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Barack Obama, in His Own Hand Handwriting analysis may not be everyone’s favorite analytical tool, but millennia of such exterior methods have yielded largely intriguing and historically valid conclusions or observations. (continued here) The signature…

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The signature of Obama

Our signature is the mark of a solitary and unique personality. The setting of ‘ink to paper’ distinguishes a person from all others, in a way that is similar to a fingerprint. Whether we write slowly or with speed, much is revealed with … Continue reading

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Do not focus on bloggers (Obama)

 With an air of smugness regarding his no compromise position on negotiating, and the recent Democrat win by raising the debt ceiling, the president reminds his choir that others with views unlike his own should be dismissed as irrelevant. Hmmm. … Continue reading

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King Obama

Some have dared to name our current president: King Obama. Sadly, some also think this is a deserved title  for the outstanding job he has done in the realm of politics, commerce, foreign wars, domestic violence, helping the lowly, blaming … Continue reading

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Obama and scripture

The good book says to ‘pray for those in authority,’ and I suppose so few believers actually do, especially, when we have leaders who resemble despots rather than humble servants. Naturally, this should lead to a ‘slow to rail’ mindset, … Continue reading

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Jay Carney press briefing

On May 15th 2013, Mr Carney had the unenviable task of defending the administration’s position on Benghazi, the IRS fiasco, and the AP phone tapping. Truly a difficult stance for a competent person, but still a train-wreck because one cannot … Continue reading

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