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Clouds. A big deal?

Yes, I do think so. Goes to the heart of where we live on this temporary home called earth. These clouds were on display last week and I was immediately arrested by my eyes. Are you not as well even … Continue reading

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Some sandpaper for you

Why sandpaper? Well, it abrades and polishes depending on the grit. Dedicated to CTom, ARK, Zande, SOM, mike from books/ sklyd, and of course all others who appreciate evidence and facts. Btw, you all can argue and complain with each … Continue reading

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Punishing thought for the day

Does the atheistic brain hold the capacity to comprehend God, or is it forever delegated to the pits of ignorance? In other words, can light penetrate the darkness? Short answer, yes. but there must first be a willingness to remove … Continue reading

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I’m from Missouri, show me

Well, not really, I’m not from that state, nor is it a lie, as it is simply a statement enjoyed by others, but yes, ‘show me’ a mistake in the book of Genesis, that masterful piece of history, geography, genealogy, … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Atheism?

Originally posted on Silence of Mind:
First, what is the definition of atheism? According to Merriam-Webster: atheism is “a philosophical or religious position characterized by disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods.” That is correct. Atheism is…

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A quote for the ages

When asked what advice he would give to incoming college students, the always thoughtful David Berlinski said this without hesitation: ‘Read the Old Testament. It is the greatest repository of human knowledge and wisdom in the history of civilization, any … Continue reading

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An invitation to you

Attention: To my faithful readers from every stripe and any worldview, offer your best reason and do tell a worldwide audience WHY you are, or are not, more significant than a maggot. Go ahead, accept the challenge, but be careful … Continue reading

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Great debate/ must see tv

It’s great because it’s civil while having two strong opponents. Prof. Lennox is as seasoned as they come; a great mind using and following the trails of logic. Usually in these talks, there are massive insults hurled ala Hitchens, who … Continue reading

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A filthy word

I am starting to despise the word ‘science.’ Actually, I have loathed it for years, ever since the high priests such as Degrasse and Nye, Harris, etc, all have hijacked it, the same way the word ‘rainbow’ has been profaned … Continue reading

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Two views. Which is yours?

Man is no different than a pile of trash. In the end, useless, wasted away. Death is ultimately trash. No further purpose. Or. That which is put in the ground like a bulb or potato, brings forth another life. One … Continue reading

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Why Paul? Why not you?

A topic/question deserving more attention than a passing comment elsewhere: Why did the apostle Paul receive an invitation so unusual to see the risen Lord? A common complaint shared by they who say ‘there is no God,’ or that the … Continue reading

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C-19 thought for the day

1/3 of health care workers refusing vax. Why? Are these medical professionals who have spent countless years of immuno/cardio/respiratory/ and every other medical studies, having daily real world experience with patient care, are these people stupid??? Or perhaps, are they … Continue reading

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More infallible facts from scripture

Note that word. Infallible. Incapable of being wrong. I’m laughing today after reading yet one more ‘opinion’ that the world is headed toward a ‘cashless society.’ Duh. Yeah, these self proclaimed experts are riding the bitcoin wave and cryto crash … Continue reading

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Take the TRUTH test

In my never ending quest to speak of the almighty perfectness of true science, coupled with the infallible testimony of Holy Writ, I bring you this for your immediate consideration. Forget the fact that coal, lumber, leather, diamonds, oil, blood, … Continue reading

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Full Soviet yoo2be

So you have heard that the ‘intellectual platform of all approved knowledge’ has now banned all content of dissent against the ‘wonderful vax mandates.’ Yeah, we’re all about the free dissemination of information here. Those of you who approve of … Continue reading

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Sober thought for the day

Hospitals are filling space with masked patients who….wait for it: are having problems accelerated by the inability to breathe fresh air, and are inhaling their own toxic poisons. Fact. The govts of the world have aided and abetted the present … Continue reading

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Bezos? Not impressed

Surely you have heard that the ‘richest’ man in the world buttoned up a trip to ‘space’ and back in 11 minutes. Ha! What skill. What temerity and tenacity. Sorry, not impressed. You see, I have been to an amusement … Continue reading

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I dare you to prove this post incorrect

Look carefully at the pic. A day old, headline news. Not only at the image, but look deeply into the ramifications when this comes to a town near you. Novel? Convenient? Safe??? After all, tattoos are all the rage doncha … Continue reading

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Listen here my godless neighbor

So, Amazon, that alleged world leader of intellectual commerce, has stepped up and introduced a point of sale purchase for your groceries and whatnot. Yep, as easy as pie at your fingertips, or rather, on the palm of your hand. … Continue reading

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The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

It’s the sacred scriptures, the holy scriptures, God’s word, aka, the bible. Now I’ve done it. With the title at the top, many heads have just exploded. “How the %&#@!! can you be so th2pid? Are you some kind of … Continue reading

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