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People hurting or alone-
You will be surprised at these essays

I will follow you…..wherever you may go……

Serious question for the day. Why do we unfollow someone when we have ‘followed’ them for years? Are bloggers that thin skinned at the possibility of dare I say, disagreement,  that it is cause for being booted off the island? … Continue reading

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The life of a hobo

Let’s face it, there is an element of sympathy for a soul who lives ‘on the rails’ as it were; no place to call home, feeding on others leftovers, not owning a pillow, no steady job, an unfortunate identity, a … Continue reading

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Matthew Warren

First, all condolences to Warren’s and any who has lost this way. Some say ‘gayness’ is a birth gene; others say it is a choice. Since Mr Warrens son killed himself, this is addressed primarily to they who say the … Continue reading

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