A filthy word

I am starting to despise the word ‘science.’ Actually, I have loathed it for years, ever since the high priests such as Degrasse and Nye, Harris, etc, all have hijacked it, the same way the word ‘rainbow’ has been profaned by far too many by promoting their decadence.

Science! they say, is an end all be all for all the questions of life. I say bull$&^#. What THEY say is settled has more holes than swiss cheese, and what was true 10 years ago is proven false today, and what is ‘true’ today will be false tomorrow, for SCIENCE! must change, and adapt with more SCIENCE!

Surely you have heard of Fauci, that disciple of doom, that apostle of fraud, that worm of a man who has stolen two years of your life, has made himself Dr. Science! After all, he said so. Science! says the universe is 13.6 billion years old. Not 13.5 or 14.625, for heck, what’s a few billion years??

I side with the Creator when He says to beware of oppositions of science falsely so called. Yeah, I’m going with that. If Science! in the hands of fools can find a dent in Genesis, than surely the whole house crumbles. No wonder the lying clowns of academia spend their lives poking holes in the monarch of books, as the truth of God and His creation silences the mouths of the arrogant.

There are no defects in He nor His account of His own engineered blueprint for the heavens and the earth. God alone has the registered trademark for Science correctly called, and not so called. As far as I know, hospital records have long proved that He who made the genders, laughs at the innuendoes that ‘men’ will grace the L and D wings and soon give birth by growing placentas! Science!

But I am being overly critical? Ha. Or, is it that I simply represent the voice of sanity in a maelstrom of media driven intellectual incompetence, that had its origin first by that rascal who murdered his brother, and has been refined through the ages by people who have no use for their Maker, while using every single emolument which makes them higher than fleas or cats, jackals or frogs, yet complaining that God is responsible for all mischief. Not too smart.

Not too risky on my part here, but I predict years from now, maybe even soon as tomorrow, that ‘scientists’ will admit their calculations have been incorrect regarding distance and depth, light and dark, time and space, but that this will make them appear credible, for ‘admitting’ their fallacy, but are simply levelled by the ultimate paradox: they are ever learning……………….but are unable to come to the truth. Of course. For Science! has always been the lying little god worshipped by the unfortunate.

And yes, the correct word is worship. Man is wired to worship. Every culture of every time finds a way to express, not superstition, (for evolution would have drowned this out) but what comes natural, that is, to create, to agree with their Maker who made man in HIS image. Shall I document the countless scores of buildings and music that stand to this day, that prove not Science! but the very DNA of God’s doing?

How hard can it be to know that women birth girls and not giraffes? AFTER THEIR KIND is a truth so divine and demure that it is condemning, so condemning, that evolution should forever hide its head in shame. Male and female is not boy and girl. Get it ye atheist or naysayer, even ye wishy washy believer? Science! is that bastard child in the family given way too much attention.

But as it is rightly used, science is a beautiful word, very clean.

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Two views. Which is yours?

Man is no different than a pile of trash. In the end, useless, wasted away. Death is ultimately trash. No further purpose. Or.

That which is put in the ground like a bulb or potato, brings forth another life. One view is atheistic evolution, with man being no more relevant than a maggot. The other is a life of purpose with intention, useful as the crown of creation.

Can you defend your view with sanity?

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Why Paul? Why not you?

A topic/question deserving more attention than a passing comment elsewhere: Why did the apostle Paul receive an invitation so unusual to see the risen Lord?

A common complaint shared by they who say ‘there is no God,’ or that the testimony of scripture is not credible, suggests God is somehow unfair in revealing Himself to one and not another. Any merit here with this gripe? The short answer is no, because He in fact reveals Himself to ALL generally, (through creation obviously) but specifically to others for distinct purposes, most of which, you and I would want no part of. (see link below and read some rather dark matter)

A brilliant intellectual, the most fastidious of Torah students. Renowned sitting under the great Reb Gamaliel. A Pharisee. A member of the tribe of Benjamin. Stood by in agreement at the stoning of Stephen. Yet in all this, he would be blinded (would you want that???) and sat for three days contemplating the law in its punishing weight, contrasted against the grace of God. So yeah, quite different than you.

Ever heard of Job? He was called too. Read his life and times, then tell me you missed out on not being harassed by family and friends, a time of intense misery and sickness, and to boot, having the devil chase you down. Or Daniel among lions? Samson with eyes gouged? How many examples do we need that prove we benefit from the trials of others without going through them ourselves? So we see Paul, once Saul from Tarsus, head and shoulders above all others.

He had no clue how low he would go after a personal visit, but let’s admit, he could have said ‘get lost, not interested.’

So chosen yes, for a mission, a purpose no one else would sign up for. Be honest. Would you? Read his own accounting of sleepless nights, without food, shipwreck, beatings, death threats, defending Genesis, Moses, the prophets, all with a view of promoting the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Adam, and taking the word of God, writing it through his structured personality, without compromise, and in excruciating detail, unfolding the grace of God, which by the way, no mere mortal in his own strength, could possibly deliver, Indeed, he was given a commission others could never execute.

There would be no New Testament without Paul. There would be no understanding of HOW a man such as Saul, could do an about face and now as Paul, not only explain how, but WHY. According to the scriptures. His explanation of a seed planted in the ground is just marvelous in its demurity in proving there is another life yet to be. His mention of the heavens, where birds fly, and how men are the true giants of the earth, speaking of terrestrial and celestial, are sober thoughts for they who appreciate clear and deep thinking.

Paul, when he became an inductee into the grace of God, would live a life envious of none. I would be slow to moan that I wasn’t called this way. Also, in a court of law, no slick attorney could hold a candle against the analytical mind of Paul. From his articulation of creation, the law, redemption, adoption, love, grace, truth telling, nature, and of course common sense, he would clean every dirty clock where even the most ardent of judges must admit ‘here is a man above men,’ so yeah, Paul was chosen because God knew what he would do with the calling. Not very many alive who show fidelity to a cause not their own.

As a sidenote, with Saul/Paul, there was never a drop of ambiguity or caution regarding the very existence of God. And he knew God’s word was good. The exodus was fact. Pharaoh lived. Adam was actual. Abraham had a son, but there was a greater truth behind the sparing of Isaac. Paul said as much in the one of the world’s greatest documents, the book of Romans. Why Paul personally? Romans is reason enough.

The temporary setting aside of Israel and the filling of the Body, indeed, many more things were said as promised through the Lord’s own lips to the others, and Paul unfolded those MANY things. So we can easily see the timely words of ‘Rise and stand upon thy feet, for I have appeared unto thee for this purpose……………’ Read yourself Acts 26- Unfair then? Hmmm.

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C-19 thought for the day

1/3 of health care workers refusing vax. Why? Are these medical professionals who have spent countless years of immuno/cardio/respiratory/ and every other medical studies, having daily real world experience with patient care, are these people stupid???

Or perhaps, are they seeing through the fraudulent political BS, and lying science of money hungry thieves, and do they know of a fact that human beings were never meant to bear face diapers, or to inhale their own bodily poison? Gee, now there’s a thought.

Maybe the medical people refuse the crap sandwich fed by Fauci because they know more than him, and they have no agenda other than being honest? Why are ER’s filled to capacity with people vaxxed, when they were told to simply ‘flatten the curve’ by being vaxxed? So who is really pulling the strings of total control of humanity??? How’s that evolution working out for ya……………

If you cannot see through the sham……..oh nevermind.

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More infallible facts from scripture

Note that word. Infallible. Incapable of being wrong. I’m laughing today after reading yet one more ‘opinion’ that the world is headed toward a ‘cashless society.’ Duh. Yeah, these self proclaimed experts are riding the bitcoin wave and cryto crash carnival which they say, is inevitable when all the world’s currencies are depleted into obscurity.

Why need a yen, a franc, a euro, a lira, a kuna, or a dollar, when you can easily get by with a ghost-like account? Yep, paper money or metal will go by way of the rotary phone, and people will s-l-o-w-l-y get on board, the same way they first rebelled against mandatory face diapers…………… Conditioning is a bitch when you don’t understand the fine print. ‘It’s for YOUR safety…….’ Yeah, ok.

So why am I laughing? Tkx for asking. Long before there was a typewriter, locomotives, a gas engine, a computer, there were people making silk, building pyramids, sailing the seas, people whose lives were no different really than yours, being creative, some being lazy, some being honest as they baked bread, others as thieves. The heart of man never evolves, which brings me to this.

There will be a cashless society, as this was written long before Bill Gates was but a runt in a litter. He who stands outside of time said so. I need not link the crypto pages, nor do I need to cite the book of Revelation in its entirety, but fools will continue to be fools, good people will continue to be good, and thieves will always ply their craft. ‘No man might buy or sell…………UNLESS………………….’

Look it up, it will do you good. It will be more precious if you take the time to read it, ponder it, and ask yourself: How did the scripture writer acquire this information which was impossible to know thousands of years ago, yet is so spot on in November 2021? Spanning the entire information age, why was this written and to whom is it relevant?

I’ve said it for decades, God’s word is very good, and God cannot lie. It’s not that He can but will not, it is that He can’t. What a difference when we are speaking of the integrity of the throne of heaven. So unlike us eh, when we may be tempted to deceive, slander, spin, whatever. God cannot be tempted with evil. He is always above the fray.

The idea of the cashless society will no doubt appeal on many levels, but rest assured, it will not be the wonderful ‘second solution’ as advertised. A huge price will be paid, and finance will not exactly have a pretty face. After all, there is that angel of light thing that we ignore or choose to disbelieve. So here’s a shout out to the evolution of depravity, with true wisdom being the last casualty. Is it any wonder that the inspired writer says: ‘Here is wisdom………………

Probably not a bad idea to take note of what exactly this wisdom is. Here’s a clue though, the ‘wisdom’ is not evolution. The wisdom is not the Genome project. The wisdom is not the false god Science. The wisdom is not Bookface. The wisdom is not the Googly god.’ The wisdom is not any media. And yes, the wisdom is not my words either. Just passing along information here.

Infallible though, kind of rolls off the tongue. Free from mistake. And that’s no joke. Remember that little reference that people avoid in Acts regarding ‘many infallible proofs?’ How many does one need ere he rise up from his seat of the unlearned? Which is harder to believe, a man rise from the dead, or that that cash will be an antique? Same source. Same truth. He that separated light from darkness, and the waters from the waters, is kind enough to leave us eyes to see His footprints, that is, if we want to see.

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Take the TRUTH test

In my never ending quest to speak of the almighty perfectness of true science, coupled with the infallible testimony of Holy Writ, I bring you this for your immediate consideration.

Forget the fact that coal, lumber, leather, diamonds, oil, blood, bones, fruit, fish, beef, herbs, and every other emolument that sprang out of an accidental cosmic duststorm………………there is always this:

When God made man, He said this with everlasting relevance which delights the honest, and causes scorn from the cheap seats:

‘In the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat bread, till thou return unto the ground, for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.’

Thus saith the Maker of all that is, and to this day, men have been returning to the ground by way of that uncomfortable thing known as death. Some things never change, and once more the truthfulness of God’s own word is held in the highest esteem.

Oh evolution, where oh where is your answer to the science of life? Oh how thou art found weak and shallow of thought. Love me some true science, but love God’s word evn more.

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Full Soviet yoo2be

So you have heard that the ‘intellectual platform of all approved knowledge’ has now banned all content of dissent against the ‘wonderful vax mandates.’

Yeah, we’re all about the free dissemination of information here. Those of you who approve of this draconian measure, you are next doncha know when they come for you, so don’t be so quick to enjoy the campfire.

If something is good, true, virtuous, right, it can withstand the most idiotic of assaults. By the way, medical personnel, who have tirelessly worked in ER’s, operating rooms, triage tents, and all wings of hospital wards throughout the ‘pandemic’ the past few years, have now lost jobs because they oppose vax mandates. Are you listening? These are the hands on people, people who actually know the human body, they know antibodies, they know and have seen everything relating to c-19, and after all this, after applying their years of lab work and true science, now reject in every way the lying lips of fauci and friends, and their own mouths are not welcome in the public domain. This is how we reward the true heroes of health?

No problem here right??? So yeah, the goons at tubers who also silence the voices of any opposition regarding the spinning ball aka earth, have decided by artificial fiat what is worthy of actual discussion. And no voice for you, ye despiser of true science who dare to raise concerns for endless doses and absurd policies.

But more. These morons who applaud abortion at every stage are now saying they are ‘pro-life,’ by castrating all others who ‘they say’ are pro death by not getting on board with the world jabbers. You want the vax? Good for you. You don’t? Good for you. If you cannot see the huge problem here with u-tubes strangleholds………. you may be too far gone upstairs.

Btw, people do crazy things when ‘they can’t breathe,’ when humans are meant to be not muzzled by face diapers for extended periods of time. So we shouldn’t be surprised by the nefarious daily news. And to prove I am correct, just look at the elite when they gather for their caviar. No face diapers, and they stick the middle finger to you.

The blatant lies and hypocrisy is forwarded by Tubers. Right, and these same people say I am revolving at 67,000mph? Do you see why I loathe false science, and why Tubes is guilty of contempt of rational discussion?

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Sober thought for the day

Hospitals are filling space with masked patients who….wait for it: are having problems accelerated by the inability to breathe fresh air, and are inhaling their own toxic poisons. Fact.

The govts of the world have aided and abetted the present criminal enterprise. Masks are #*<|&(.

Enough already.

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Bezos? Not impressed

Surely you have heard that the ‘richest’ man in the world buttoned up a trip to ‘space’ and back in 11 minutes. Ha! What skill. What temerity and tenacity. Sorry, not impressed.

You see, I have been to an amusement park and tested whirls, spins, loops, etc, and truth be told, towers to Babel are not impressive, at least to me. So he built a portable tower. One that moves. So what.

Bezos is one more in a long train of misfits, who has calculated yet another way to deepen his pockets. Plane rides to ‘space.’ That’s all it was, and no, he did not even go to ‘space.’ One more step for mankind? Maybe, but a backward one at that. And one more leap into the sea of despondency. Don’t believe me?

Watch the 11 minutes yourself, and listen to the voices of worship by ‘ground control.’ Read the words and the fawning and foaming of the mouth by people who probably can’t even plant a tomato. Listen to the ‘suggestions’ that one more amusement park ride can change the world for better, by travel to lands yet unknown, to go where no man has gone before. Yeah, Star Trek crap.

So Bezos is ‘rich.’ Does this make him wise? So he’s a zillionaire. Does this make him sober-minded? So he gave a few pennies to others. Does this make him benevolent? So he delivers packages. Does this make him the newest Mercury? Yeah I guess so, messenger of the gods….

Ever heard this guy talk about life and what’s important? I find him boring, but eh, that’s me. The truly sad thing though is not that he has reached the pinnacle of fame through commerce, and has made kingdoms unto himself, but that people are actually envious of his wealth and ability to command. Sorry, once more, boring. Thieves can only ply their craft if there is a market to re-sell.

I however am not a buyer of propaganda. I recognize pure water from mildew. 11 minutes. ‘The greatest day of my life’ or something like that. I could talk about that ’11 m’ for hours, and dissect the absurdities (yes plural) and point out things that others ignore, but what’s the point. Rock stars will sell tickets to people who can’t afford a loaf of bread, and the hungry will swear their ‘sacrifice’ is worth it.

And idols will always have they who will gladly polish their image. Bezos. Gates. Harris. LeBron. Ali. On and on and on. Idols. Step right up. Get your tickets to space. Go higher, further, faster. Buy now. Hurry. The window to the ride in the tower of Babel is closing.

And btw to my christian readership, don’t be so quick to get on board with your possible lukewarm indifference and convince yourself that the 11m is for a greater good………..God is not mocked. No. There was nothing impressive about the 11m, and this is yet one more smokescreen of infatuation that I refuse to applaud. Sorry.

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I dare you to prove this post incorrect

Look carefully at the pic. A day old, headline news. Not only at the image, but look deeply into the ramifications when this comes to a town near you. Novel? Convenient? Safe??? After all, tattoos are all the rage doncha know.

Yet, for thousands of years, this ‘idea’ was scoffed at by people who thought, (and still do) that God’s word is a useless pile of outdated paper meant to satisfy the weak minded who need a crutch ere they start their days.

Mind you, long before Gutenberg invented the press, before tats were the latest fad, before the idea of a bar code was still in diapers, God SAID men would invent a system whereby all commerce would be approved, and now that the experiment of a ‘masked world’ has been spoon fed to otherwise good people, the latest geniuses are too stupid to understand that what they are implementing has been long foretold.

And this commerce includes travel, international of course, but when the populace ‘approves’ the ease, you will not be able to purchase a loaf of bread at your local mart without the safe seal of approval. His credit is good! He is healthy! Don’t think so? Think again. ‘We want to keep you safe…………’ is the mantra of course, and the current tattoos sported by men and women of every age in every setting, will be taken to the next level, ie, look at hospital workers today, who have armed fashions, so why not be further mainstream.

Prove God’s word is stale, irrelevant. Ha! You can’t. But more. Not only is the ‘mark’ on the right hand or forehead a reality, but so is EVERYTHING ELSE in scripture. The history of man, geography of earth, language, the seasons, the purpose of the sun, (including Joshua’s remarkable prayer) moon, trees and their seeds, fruit and their seeds, whales and Jonah, the life and times of Joseph, the agony and ecstasy of Israel, the arrival of and exodus of Christ, the ministry of Saul/Paul, the exile of Patmos, you name it, it is ALL true.

So to the christian I say take heed, just one more opportunity to express to others how the daily news is rife with scripture. To the atheist who reads, I say ‘wake up,’ and consider that One is smarter than you Who has been kind enough to keep us apprised of His doings, that nothing surprises Him, and that He abides outside of time, where scripture could have been written this morning.

Further. His cosmogony is correct, that He moves the sun like a second hand on the clock, and that by degrees His purpose is seen. As far as east is from the west, modern science is dead wrong regarding ‘space and time,’ and he that sitteth in the heavens laughs at man’s puny attempts to traverse His living room. Remember Babel??? Has God moved one inch since then? Has He been deposed or dethroned?

Is He not stable and is His word not sure? So the tat is a smokescreen that people without understand will gobble up and say ‘count me in.’ Be careful there ye who read. The dreams of Daniel were thought lunatic too. But Daniel was wise and a good man.

So at the end of the day, it boils down NOT to what people think of the tatted arms and commerce, but whether or not God is a liar. Easy peasy here. Let God be true, and every man a liar. Don’t want to be a liar? Once more, easy, simply agree with God.

Foe once, consider the human brain that has the innate ability to know the Creator’s foreknowledge in all things, and that we can life life being not quite as lost as London fog.

Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

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Listen here my godless neighbor

So, Amazon, that alleged world leader of intellectual commerce, has stepped up and introduced a point of sale purchase for your groceries and whatnot. Yep, as easy as pie at your fingertips, or rather, on the palm of your hand. Gee, is this news?

Uh, hello, not to the astute who see patterns of things long ago foretold. Once more, God’s word is front and center, and He who is above time has given to ears that hear, and heart’s that are soft, a head’s up on what’s coming to a town near you.

But you say it’s no big deal eh, that ‘cash’ will go by the way side and become an antique? Ha, but it is a big deal if the word was given long before there was a telephone, dollar bill, credit card, or cash register. Amazon has teamed up with Whole Foods (for starters) to implement the fast and easy palm scan for purchase, as a type of ID to replace plastic cards, checkbooks, etc. Like most novel things, it will take time before it is accepted as ‘safe,’ like MASKS.

Yet, the place where this idea was first introduced is ignored, and that of course is the book of books, inspired by the Giver of knowledge, God Himself, who warned us that ‘no man can buy or sell without the mark of the beast,’ no doubt a unique mark on the forehead or right hand, no filthy lucre needed. So Amazon is headed in this direction, but smiling here, because I’ve known this long before computers were the size of your living room.

But more. This also affirms Genesis is not only correct, but perfect, that Exodus is accurate, that Chronicles is reliable, that Daniel is credible, that Isaiah is factual, that Matthew is spot on, that Revelation is laid out in lavender, that all God’s word is good. But people will continue to be stubborn, to say ‘all cops are racist,’ and that the scriptures are antiquated. Yeah, ok, the only reliable source history book of mankind is outdated. You keep thinking that.

Darkness has slain a great many people, and continues to keep ignorance as customers, while the Giver of light and wisdom is ignored. Amazon is simply one in a long train of tech that is setting in motion the fact that time will one day cease, full moons will stop, and days will come to a close. Until such time, you may want to reconsider He who keeps better time than Mr. Rolex. And wash your hands…

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The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

It’s the sacred scriptures, the holy scriptures, God’s word, aka, the bible.

Now I’ve done it. With the title at the top, many heads have just exploded. “How the %&#@!! can you be so th2pid? Are you some kind of moron? Don’t you know that everything in that old dusty book has been proven to be outdated and untrue? Are you not furrmilyur with carbon dating and Mr. Higgs? I guess you probably believe there was a worldwide flood and that people tried to build the Burj Kalifa to reach heaven too! And the nonsensical exodus?’

Geez, where to begin. First, let me say, the word is FAmiliar. Animals have fur…So right out of the gate I have the advantage, because how we speak reveals how we pay attention to detail, thus how we process information. So an alleged ‘genius’ lectures me that I am unfurrrrmilyer……..with science and the stupidity of creation………has just about zero credibility, sorry to say.

Sooo the first of Genesis reveals more true science than all the labs of the world. And because of this, it follows that academia MUST discredit the very foundation that exposes modern science as fraudulent, because if the cornerstone is correct, then every word that follows is also accurate, believable, and true.

The cornerstone is correct.

There are lights. Not rocks in the sky, but LIGHTS, known as stars. There is the sun. Not a rock in the sky, but a great light to rule the day. There is the moon. Not a rock in the sky, but a lesser light to rule the night. Per Genesis. Per our senses. Per our conscience.

There is water above, there is water below. Only Genesis tells us the waters were separated from the waters. Only a fool would deny that the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams exist. Only a brother’s fool would deny that snow, rain. and hail descend from above. Proven by science, things observable, testable, and repeatable. Then there is that wonderful sight the RAINbow, once again, per Genesis, that demonstrable book that lays the classroom studies for science.

If I’m not mistaken, a fig tree bears figs, coconuts, coconuts, and an oak tree bears acorns, once more, per Genesis, after their kind. Love that. Still true today, An acorn tree does not produce figs. God does not confuse us. Also, the great whale produces whales, and not catfish, per its’ kind thank you very much. Once more, science, once more Genesis is correct.

‘Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?’

was a question asked to man, and a question which modern science is absolutely clueless in answering, for ‘science’ determines the sky is a grand accident, without purpose and function. Do you see why I despise modern science?

Hold up a glass bottle toward the sky in the heat of the day, and watch the sun dance through the prism, watch the effulgent light and revel in the idea of that ‘molten looking glass.’ Do you still feel insignificant as a maggot, or can you possibly conceive the possibility that not only is Genesis good reading, but that it declares God’s present day presence. With purpose and intelligence, man is much more valuable than a can of maggots.

Don’t even get me started on the proven fact that the earth is the Lord’s and all the fulness thereof, and that it is still, motionless, quiet, immoveable, just as it appears, and just as our senses tell us. That mighty Everest stands as God’s crowning glory, made for His pleasure, and that no man on earth can RIGHTFULLY accuse Everest, K-2, Fuji, Shasta, Kilimanjaro, the Matterhorn, Denali, or any other, of moving an inch from where it is today, is further indictment that we are not happy with God’s wisdom, and that we at whatever cost, must find a way to discredit Genesis and scripture. No.

God is wiser than we, and all the darlings who desire to cancel what is good and noble, will never stop until God’s word is cancelled too. The line in the sand has long been drawn, and people may disagree as to doctrines of faith and works, even as the apostles needed more light, but for heaven’s sake, what is crystal clear is not ambiguous, and is really a sign of the times how far man has fallen, and how really, sin has clouded the minds of people who should know better.

There is nothing unclear about the facts laid out in Genesis, and how the beginning began. There is no shortage of information. Men may not like it, but it does not make it untrue. A nurse I know reminded me in jest when she spoke of herself: ‘just because I’m rude, doesn’t make me wrong.’ She was correct. Whether you believe, like, appreciate, despise Genesis, has no effect on the truth itself.

The world also shall be established that it shall not be moved.

Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever.

The LORD reigneth, he is clothed with majesty; the LORD is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself; the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.

The underpinning of scripture is the truth of God Himself. Can He be trusted with revelation of Himself? Do our senses and our everyday experience not agree with what He tells our through His word? Is He not strong, and are we not in awe of His voice through thunder, mighty water, rippling streams, and are we not silenced through lightning and the Northern Lights? Indeed, as it should be.

So why mention this at all? Because ‘science’ is the modern drug which stupifies the senses, which godlessness demands that we abandon all common sense, and flee from that padlock known as the conscience which keeps our minds safe from error, but from what error too many gravitate towards, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of willful desire and a stout heart.

And if you haven’t tired of that word ‘science’ over the past year, maybe you should, and take a fresher look at true science, as opposed to what we were warned of so aptly, ‘science falsely so-called.’

I approve of this message.


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Brilliant but without intelligence

Mr. Kasparov is a legend. He is one cool customer. He’s not bad at chess either. He says of DeepBlue: ‘200 million moves a second……but it is not smart.’ Ha!

But Garry understands a computer’s program (and the sciences) do not exist without the input of humans. Anyway, some very good stuff here.

Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them | Garry Kasparov – YouTube

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Deviled eggs

Now there is one word I actually do not like to say. It does not roll off the tongue like ‘lotus,’ nor does it emit a pleasurable impression to my mind like ‘sandalwood,’ nope, the word ‘devil’ is disturbing to my rather sober mind.

The word is out of sorts not because it is fictitious, but because it has more fangs and claws than all the seaweed in China. But men are not smart enough to dream up something so drastically obvious, nor are they superstitious enough as to be so clever in their ignorance. So we avoid things adversarial.

That’s right, Ignorance, as the earth has become the Devil’s playground, and even a mild mannered infidel will admit: ‘what in the world is going on with humanity?’

Girl Scouts want to be Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts want to join the ‘Girl-for-a week’ club. Gender pronouns now offend a woman who wants to be called ‘it.’ A man can ‘marry’ his pet gerbil. A woman can have a ‘wife.’ A man can marry his ‘husband.’ ‘There is no God.’

Full disclosure here. Remember the part about the sober mind? True story. This does not mean there is the slightest offence toward ANY person who engages in things I find questionable, unbecoming, or just odd, but rest assured, this also does not mean I must agree or that I am narrow minded. Nor should I be punished because of vigilance.

But WHO or WHAT is responsible for the influence that causes so much friction and an assault on common sense? Can it be evolution? Be honest. HOW could it possibly be RIGHT for a young girl to be forced to be exposed to a male in her bathroom??? Is this not mental rape? Yes, honesty says so, and nature agrees. Surely, evo would have voted these people off the islands centuries ago for devouring young minds..

But the devil has laid many eggs over time, and far too many have turned into maggots whereby the sickly somehow find nourishing. Strong language? Ha! Not strong enough. So yeah, there is a devil, and he has successfully plied his craft to the point where he does not even have to cast doubt on his true profession: the weakness of the sacred scriptures, nope, that’s a done deal. Not that the scriptures lack, but because people are darn near brain dead.

His assault is full frontal on nature now! What guts that is, what idiotic boldness to attack what is plain. So he leeches onto the weak, the susceptible, the sponge like minds of pretended intellect, where ‘yes’ can be ‘no’ on any given day, and where every thing goes, in a world where there is no right or wrong. What a slick trick though eh: ‘hey, don’t blame me.’

I see the late night politicians, oops, I mean comedians and their forked tongues, I see the cackling hens of women’s shows and their demonic ‘views,’ I see the scumbag television heads and their wretched smiles breathing out 24/7 rants of how good people are wicked just by being ‘normal.’

So where did all this crap stem from? The ponds of fresh water? Yeah, didn’t think so. No, no, no devil.

(Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour)

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Byden’s Olympic gaffe

Surely you have heard. Well, it’s been in the mix since forever, and little joe is the latest mouthpiece for the leftist mob posing as high powered intellects.

Transgender guys and gals are now greenlighted to engage in sports acting as equals. Hmmm. It’s been reported that the gold medalist in woman’s running (400m or something like it/ doesn’t even matter as to the details) can presently be outrun by over 300 male high schoolers. Yikes. Sound fair?

So with the stroke of a crooked pen, little joe and his pea sized brain have decided to wag the finger to all things decent and natural.

The female gold medalist has just been demoted to the nether world of sports obscurity. Tks joe for listening to the hiss of your comrades in depravity. Utterly.

Not even to mention the mental abuse forced upon young girls when a male appears in their bathrooms. Nice work joe, you commiela, and the goon squad of all things anti science. But that’s for another post.

Which reminds me. Don’t even mention the word SCIENCE in my presence joe, as my ears cannot tolerate such screeching. Then there is your push when you say ‘the world is safer when transgenders are given their rightful place in the public eye,’ or something like that. Really now? What is this RIGHTFUL place when it is inherently WRONG?

Back to the sports. I have an easy solution if this nonsense is headed to the Olympics. If a male pretending to be female enters a race, all the females should act as one and refuse to race. Let the circus clown win his medal alone. The media would go nuts at this display of biological common sense. Imagine if you will Usain Bolt deciding to run as a female in women’s races. Uh, would ANY female have a chance???? Would it be FAIR? Thank you

There is a reason it is called the ‘Boy Scouts,’ or ‘Girl Scouts.’ No joe, there are not a hundred genders. There are TWO. The anatomy of the genders is as distinct as night from day. The heart size, body mass, lung capacity, hand, leg, foot size, natural gait, take your pick.

In a week, Byden is proving what others have long known: he is a puppet held by the strings in a very dark room. Religion or spirituality aside even, what sane mind could argue with me. Go ahead and try.

(I know, the spelling is incorrect, trying to halt unnecessary flagging/wiping of a blog post)

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Ye shall go no further


Inspiration visits us all the time, far too often though we are occupied and miss the whisper. Naturally I see the above pic several times a day as it is my phone screensaver, so I commend to you ‘Boundaries,’ themed likewise, and written by Bytes, some good stuff there. I linked, go read it.

But seas-edge, is the perfect visual for what a boundary is and does. The. Water. Just Stops. Ye shall go no further!

‘Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?’ So saith the Maker of water.

Do we really have an idea how much water there is in our world, aka earth? Do we know that the Creator has made it so?

As high as the highest mountain, as deep as the deep below, there is the water of life. Kind of important. So it flows from above, there is no where to hide from the goodness of God. Worth repeating, All goodness trickles from Above…

But when was the last time you saw the likes of the Carnival Cruise Liner strut down 5th Ave in NYC? Did you ever see a camel walk across frozen Lake Tahoe? Good questions really, not comical, but prove that boundaries are good and necessary.

So that water which foam is the end of the road is in harmony with the Creator’s engineering marvel that earth is contained ‘in the water.’ Love that fact that so-called science is oblivious to the obvious, and travels high and low to supplant what is very good, God’s word that is. Boundaries in nature are further proof of God’s care for His creation.

No, evolution did not produce the mighty ocean’s stop signs. Evolution did not produce the great deep. Evolution did not make massive Everest grow from pebbles. The ranges of Nepal are made by He who made Shasta, the Matterhorn, Fuji, the Smokies, Rockies, take your pick. See where one truth takes another, as it is connected to every square inch of life.

But He also neglected to make the flatlands of Kansas or the wetlands of Florida as the Alps. Boundaries doncha know. It’s America the beautiful for a reason. No other country on earth has so much from shore to shore, boundaries/states/ all along the way.

Seems though (as I ramble) that people are entirely too self absorbed/make themselves too large in the presence of themselves. The Norther Lights do not allow such exaggerated importance when seeing such awe. The circuit of the moon laughs at men’s ignorance of He who orders its’ path. But the lights of Aurora have boundaries. The moon too shall come no closer.

Day and night have boundaries, something which should forever silence so-called evolution. The repetition of the cycles of life have sadly made people drunk with what they call ordinary. No, there is no ‘ordinary’ in rain, daylight, heat, cold, snow, evergreens, coconuts, figs, olives, whales, eagles, coal, gold, fur, or blood. But note, even the eagle has boundaries as he would be foolish to build a nest on the summit of k-2.

And when was the last time you saw a bat instead of a gull when you were sunning and funning? Boundaries. Let’s revisit what surfers choose to ride; Look at those gorgeous Hawaii Five O waves!! But they do not continue like the untimely tsunami. Stop! The boundaries have obeyed by He whose laws rule.

So we enjoy the pride of life yet neglect to see the obedience of the proud waves as they cease per boundaries given them. Stop. Pause. Consider. The mere fact we have questions is enough proof there is One greater. Boundaries are evidence that man (nonanthropos includes women for the wishy-washy) is not the god that he has made himself.

Finally, as the pic above suggests, we far too often neglect to see things from Above, a better point of view that is. Small does not mean unimportant, but it’s a good thing that from the heights of 28,000 ft @ Everest, to see for thousands of miles- to see the wonderful boundaries tween heaven and earth.

So is it any surprise that the apostles said when they were in the company of One greater: ‘what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey………..’ Uh, yep, even nature bows to the One who has made boundaries. So what’s our excuse?

God Has Boundaries! | See, there’s this thing called biology… (wordpress.com)

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I predict….

No Tkx needed in advance/ nor does it take a genius to cite the obvious- even though it did not yet occur.

When President Harris and Biden are sworn in…. there will be a gush the likes that you have not seen.

Tapper/Cooper/Cuomo/Maddow/Baldwin, Lemon, etc etc. will sport the tears- and drip their elation- while they tell Americans they can be proud again- That a man above men is in charge-finally.

Yep, their disgust of all things decent will not be hidden.

Watch the Kleenex boxes. And the media mob will salivate with projected ‘years of happiness.’

Then they will sing the song of the munchkins- ‘ding dong the witch is dead.’ But I prefer perhaps what is more correct: the tears of a clown.

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Oh how they pontificate

The much revered hero of artificial intellect, aka, the godfather of atheism, Richard Hawkins, when speaking of Trump, opened his trap regarding the silencing of ‘words’ he finds offensive and said this:

‘He went far beyond expression of opinion (which should be protected) to outright lies, demonstrable falsehoods.’

Yeah ok, here we have a man that is clueless regarding ‘TRUTH’ yet pretends to be an arbiter of left and right, right and wrong? Yep, I’m convinced….

Hey Rich: who spreads the lie of the greatest LIE of the ages, ‘there is no God?’ It is you sir. Hey Rich, who spreads the lie that the universe is 13.6 billion years old? It is you sir, for you have not one drop of verifiable, observable, and testable proof. None. Your guesswork is embarrassing so stop it.

Back to point 1. Since there is no God, there is (according to your own words) no truth, and you have made yourself the very God you despise. It is you who sits upon the circle of the earth and decides what words can be heard, and what words should be censored.

You promote the words that you approve, and decide by fiat what words should be silenced. So forget about Trump. I’m talking about you Rich. Why should your lies be welcomed in the arena of ideas?

But more. Demonstrable falsehoods? Ha! You sir are the president of this drunken society. You are wearing a hat that is too big for your head and may be putting pressure on your brain. Perhaps you should spend time ALONE, apart from the influence of others like you who all drink at the poisoned well of rancid water which you gulp and yet swear it is refreshing.

Dare you stand on the oceans where not a human can be seen for thousands of miles and say ‘my evolution made this!’ Dare you accuse mighty Everest of random serendipity which appeared having no planning nor purpose? Now you then dare to promote your ‘falsehoods and demonstrable lies’ by saying that these waters and mountains are proof of your ‘13.6 yr. old theory?’ Right, I forgot, that gallon of water had children which had children which had children and ‘grew’ into the Pacific. Pathetic.

So demonstrable falsehoods eh? There is only one person wearing a dunce cap in this discussion. So let’s silence my words, but not yours. Let’s silence Michael Savage, but not Jack Dorsey. See the pattern of stupidity?

But to show and prove I am the well balanced person here, and you are out to lunch, I approve of your right to promote your ‘demonstrable lies,’ because I am secure in my ability to dismantle them in 3 seconds flat with two seconds left over. But it is only a world of mental insecurity which is threatened by MY views.

You sir, are weighed in the balance, and are found to be severely wanting. My leash of grace and patience is something you cannot fathom, and my seemingly stinging words are really words of restraint. You should hear what I’m thinking.

So the water, gold, and coal below, the wood, leather, flora, and fauna upon, the air, clouds, water, and sky, as well as the feathers above………..all point to your ‘truth’ of ‘testable evidence’ which supports your 13.6 yrs of godlessness………………(Ugh I can’t stand it)

Stop it Rich. Stop the lies. Leave some space in your heart for truth. Engage the brain first and enjoy free speech. But I’ll stand by and approve of watching a tongue operate without understanding.

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More lunacy. No thank you.

After a long waited appt. for an eye exam, I showed up, charming personality hidden behind the maskly donned 6’3 frame, on time, took off my jacket, said hello, and was immediately accosted (ok maybe an exaggeration) by the woman who sits with that condescending over-the top-of the eyeglass stare, who says: ”whoa, wait a second, we need to wash the hands and change the mask.’

Of course the good natured person that I am did not start screaming at her for her embarrassingly lack of manners while she extends the sanitizer for my washing pleasure, and as she proceeds to hand me an ‘office approved idiotic mask that she too was sporting that looked like it came right out of Goofy’s garage. But it wasn’t the appearance of the mask that was disturbing.

It was the fact that MY freshly opened ‘right-out-of- the- box Hospital mask was not acceptable for her office. Noooooo. I said, ‘ma’am, this is brand new, maybe 30 seconds old.’ ‘Sorry, you have to wear this.’

Actually, miss poopsnoodle, I do not. My common sense trumps your insane and arbitrary policy. So I did what most thinking people would do. I turned around and said ‘enough. goodbye.’ Naturally, she was left standing in shock that a person dared NOT to comply.

The issue of whether masks prevent/delay the spread of this or that is a topic for another time. My main beef was she would not trust me with MY mask, but I am asked to trust hers???? Company policy? Do you see where this is headed?

And to any Christian who would find fault with my handling, I say this. We are the sheep of God’s green pasture, we are not the stupid sheep who say ok to Hitler when he says, ‘I have a shower for you. It will keep you safe.’ Again, an exaggeration, but the idea now of ‘you have to wear THIS mask’ is revolting to a sane mind. But wow, I bet her buttons were busted to see a man disappear after waiting for hard to get exams, but so what.

At least there was another patron sitting there who witnessed the carnage. Maybe it woke him up as he stared blindly with his goofy grape office approved mask. Maybe more will stop and think so as to slow down the avalanche of insanity coming to a town near you.

As for me though, I plan to have an astounding -21 with the Lord’s permission.

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So God messsed up eh?

So saith many people, one of which I reference that brings this post to the light of day. Do visit that site and offer some needed balance. Let’s then dig beneath the surface to see if these gripes hold water, and proceed slowly.

Oh, for gods sake! – A Tale Unfolds (wordpress.com)

1st on God’s list: make man. Uh, a big fat nnno. God created the heavens and the earth lllllong before a man with a shovel appeared on the scene. For HIS pleasure they ARE, and WERE created. Got that? They ARE. And oh by the way, the existence of LIGHT should give pause for serious contemplation.

Mighty Everest, the sands of Sahara, Alaska, the great circumference of the ice walls, the regulation of earth’s temperature, oceans, rivers, streams, the wildlife of whales, deer, bear, elephants, the elements of gold, coal, the beauty of pearls, the sun and heat, the moon and cold, fruit, were all a delight and absolutely perfect in form, BEFORE God made man.

People are entirely too selfish and have small minds to think man reigns supreme apart from He who gave him a brain. One only need to stand in silent awe before the Himalayas and the stars of heaven. Who are you little man?

2nd, 3rd.. Of course God then gave man a free will. Of EVERY fruit they may indulge, yet with a caveat. There is ONE that will ruin the day. A father gives his son free reign over his house, telling him to enjoy every room, every emolument, every drink, yet ‘do not touch the Rolls Royce in the garage.’ The Maserati yes. The Stradivarius yes. The Rolex yes. Everything in the house is yours. What sane mind could argue with a simple request. But nope, Junior not only steals the car, but wrecks it killing a family of four.

So the myopic says, ‘God’s fault, He knew the kid would would behave badly.’ See how this works? Commands are for our good, yet when we stray, somehow the Creator is charged with malfeasance. Yeah ok, sure.

4th. God favours one group? Were you paying attention to no. 1? God is sovereign and could have made the sky brown instead of blue. He could have given camels six legs. He could have made one legged turkeys. The very existence of Israel proves God can be trusted, and by comparison, we can easily see how many nations of the world despise not only that country, but Jews themselves worldwide.

The Israeli contributions to society by way of medicine, music, diplomacy, archeology, finance, technology, military, (not to mention one of the greatest air forces) universities, on and on, cannot be over emphasized. Truly, through this nation, decent people must agree, that ‘all the world shall be blessed.’ Scripture records accurately Israel’s failures and blessing.

5th. God never speaks? ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ Ever read the book of Job? ‘Where were you…………when I hung the stars in place?’ Of course God spoke, and His words are recorded, just as relevant today as yesterday. God’s words have a way of silencing the arrogant, the stout, the stiff, and the proud, so it’s no wonder men bi*ch while they cite God with negligence.

6th. Slavery and shrimp? Once again we reveal the short-sightedness of midget minds. I recall Pharaoh having ‘slaves,’ and we know what that meant: death to you. Meanwhile, the blue collar slaves actually enjoyed a life where poverty was off the table, (remember after seven years a slave could stay on, being the life was good) and were better off than minimum wage workers today. Once more, and to be specific, this way of life was demonstrated through Israel, and was copied, although poorly, by many other nations.

Shrimp? So what, a dietary law demonstrating the bottom feeder, the vacuum sweepers of the seas, were not as good for the human body as other ‘clean’ critters. But a command not given to you or me, but to the Israelites under law. Remember, free will? Go ahead, eat all the shrimp or pork you want. It’s a free country.

7th. The death of the Lord Jesus Christ. I shudder at the ease of scorn in which the unbelieving mind traffics in the holy of holies. The loss of blood beginning from Abel speaks of life lost, and a violent death, because of transgression. In any reasonable household when things go astray,, there must be an accounting, a time to admit wrong, and to set things straight. The earth as it were, is not very good now as it was in the beginning. You may want to re-think the death, scope, and purpose of the only fit man who lived.

There has been a concussion of events through history where people have killed others in wholesale fashion, with zero regard for present or future ramifications. The provision by God when that good man Abraham would take a ram was met with these words: ‘God will provide Himself as a lamb….’ prophetic words which would quench every past and future infraction, and satisfy He who said: ‘the life of the flesh is in the blood.’

8th. As to God’s presence today? He is not far, and is easily visible to all who seek. He is as true today, He does not sleep, and He remains consistent to Himself.

But the best is reserved for last and scripture ever proves true, as to WHY two people having a brain, can come to opposite conclusions regarding these 8 short observations, and it is not a matter of intellect, but one that is much deeper, and more obvious. I say this not with guile in the least, but it is true regarding men’s thoughts of God:

‘With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward,’ And this of course is from the 18 of Psalms. No other explanation is necessary. Go to the mighty heights of k-2 and God is there. Go to the depths of Mariana trench and God is there. Go to any ICU hospital wing where death awaits and God is there. Go to any L&D where birth awaits and God is there.

These short answers to the poster’s complaints answer clearly WHY men make themselves larger than God. It is never a matter of not having enough information. It is however apparent that men simply do not like the information already given. It is not that God has not spoken, but that which He already and clearly said is despised. And oh, God does not make spelling error. He created the Alphabet. He is the Alpha and Omega. End of story.

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