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Science knows!

Those who keep track of such things have already heard and seen that an article posted a few days ago by ‘a great many scientists,’ have backtracked and admitted their ‘errors’ in miscalculating the ‘age of the universe.’ I hope … Continue reading

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Watch this

I enjoy the concept of time, the monitoring of the minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, millenia, and who cannot appreciate the mildest expression of this through a simple wristwatch. Oops. did I say simple? All those pieces, the intertwining … Continue reading

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The WHOLE creation groans

Paid attention to the news lately? Have you considered the big picture as opposed to your selfish interests which refuses to connect the dots, them all? Ah yes, God’s word, reliable, verifiable, and of course always truthful, those golden words … Continue reading

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Theology 101

Do you know how I know there is ONE God? The same way YOU know there is one God; the only difference being I choose not to suppress this conscious fact which is purely revealed to our conscience. Of course … Continue reading

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Let’s talk gun control

Soooo, immediate and predictable was the response by the short sighted minds to lay blame at the feet of an unthinking tool: the gun made me a killer! Let’s dissect this a bit shall we. It’s the automatic weapon that … Continue reading

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Did you know?

So then how does man know that lying is innately wrong? How then do we know stealing your neighbor’s wheelbarrow is wrong? Is it simply that the ‘wrong’ is enacted without another’s permission, or that they have been violated or … Continue reading

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Love me some questions

Here’s some fine questions for to consider. If there be no God, (singular doncha know, One above all- He who exposes all imposters) tell me, what right have you to enjoy the sounds of the morning songbird? What right have … Continue reading

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No imagination necessary

(Heard a short lecture by the self made guru of godlessness Hitchens, and how his disciples hang on his every word;  I’m impressed at his level of abhorrence for all religion in general, and for God’s word in particular. His … Continue reading

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This is a joke right?

Read a quip by a fella who sincerely (well maybe a feigned sincerity) asked if historians of the Christian persuasion can possibly be honest by promoting the biblical narrative.  Here it is. Question: Can a biblical historian be thoroughly objective … Continue reading

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It’s good to be all shook up

And now for today’s news ((7/05/19)) from the west coast. This is a copy from years ago, April 2015. Enjoy.) Science does a stellar job of explaining the tectonic plates under ground as the reason how the earth quakes, but … Continue reading

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Perhaps there is A God

Dedicated in general to the online world of atheists, evolutionists, naysayers, but in particular to ark/zande/nan/violet/argus/steve/mike/tabster/marvel/scott/ etc etc,  and of course specifically to believers, here and abroad. Music. The universal language that evolution cannot explain, and the language of the … Continue reading

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World Cup op-ed

So Rapinoe for the stellar women’s soccer team decided not to honor the USA anthem at the  -19 WORLD cup, where she represents not herself but the United States? Hmm. Now the emphasis is on HER, and her politics, instead … Continue reading

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Salads, kinds, and brain rot

(Dedicated to worldwide self made apostles of the keyboard, who smirk while enjoying their atheism, as if God is subject to their lying intellect; enjoy yet another simple installment and the utter ease in tearing to shreds that plastic god: … Continue reading

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An arrow finds its mark, perfectly.

Ah yes, solid gold. Some one-liners just have a way of encapsulating a point, an idea, an ideology, a world view. This happens to be a fav. Enjoy, and try to disagree. But first, do you know the difference between … Continue reading

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The web of serendipity?

It has been said that if you want to learn the mysteries of the oceans, study the dewdrop. I say, if you want to know the depths of the universe, study the spider’s web. (porch photo) The planning, design, math, … Continue reading

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Its not yet the time for figs….or flowers

There is one flesh of birds, there is one flesh of fish, there is one flesh of the dairy cow, and of course there is one flesh of man. Pity the brook trout for wanting to be an eagle, and … Continue reading

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Can you purchase common sense with a shekel?

In light of historic and almost biblical proportion of rainfall and flooding, do consider just how quick and how high, and how deadly water rises after a mere few INCHES of rain in an hour or so. Towns erased as … Continue reading

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‘I don’t like this’

Sure there are legitimate reasons not to like something, as in a torrential downpour when you are already bailing out 4 feet of water from the basement. That’s a legitimate gripe.  Love me some rain, but c’mon. Or when you … Continue reading

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Now here’s a good one

In my not-breaking-a-sweat dismantling of pseudo science and lying professors of evolution and accidental life, here is yet another tender morsel, guaranteed to delight the sane mind, and equally sure to raise the ire of they who pretend to be … Continue reading

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‘Adventure reveals more decadence.’ News at eleven

The news sleuth M. Drudge posted an article about undersea activity by men which found garbage at the lowest parts of the ocean, ie, where the carpet of the ocean is showing signs of litter by way of plastic. Is … Continue reading

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