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Snow. The great truth teller.

Pick a town, any town that just received a deluge of snow. 5′ now on the ground. Can you possibly conceive the sheer weight of that snow, NOW on the GROUND, that just yesterday was above your head? Can you … Continue reading

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So few are religious

Good word bad word there. In the hands of the unlearned it is usually revolting, but in the hands of the mature, it is actually a fine word crossing many disciplines of life. Some may be surprised to know that … Continue reading

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Always Seeking Goodness

I’ve been attending the 8 a.m. Mass at another parish in town; the earliest Mass at my parish is 9. When you are an early waker, as I am, you tend to… Always Seeking Goodness Pop over to Jill’s place. … Continue reading

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The gripes of the clay pots…

‘Even if your god, the genocidal, meglomaniac Canaanite deity, Yahweh did exist I would not bow and scrape to such a vile entity.’ So saith he and all others who dare to pronounce such devilishness upon the one and only … Continue reading

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Geniuses are overrated

–Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king… its exponents are brilliant men … Continue reading

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Do you have a North mind?

During a recent exchange with Doug, the following observation was made, and upon further review, not only is it true, but worthy of its own heading: The knowledge of God is the highest of the sciences. I suppose some may … Continue reading

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Face the music. Face the inconvenient truth.

From coast to coast in the US, bitter and brutal cold has paralyzed just about every nook and cranny of cities among the fruited plain. Uncomfortable to many to be sure. Inconvenient no question. Man made though? Don’t make me … Continue reading

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You cannot be serious….

Heard a stat recently re. children and suicide. Children. Young girls and boys, not yet men and women, children, whose minds are still developing, like fawns not yet mature, still having spots, who are taking in the world around them, … Continue reading

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To be small again

Here’s a thought for you. You are standing ALONE, at the peak of K-2. Maybe -60 degrees F that day. 29,000 ft above sea level. The height of a flying 747- Nothing but massive mountain. A chain of splendor. No … Continue reading

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The subtlety of glory

Soooo, late last night while looking UP at a clear star star-studded sky, and while observing the timeless design and perfectly patterned glittering diamonds of light, I saw a ‘shooting’ star, so bright, so eventful, so demure in its quickness, … Continue reading

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True appreciation

Any guesses? C’mon, hit me with your best shot. And if you think you are certain, do explain the wide reaching parameters. Especially now with election mania, how about something normal.

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Ran across this……

Saw this today out of nowhere. Watch the whole thing, consider the man’s background and areas of expertise. Watch how he answers other’s objections. Notice how matter-of-fact he presents his arguments. Tell me if he is reasonable, sane, professional, knowledgeable, … Continue reading

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I am the greatest?

In years and years of blogging, no topic has been taboo, at least here, and having written countless posts on atheism, and (not bragging btw what’s coming next) still remaining undefeated in dismantling all commentary and arguments against the Creator, … Continue reading

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Some things never change

Amazing isn’t it, how evolution cannot erase the written word, and how the incomparable rainbow in the sky is testament to the goodness and promises of Almighty God. The rainbow may have been high jacked by the lbjqbvd crowd, and … Continue reading

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It’s just a little lie right?

The 3-year-old kid has a mouth dripping with chocolate while holding the candy bar behind his back- Mom says: ‘Did you take the chocolate?’ Junior looks at the ground then at her and says ‘noooooo Mom.’ No big deal right? … Continue reading

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Should Biden run in -24?

Hmm. Being he can’t walk in -22……. ….seems a stupid question.

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A most annoying catch phrase

You have heard it I’m sure. It is rather popular in our media and ‘star’ infested networks, and when muttered, there is supposed to be a ‘you heard it first here, so listen up, this is important.’ John Depp after … Continue reading

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The finest five words ever written

You can cite your favorites, I’m sure. You can draw from poetry, literature, history, the arts, family, business, architecture, carpentry, proverbs, autobiographies, sports, television, radio, and a host of sources where inspiration sings to you. We draw interest from personal … Continue reading

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Love this science pic?

This is precisely WHY I detest modern ‘science.’ This was promoted as a Webb telescope image by a so-called French scientist as a distant ‘star,’ when in fact it was a mere slice of chorizo. a sausage. This ‘stunt’ he … Continue reading

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Folklore Christianity: Flat Earthers?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
First let me say, I am quite fond of several flat earthers. They have blessed me, taught me a lot of significant things. For one, just look at this little…

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