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That’s no angry bird!!

In my never ending quest of easily exposing the fraudulent false science of evolution and godlessness, and proving every word of God is good, today we have this. One would think, that after bazillions of years of head banging, the … Continue reading

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Foolishness has many friends

I can’t tell you how much I love this pic. Sorry a man was foolish to test his law-breaking with 3 powerful animals, but imagine the chaos of that scene. No doubt money was involved in his criminal activity, and … Continue reading

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Who is the greatest scientist of all?

I like this observation so much I am going to steal from myself borrowing a comment I answered elsewhere. Sometimes the simplest of explanations are the best. True statement. Creation is the science of truth. Evolution is the religion of … Continue reading

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One by one, like flies they drop

There have been countless visitors, young and old, male and female, believer, unbeliever, atheist, professor, PhD,  political professional or novice, nurse, carpenter, salesman, breadbaker, homemaker, fisherman, mechanic, you name it, all dropped by to say ‘hey,’ and add what they … Continue reading

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The lambs are not so silent

More toward the welcoming of spring, which arrival is not too silent, as the lambs doth baa. Consider if you will then, the pretended wide and wonderful world of evolution, and the pseudo crap of lazy intellect, which suggests there … Continue reading

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Are men fools or what?

I noticed the buds on the maples, on time, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before that, after long and brutal winters, their dormancy finally ended, they awaken to the temperature and timing of Spring. … Continue reading

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THE most dangerous man…

(This is a copied post from 2014, with a few additions to make it current) A casual poll was taken recently at a lecture regarding ‘THE most dangerous man’ of our times. Suggestions were asked for and the usual suspects made the … Continue reading

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Now that’s a croc

Was watching a nature doc on the world’s most dangerous animals, specifically of the Asian variety. Monkeys, scorpions, tigers, elephants, pan bears, honey badgers, mosquitoes, cobras, and many more were all represented as just plain all around bad news- especially … Continue reading

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Look at her. The moon!

Some called it ‘super.‘  But have we become so immune to creation that we need ‘scientists’ to tell us when the moon is super? Ha! It is always super.   Don’t you just love the moon?  Changeless from the day … Continue reading

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Just when you think you heard it all…….

So this dude named Sam Smith has attracted the attention of the media, and all of a sudden  he is relevant in the eyes of perversion and decadence. Why? Oh Romeo let me count thy ways. “Sometimes I feel male, … Continue reading

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Ever seen through carpeting?

Was having a conversation with a rather smart woman and we were speaking of stars, light, night, time, space, matter, and this naturally led to many further fine thoughts and observations. A moment in time. Words spoken. Thoughts considered. Where … Continue reading

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Why mock that which we do not understand?

They tell us it is not important. ‘They’ said the earth and all its fulness is no more special than a black hole. After all, ‘they’ did the math for us, while ‘they’ relied on others. Others told ‘them’ to … Continue reading

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Does your head hurt?

Been through this a couple hundred thousand times. In person, in-laws, outlaws, in class, online, and yep, even in churches by preying wolves with honeyed lips, but fortunately, these characters all come from the same place, and they are easy … Continue reading

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A Fun One: A Reaction to ColorStorm

Originally posted on The Praetorian Writers' Group:
First some quick background: I like to reproduce in their entirety posts with which I disagree, then comment on each paragraph in turn. This in order #1: to disagree with them comprehensively, leaving no…

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A question of ethics

A young girl falls into a lion’s pit at the zoo. Within minutes a hungry male would have devoured her in seconds, treating her like a happy meal. The lion was shot, killed, and the girl spared. Why was it … Continue reading

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I’m not impressed

So the latest brick to fall in the self-made building of pride is apparently making headlines. ‘Scientists’ are publicly professing skepticism as to Charles Darwin’s ‘theories.’ Well now, what kind of ‘scientists’ must these be, to ‘now’ conclude that fraud … Continue reading

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Interpret this

Ever since there has been a history recorded of men’s doings, we have been witness to the spin of ‘why’ one truth is credible, while others are not. ‘Interpretation’ is called upon as a smokescreen to deaden the weight of … Continue reading

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She didn’t know jack…

Originally posted on The Lions Den:
Ok you may have heard that Jack and Jill went up the hill, but hold the fort. First, they were trespassing, but that’s another story, absentminded doncha know. Too much manure in the air. True…

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The a-theist and his elusive moral compass

It matters little as to WHO is right. It does matter much however when we consider WHAT is right, and herein is the line of demarcation when we consider facts versus feelings. A compass simply does not care how we … Continue reading

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The history of atheistic science dismantled by scripture in fact

Ah yes, time for a fireside chat due to the tundra of North America. lol. Is this a big deal? Depends on you, but personally, I refuse to take my cues from the godless and alleged superior minds of infidel … Continue reading

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