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Sober thought for the day

Hospitals are filling space with masked patients who….wait for it: are having problems accelerated by the inability to breathe fresh air, and are inhaling their own toxic poisons. Fact. The govts of the world have aided and abetted the present … Continue reading

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Bezos? Not impressed

Surely you have heard that the ‘richest’ man in the world buttoned up a trip to ‘space’ and back in 11 minutes. Ha! What skill. What temerity and tenacity. Sorry, not impressed. You see, I have been to an amusement … Continue reading

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I dare you to prove this post incorrect

Look carefully at the pic. A day old, headline news. Not only at the image, but look deeply into the ramifications when this comes to a town near you. Novel? Convenient? Safe??? After all, tattoos are all the rage doncha … Continue reading

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Listen here my godless neighbor

So, Amazon, that alleged world leader of intellectual commerce, has stepped up and introduced a point of sale purchase for your groceries and whatnot. Yep, as easy as pie at your fingertips, or rather, on the palm of your hand. … Continue reading

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The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

It’s the sacred scriptures, the holy scriptures, God’s word, aka, the bible. Now I’ve done it. With the title at the top, many heads have just exploded. “How the %&#@!! can you be so th2pid? Are you some kind of … Continue reading

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Brilliant but without intelligence

Mr. Kasparov is a legend. He is one cool customer. He’s not bad at chess either. He says of DeepBlue: ‘200 million moves a second……but it is not smart.’ Ha! But Garry understands a computer’s program (and the sciences) do … Continue reading

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Deviled eggs

Now there is one word I actually do not like to say. It does not roll off the tongue like ‘lotus,’ nor does it emit a pleasurable impression to my mind like ‘sandalwood,’ nope, the word ‘devil’ is disturbing to … Continue reading

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Byden’s Olympic gaffe

Surely you have heard. Well, it’s been in the mix since forever, and little joe is the latest mouthpiece for the leftist mob posing as high powered intellects. Transgender guys and gals are now greenlighted to engage in sports acting … Continue reading

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Ye shall go no further

  Inspiration visits us all the time, far too often though we are occupied and miss the whisper. Naturally I see the above pic several times a day as it is my phone screensaver, so I commend to you ‘Boundaries,’ … Continue reading

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I predict….

No Tkx needed in advance/ nor does it take a genius to cite the obvious- even though it did not yet occur. When President Harris and Biden are sworn in…. there will be a gush the likes that you have … Continue reading

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Oh how they pontificate

The much revered hero of artificial intellect, aka, the godfather of atheism, Richard Hawkins, when speaking of Trump, opened his trap regarding the silencing of ‘words’ he finds offensive and said this: ‘He went far beyond expression of opinion (which … Continue reading

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More lunacy. No thank you.

After a long waited appt. for an eye exam, I showed up, charming personality hidden behind the maskly donned 6’3 frame, on time, took off my jacket, said hello, and was immediately accosted (ok maybe an exaggeration) by the woman … Continue reading

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So God messsed up eh?

So saith many people, one of which I reference that brings this post to the light of day. Do visit that site and offer some needed balance. Let’s then dig beneath the surface to see if these gripes hold water, … Continue reading

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Somethings to ponder

Is EGO or Intellect the engine which fuels the god of atheism? Why? Will human beings ever grow skin like the LEATHER of the whitetail deer? Why? Why not? Has evolution ever created one genuine snowflake? Can evolution prevent the … Continue reading

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Who dares to challenge the goodness of God?

Beauty and goodness comes in many flavors. Here is a song that should make believers happy, and while it may even excite the auditory canals of the atheist, a greater question should be asked: Why does something please me that … Continue reading

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Some serious questions for one and all

Saw my neighbor last night, that effulgent and demure moon that I call my friend. MY friend doncha know, as she is there for ME. Call it arrogant, call it presumptuous, but what would YOU call it, and why is … Continue reading

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The glorious book of Revelation

Secrets revealed for they who are intimately familiar with every book of the bible which precedes it. Intellectual and spiritual maturity, (so missing in the tender ears of the immature or unlearned) which guides the soft hearts in knowing the … Continue reading

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A good perspective among covid nonsense

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I dare you

While contemplating what is plumb (vertical) and what is level, (horizontal) the thought occurred to me. Without God in mind, the common atheist (as good a person as he may be) is just a simple mass or glob of irrelevance. … Continue reading

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The elegance of the hidden

While doing renovation at our house, it is so easy to scrap something that appears unsightly; a piece of lumber loaded with rusty nails, the appearance of decay or rot, it’s time seems used up, the purpose being ended, the … Continue reading

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