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This is unbelievable!

I so tire of hearing that word: unbelievable. ‘Did you see him catch that TD pass? It was unbelievable.  Did you see her sink that 50 ft putt? Unbelievable. Did you hear about the guy who lost 50 lbs? Unbelievable. … Continue reading

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I say dear chap, there is no doubt

In my years of easy demolition of the theory of atheism, coupled with the instant hush of all naysayers who say: ‘there be no God!’ I bring this thought for the day. An exaggeration to be sure, but it only … Continue reading

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The world that then was…..

Sooooo, you have heard the gripe, one mind you, that has been repeated since man tried to depose God from His throne. There is no God! Genesis is a farce! The scriptures were written by lazy people who were clueless as … Continue reading

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Have you been humbled lately?

It’s short. It’s intense. It’s gorgeous. It’s altogether lovely. It’s the world which we live in, a world in which we become numb to what lies around us. I luuuuv stuff like this, watching what is above us, watching with … Continue reading

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Light and laughter

I luuuuv this observation, which by the way, I have been saying similar things for years. ‘Sunlight entering the water may travel about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) into the ocean under the right conditions, but there is rarely any significant … Continue reading

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And now a word from our sponsor

We interrupt the regular offence and defense of the word of God……(note the spelling) and the usual candor without apology for all things good and pure, of which God and His word are the source, to just chit and chat, … Continue reading

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The compliments keep pouring in

Been blogging for a long time. Been writing even longer. Been thinking longer than that. While some minds are harder than concrete when faced with truths, I make no apology for holding firm in that which needs no defense: the … Continue reading

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Does it ever dawn on you?

Opinions about thousands of things neither make them true, important, irrelevant, or even necessary. But they can be, as some are obviously better than others. Consider this line of thought: FACT- 6 year old boys and girls should have separate … Continue reading

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Love this burial

Don’t you so tire of hearing the age old charge that Christianity is the root of hatred and ‘death to the Jews?’ I do. I believe that narrow minds are responsible for the perpetuating of such an idea. Not that … Continue reading

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Eh, so we disagree

Put 10 women and ten men in a room and ask them to explain the greatest movie of all times. Some will cite Citizen Kane with good reason, others may call upon Cinderella for good reason, still others John Wayne … Continue reading

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Thanks a bundle

During December, people across the world generally heap upon others good words of cheer and simple good will; to every thing there is a season I suppose, so I too would like to join all comrades far and wide, and … Continue reading

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The Dagger that slices

Here is a thought that will surely rattle the cages of the so-called intellectual who pretends to know more than God. Yeah, there’s an idea, mere mortals ‘knowing’ more than God. Anyway: The study of scripture is the most demanding … Continue reading

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Learning makes people th2pid

It was only a matter of time. An animal granted personhood. This is the result of so-called elitist educational programming which has simply supplanted true reason, logic, facts, and above all, common sense. I’m quoting from the article: Judge Elena … Continue reading

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Let God be true

I love those four English words: yea, ‘let God be true,’ then perhaps even more accurate and powerful is what follows: ‘but every man a liar.’ OUCH. I know I know some will cry ‘we don’t have the information or … Continue reading

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Who do you ultimately obey?

A 10 year old kid invites all his friends over his parents house on Fri. night. Dad gave specific instructions to Henry to enjoy free reign of the interior. No room was off limits, as they all enjoyed billiards, darts, … Continue reading

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Lights and perfections

A phrase that cannot be utilized (without the aid of a mocking stick) by evolutionists and atheists worldwide, is this 5 syllabled English combination of ‘lights and perfections.’ It just rolls off the tongue, more importantly though is WHERE this … Continue reading

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Obviously you should hurry…

‘Patience is queen in a world of hurry.’ Courtesy of your color friend some time ago, but reminds me of this today. If patience is queen, longsuffering is king. Many mistakes are made when things are done quickly. Need proof? … Continue reading

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Wait a sec

When you walk into the home of a friend as an invited dinner guest, generally you are mindful of where you are and how to behave, or are you? You don’t bark out orders to get this or that, or … Continue reading

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Cold and scattering

(Cold) Other than the obvious conclusion that a sober mind must make when considering creation, that God has the copyrights alone to His handiwork, that is, that the property of rocks, water, (including oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, clouds) minerals, leather, … Continue reading

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The math of God

I am so glad God is absolute, that He can be relied upon, that His precisions are firm, steadfast, sure, resolute, and predictable. After all, He created the exact SCIENCE of arithmetic doncha know. Time which is measured by seconds, … Continue reading

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