knows intuitively that I am completely correct and truthful, and no apology forthcoming for being so dogmatic.

Which brings me to this.

In one short sentence, a representative from the field and fold of ‘atheists R us’ has laid bare the wonderful non doctrine that is held so dear by the customers of atheism, which by the way, reveals the deep-seated thoughts of the heart, and by so doing, yet again proves God’s word perfectly accurate. And I mean perfectly.

In speaking of the world view that they say they do not have, (lol) one of the proud loud mouths says of that non view: ‘It’s personal, private, it’s what we do, without prompting.’

Ouch, yikes, and good gravy oh my! Let’s take a closer look at this shall we. A jackal doesn’t need prompted before he enjoys his freshly ravaged gazelle. A shark doesn’t need prompted before he swallows the smaller and weaker. A coyote doesn’t need prompted before he destroys two young fawns of the whitetail mother.

So then, in what way is the atheist different from these selfish animals, who have no regard for the mothers of their now dead offspring? And if the atheist appeals to a ‘higher nature,’ this is based on what? What higher nature, since survival of the fittest laughs at such a suggestion?

So there is a dilemma that chokes the non world view of the infidel. Either admit you are of no more worth than a moral free hyena, or yes, you do need prompted to stop your car in the middle of the night, and help a stranger of a different color to change his flat tire. A jackal doncha know will think of ways to have the stranded one as lunch; helping him with a spare is not in his worldview.

Without prompting. Takes a heart full of humanity to consider the prompts of the less fortunate, distressed, or even lazy.  I’m thankful of my prompts. They separate me from the wildebeest, the cobra, and killer ants who so eloquently walk on basketballs. I however, am no beast, have no venom, and cannot walk on ceilings, but I can and have offered aid to the needy.

Maybe the infidel should re-think his/her position on what it means to be prompted, unless of course, they are happy sitting in a den of thieves with liars and killers, where they need no prompting to act according to their nature, which is like animals. Now then, what PROMPTING have you relied upon to NOT steal, lie, destroy or kill?

What prompting ultimately separates you from those hungry lions who will devour the impala and then sleep like a baby having done nothing wrong? Why don’t you kill your neighbor’s cow, or rape his cornfield, or steal his chickens? After all, you need no prompting….or do you?

Consider whether you are an unreasoning animal, a brute beast, or just another sheep in the field trying to make it alive through another day. Enter the conscience, and try to erase the righteous points made that you just read. If you are that powerful, maybe you do have skin like a buffalo, teeth like a jackal, and hooves for feet. But maybe just maybe, you need prompting to know you are not a wild beast.

Thank God for the ability to reason like a human being. Yeah, now there’s a good idea, thank God instead of cursing Him at every turn.


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Donkeys don’t ‘talk,’ they bray, but I do recall one donkey saying a few words to a man because he was stubborn as a mule. Heck, have you ever heard the asinine things some people say that would embarrass a talking parrot?

Yesirree, there be many folks who sound like honking geese when they talk, others like snorting horses when they laugh, and others gather round the campfire as they ravage believers like they were lamb on the spit, while they feast with ferocious fixens and frenzied evil laughter like hyenas; so what’s the big deal challenging the true account of Bal-aam?

I wasn’t there, neither were you. I heard it snowed 4 thousand years ago yet have no first hand knowledge, nor evidence that the clouds actually did send forth trillions of tons of snow. Yet, I have the reliability of history such as found in scripture, that yes it did snow, and yes, a donkey talked. So what. The scriptures have always spoken the truth.

There are other things more incredible to believe, like a person thinking ‘there is no God.’ Now THAT is fantastic, and makes an ass appear as a genius. Unbelievable I tell ya, how a person can wake up after being dead to the world….and proceed with another day, using minutes not his, time not his, a body not really his but borrowed, and go on and about complaining that the Creator of life has left him homeless in the mind, and helpless to see as it were, that the rain from heaven is a misted gift, and that if men choose to be blind, God sends more rain, and more, until men get the torrential message that God is the bestower of all gifts.

Tis sad that men receive daily packages known as the gift of life, and never thank the Giver.  Also a sign of the times: ‘neither were they thankful, but were VAIN in their imaginations.’ Ah yes, reminds me of Solomon when speaking of the vanity of the ill-informed.

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See you tomorrow?

There is a whole lot of faith which dwells in the Neverland of Tomorrow. The television weather people know this, as they guarantee another 5 days…doesn’t matter if they change the forecast the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th day, the 5 days are always elusive, and we live like the tomorrows will never run out. That said:

It is a million times more easier to believe that the scriptures are true, than it is for a man to believe he will live to see tomorrow. 

In the meantime, all men live by faith, but truly the just shall LIVE by faith. It is one thing to breathe and have life, it is quite another to dwell in safety, having life abundant.

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Thought for the day

In speaking to online believers and having faith confirmed and refreshed, one must be ready for the intruders so to speak; they who would incite riot, they who would steal, they who would lie, and they who would kill the faith of good people, IF they could, but they can’t, and while cloaking their deception under the cover of dark nights while pretending to ASK questions of God and scripture and feigning honesty, there is this:

While believing none of it, they want answers from all of it.

Tell me that is not a mindset worthy of the ‘couch.’ As I said, feigning honesty, dealing the cards of deception, and provoking endless strife through useless and stale commentary. You know who you are. And good people are 30 years ahead of you in understanding your reindeer games, for you see, there is no new thing under the sun.

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Some things never change

Comment favs

(Some of these are 5 years old. They could have been written this morning. The insults may be from different people, but they are all from the same pit. Some are downright hilarious.

On scripture

All stories told by superstitious, scientifically-ignorant Bronze and Iron Age men.
Fortunately, this biblical garbage is not taught in schools and only a minority of people believe it. I can’t see any reason why teaching this tripe should not be outlawed as well.

I make no apologies for refusing to debate the merits of scripture. But you however, press an issue which is mind boggling, for you believe none of it, and want answers from all of it, as you ‘try to prove’ the defects in God and his word, while you deny the defects of your own heart. – CS

On the so-called religion of peace

By the way, Stephen was killed by men following God’s sacred and absolutely true command.

Where IN THE NEW TESTAMENT do you see a Christian stoning someone to death or cutting their heads off? Where do you see the command by Christ or Paul to kill someone in the name of the Lord? -CS

By the way, if all-ah was the true God, his followers would be more like Christ than Satan. -CS

Is-lam is a monstrous and ugly counterfeit. And atheism is a monstrous and ugly denial of a Creator. -CS

On Creation and a Creator

‘I hope you have no contact with children.’

Some have deemed Albert Einstein worthy of intellect apart from the Divine, while citing Paul as a mental midget. Ha, to this I say: The God of Paul the apostle is the Creator of Einstein’s brain, while the writings of Paul are proof of the Divine. -CS

Without God in the mix, we are but shallow thinkers, left alone to swim in the sea of stupidity, ignoring the waves of reason which crash before us. -CS

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. -Genesis

‘I accept none of your arguments about your god’s creation or what life is due to your god unless and until your god has the courtesy to show me what I need to satisfy my curiosity.’

And God created great whales. They are great in every regard; of course they are, the greatest of playgrounds needed the greatest of guests. -CS

‘How is it that your flawed reasoning never improves?’

On the virgin birth of the son of God

‘You are the personification of a hypocrite, ignoramus, a plonker, and a stunted intellect.’

On the apostle Paul being a tremendous man of God:

‘Paul was not a saint (regardless of what the Catholic Church says). He was just a man who believed he had been given a special mission by god (similar to Jim Jones, David Koresh, and many others across the span of time.’

‘I advise years of extensive therapy.’

‘You mean basing an entire career on falling down in the middle of the road, flopping around like a carp, and experiencing a hallucination that a dead man spoke to him? I’m not seeing how that would make anything else he had to say particularly credible.’
‘So easy to analyze anyone from a distance, especially when that distance is 2000 years! Your last line sums it up beautifully,

“If Paul had a mental disorder I want what he had,”  -CS

Paul had an amazing grasp of language and understood the culture of his day. He had to have been incredibly intelligent and God gifted him with many powerful gifts.
If I “covet” anything of Paul’s it is his unswerving and total dedication to His Lord and proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, every word conveys his passion.
Really interesting post – Thanks!!!  (anon)

On atheism:
I no more need an excuse for my atheism as you do not to believe in Martians.

‘Insanity is believing all things came to exist by chance and apart from Intelligence. Atheism is the religion and proof of that insanity.’ -CS

‘I believe that the Bible is from the Creator, who is our Redeemer, and that He inspired those who wrote it, and He preserved their words in history. It is completely trustworthy, infinitely more trustworthy than the words and writings of the scholars who tear it down, and whose so-called scholarship changes all the time.’ (anon)

‘I once got really aggravated with atheists and threw a bit of a fit. There was one in particular that just irritated me. In the process of praying and venting my frustration, God left me sputtering by informing me that the guy actually leads more people to Christ than many Christians do. Oh ouch, and so true!’

Four comments of exceptional mental prowess- ‘no God!’

‘He hasn’t give the proof already. He hasn’t given any proof that I can see and the fact that you are convinced already says nothing about your god.’
‘You offer nothing of honest value to those who try to crack open your mind enough for you to see the travesty you have made of your natural curiosity in the name of your faith-based beliefs. You are welcome to remain proudly and arrogantly encapsulated in the ignorant cocoon of your own delusion.’

‘Maybe one day you too will become truly enlightened and see what you believe for what it really is: the worst form of moral corruption.’

‘The moon doesn’t need a “reason” to exist. It just does. It’s an emergent product of the way the universe works.’

On the flood of Noah
‘I just proved that it was physically and scientifically impossible, but you’ve probably deleted my proof by now.’
I don’t mock the Bible. I don’t despise it. But I do recognize myth when I see it and I recognize the paucity of literalism when applied to it. (In contrast to your assertions, I have learned much wisdom from myth.) This is what you’re doing with the Flood; you are confusing the symbolic with the historical and believing yourself correct because you believe it.

You are calling into veracity the testimony of the son of God. He used that truth (of the flood), that event in the history of man as a springboard to teach the exact certainty of later things. Will you challenge the Lord’s integrity? Was He part of a grand theft of delusion which he was happy to promote? -CS

There is no god.”
~~ Stephen Hawking ~~  (Edit: ouch)

“God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance, that gets smaller and smaller as time goes on.”  Neil Degrasse Tyson , astrophysicist.

Hopefully, one day, arseholes like Ken Ham and his ilk will be seen for what they are: deranged, and will be prosecuted and prevented by law from teaching this nonsense to children. And why not? The Klu Klux clan are illegal, as is apartheid.
I can’t see any reason why teaching this tripe should not be outlawed as well.

‘Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?’ asks the Creator to arrogant man.

‘For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water, and in the water; whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished.’ (Peter the apostle)

So you can see, the song remain the same. Liars will lie, mockers will mock, and the good word of God will continue to sustain believers as well as testify to God, nature, and truth.



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Suffer the little children

Child of four years: ‘Daddy, is there a God?’

Daddy: ‘Well, I’d rather not influence you at such a young age.’

Child: ‘Daddy, who made the stars and sun and moon?’

Dad: ‘Well, science sez they are a mere act of cosmic serendipity.’

Child: ‘So my swing-set that you put together is also an act of cosmic serendipity?’

Dad: ‘That’s an answer that you will come to understand when you get older after you go to school and read books and become educated.’

Child: ‘Why are there seven days in the week?’

Dad: ‘The Boxites, the Samurites, the Pythagorites, the Crustacites, the Himalites, all borrowed from their ancestors and learned how to tell the years.’

Child: ‘My friend Larry said that God created the days of the week so that humans could calculate time, plant crops, track years, and plan for the future.’

Dad: ‘Your friend Larry is wrong.’

Child: ‘Larry also said that God made bears, fish, and birds.’

Dad: ‘Your friend Larry needs to go to college.’

Child: ‘So there is no God?’

Dad: ‘No.’

Child: ‘Hmm, so I don’t have to wait before I’m educated to learn there is no God. Thank you daddy, you are so smart. I’ll tell Larry he needs to study more.’

So, I’d rather not influence you at such a young age eh? Ha! Atheism is content-free eh? How in God’s good name, could anybody on God’s good earth, defend such blatant stupidity as to say the ‘content’ spoken by parent to child is free of mental numbskullery and intentional influence?

Well might a mother duck tell her duckling to wait a dozen years until she learns to waddle properly, ere she walks pigeon-toed, before a Dad tells his daughter to ‘wait’ before she can learn, ‘there be no God.’ Right………the atheist dad has no influence, yeah rather, he does not want to influence her, because if she was to believe there be a God, if she was to believe that all men must answer to the Giver of life, then he would be a failure, and she would be an intellectual disappointment of the highest kind to him.

So here’s some advice. When a young child asks you: ‘Daddy, is there a God?’ better for you to lie to yourself and say ‘I don’t know,’ rather than to lie to her and say ‘No.’  Children are much more astute, and do not have to wait until they are edumacated, after they learn to thpell kat…before they can put together the logic of two plus two, and see that the things that dad says, do not add up.

Be careful what you say to the little ones. And don’t underestimate the influence of the untainted Larry’s of the world. Out of the mouth of babes…

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Question of the day

Was talking to someone about this that, and the other, and the subject matter steered past humor, and invariably into more serious things about life, death, and finally, purpose.

Purpose. The purpose of humanity. Is there one? Should there be one? Who decides? Is your purpose more valid or valuable than let’s say a maggot, a butterfly, a weasel, a sparrow, or a tiger?

This tiger mauls a gazelle and has lunch, and nobody says a word. A woman aborts her baby and nobody says a word. Death and life so to speak. Does the purpose of the tiger and the purpose of the woman match up? Is the woman here any lesser than the ravaging animal?

Without purpose, it’s anything goes, that is, if you are honest.  But aah I say, purpose demands intelligence and foresight. Purpose speaks to the ‘higher’ nature of man, so unlike our tiger friend, who would rather not share his fresh kill with his neighbor, while we hopefully as humans would share our last meal with man and beast.

This separates us from beast, and the godless should pay attention as to WHY.

(And as a bonus thought, didja notice the little tyke who looks like his parent? Hmm, sounds like Genesis, as our godless evolution friends have no answer as to why mama tiger did not give birth to a dozen gophers)

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So you want evidence eh?

A common theme amongst discussions with people who do not give God the courtesy of existing, is the demanding for ‘evidence’ before they admit: ‘there is a God,’ (which theme by the way has been a broken record since time began, and long before men realized that the alphabet in which they communicate, and the numbering system whereby they count, all point to the only living God who so graciously gave men these abilities which He purposely withheld from jackals.

So then, WHAT pray tell, WHAT evidence will be suitable for you, since you by a corrupt fiat have designated already that all the evidence ALREADY presented is completely unacceptable?

And no, please do not ask me for evidence, since I have already presented life, death, the scriptures, logic, blood, water (an abundance of that which should really flood the senses), bone, marrow, the brain, the conscience, love, hate,  war, technology, science, prophecy given, prophecy fulfilled, the level, the compass, the plumbline, I better quit, as I could do this all day…..

Again, WHAT evidence do YOU require to admit that the Creator, and He alone is responsible for the beginning of life?

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Can I shamelessly borrow from myself, and produce a thought for the day worthy of its own special place in blogsville; yeah I guess so.

Theology is the study of God. Note carefully, as words mean things. Theology is not the study of the POSSIBILITY of God. Worth repeating: Theology is the study of God.

God is a given. All men know this. The conscience is wired with the knowledge of God. The details now, that’s another story, but we have a lifetime to get it right. Some do get it right, others? eh, history is wrought with enemies of all righteousness, from they who would supplant God from His own creation, be they infidel, fool, mocker, atheist, religious fraud, deceiver, liar, take your pick, but God loses nothing.

His sunlight is not diminished by the darkness of men. And His moonlight tells the truth in the midst of darkness.

So the next time you hear people talking about ‘theologians,’ be wary of they who do not even give God the courtesy of existing, these imposters, these fake ‘scholars,’ these lying bible archaeologists who say there was no exodus, no Jericho, these false professors with a dozen letters after their name, who traffic in things well above their limited heads, and who are really midget’s, with apologies to three footers, but not only is God not impossible to see, He is clearly visible and not far from us.


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Nutty professors

Hear ye hear ye all teachers, thinkers, humans with common sense, and any ape who may be reading Jungle Jim at the moment. Look at the following comment below. Really look at it. Think about the ramifications of such unintelligence cloaked as fact or knowledge. Be honest with yourself, and how you align, or do not align yourself with any supposed theory, which by the way, leaves out the Creator.  I have nothing but absolute scorn for such witchcraft, with a side order of pity.

Weigh carefully and slowly the assumed and pretended ‘facts,’ and ask yourself WHY or IF you believe something that has absolutely NO basis in reality, appeals not to your affections, nor meets the standard of repeatable testing and conclusive results.

I could not let this false science go unchecked, especially when the source garnered so much road kill and the disdain of passersby. Don’t do me the  favor, do yourself a favor, and judge fairly and squarely the information and be brutally honest with yourself. Please do not take for granted that University level material is necessarily ex cathedra. Just think Bill Nye the science clown, or DeGrasse Tyson the lousy comedian, who collectively are more lost than London fog in explaining WHY ships disappear over the horizon.

Is this boring? You decide, but it sure makes for interesting conversation, especially when we are spoon fed crap that has zero nourishment. Atheism and its godless scientists prove no calories. Sorry, tis a fact. Enjoy.

‘In the second case, the shape of the planet is dependent on the process of its formation. The formation of a planet is a slow process which involves constant collisions with meteors over millions of years. Due to the large timescale of formation, the net number of collisions over its lifespan in any particular direction will be equal to that of any other direction as a consequence of law (2). Therefore on account of symmetry, the shape after years of collisions……………………………’ (no more crap needed)

The process of its formation? And you know this process ye pretended learned one? You were there to document the formation? You peer reviewed this with who, eye-witness monkeys millions of years ago who were once whales who were once penguins who were once foxes who were once wise owls who had part time jobs as scribes?

The formation of a planet is a slow process? And you know this formation apart from your guesswork and assumptions? Assumptions are a dime a dozen, and are the marching orders from stupidity. Like watching a tea kettle slow, or watching a turtle walk coast to coast slow?

The process involves constant collisions with meteors over millions of years? Do you see why I can’t stand atheistic science? Do you see why I loathe the pretension of pseudo professors who do not know the difference between Genesis and Revolution?  Do you see why I cannot in good faith, or in the interest of common sense, cast my lot while seeing such a lack of mental honesty as it masquerades in deceit?

Pure words meant to incite frenzy by unprincipled minds which detest the Creator, and we are supposed to say ‘amen’ to such dazzling bs? We are supposed to bow down to such advanced theory which specializes in guesswork? Sorry, not eating that poisoned bait.

‘Due to the large timescale of formation, the net number of collisions over its lifespan in any particular direction will be equal to that of any other direction as a consequence of law.‘  The net number? And what IS the net number? Estimates will not do. Was it one, two, four, a hundred, a thousand, a million, a billion….?  Are you not beginning to see the untenable position of godless science which has infected the believer’s foundation?

Guess what? It has not infected mine, nor will it ever, as the foundation of God’s word is sure and steadfast. God created science, while imposters specialize in false science so-called. True science always aligns with known truth. Always. Every time and in every place.

The broken canopy above, also known as clouds, are a daily hovering indictment against the science of atheism, which excommunicates God from His own creation, and sees the clouds above as mere acts of serendipity, having no law of order, and no use for absolute truth.  Don’t fall for junk science.  But I’m beginning to think that apes must be extremely disappointed in the carnage caused by their successors….

Dat be some bad apery. I jest of course.


(From this sideshow of a comment which was nothing but an intentional detour and distraction)



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