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The foundations of nature are secure

After all, ‘Doth not nature itself teach you? Oh yeah, but keep in mind, ‘The wisdom of this world is foolishness unto God.’ Chew on this dear friends. Is this limited to spiritual affairs only, or is this suggestive to … Continue reading

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Nature’s herald no. 2

You want to talk about unicorns or large lizards? Not today, anyway, what is exactly large? Compared to what? How about Goliath of Gath, the 9′ prize fighter that was proven to be just another clumsy oaf? Nope not today, … Continue reading

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I am Jack the barbarian…….grrrr

Was reminded recently that stone age intellect was not limited to our ancestors, those illustrious goons who unlike us moderns, did not waste their time twiddling their thumbs on a device, but were busy making brass, copper, laying magnificent stonework, … Continue reading

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Risky business these assumptions

(I promised this to a few people. Ask yourself though if this is important, and if you and I are on the correct side of ‘science,’ keeping in mind God says there is ‘science falsely so-called.’  But do take note … Continue reading

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Gotta love antiques

Don’t let the name of the vid scare you. And don’t be tempted to write it off and immediately dismiss it; you will be the better person for your tolerance and patience. I love old stuff. Unfortunately, in many areas, … Continue reading

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The music of the beast?

With recent press time regarding animals in zoos and their interaction with humans, thought it may be a good idea to offer a few observations. So a lion is put to death because he killed a worker. Sad to say … Continue reading

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Now serving 19

THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Key word service. From the beginning of my experiences in blogging, there has been no deviation, no swerving, no turning, nothing but unyielding affection for the truth regarding the origin of man, the reliability … Continue reading

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The ship of fools

Can you imagine Noah telling God: I can’t build the ark, I don’t have the internet to tell me how to build it. Uh, that would be a big fat nnnnno. Yet we do have the internet that tells us … Continue reading

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“On the Far Side Banks of Jordan…”

Originally posted on OUR WAY IS THE HIGHWAY:
THE LONGER I’VE BEEN IN THE FAITH; THE MORE I MATURE; and the firmer I become on various doctrinal positions—everything from eschatology and cosmology to graceology and doxology—I find myself succumbing to…

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Honor Thy Dust

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Chuckling here, but I like order in my world and have these totally unrealized housekeeping standards. If you think life is a…

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Remember December

Do you notice that the month of December brings out the finer points of humanity? Of course I speak generally about the yuletide season of eggnog, good cheer, happy holidays, employee bonuses, tolerance, patience, and carol singing, but specifically, all … Continue reading

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Please hold…

Uncle Paul calls you on the phone and tells you about his wife who was just taken ill. You get distracted, and tell him to ‘hang on a sec.’ He says: ‘take your time.’ You were 18 at the time. … Continue reading

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Let it bee

Since they were first created, the honey bee has been delighting we the people with that wonderful treat known as honey. The comb, an engineering marvel second to none, (there is that spider ‘s web though) has long stumped godless … Continue reading

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Just wishing you some evangelistic merriment

Far far too many names to mention insofar as wishing greetings, you know who you are. What a network of believers found on WP; rock solid in the mind, goodwill in the heart, and passionate in the soul regarding life … Continue reading

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They are soooo not worthy……

(just another post in the series of marking out the absurd view points of they who have no taste for God, scripture, and decent people of faith. I do not apologize for pointing out such things. If you are a … Continue reading

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More fruit loops

Congratulations johnzande. Yes it is perfectly scriptural to kick tail and take names, since YOU said this regarding a certain president named Donald Trump and ALL Christians. Got that? ALL Christians. Your words. You named him. You named others. You … Continue reading

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Neither were they thankful….

(note: to the unbeliever, believer, atheist, or whosoever will) Leading up to the quintessential American holiday, it gives us pause and cause to recollect the many ways, and thousands of times, Thanksgiving can be rendered. Unfortunately, far too many of … Continue reading

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And now for the news

Today there are spectacular fires in the western US, ice storms in the east, recent hurricanes in the south, flooding in places one would not expect, snow in the north, cold where one would not expect, and heat where one … Continue reading

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Thieves I tellya

(just another brick off the wall in the dismantling of godlessness) The interpretive rights of scripture do not belong to liars and thieves; to be sure, that uncompromising and ever so sharp monarch of books bloodies the hands of they … Continue reading

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Interpret this

As was mentioned elsewhere, to Doug actually, that a few thoughts would be forthcoming regarding a common theme and scripture, that being, that there are far too many interpretations and ideas that suggest the entire text incredible, for after all, … Continue reading

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