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Brilliant but without intelligence

Mr. Kasparov is a legend. He is one cool customer. He’s not bad at chess either. He says of DeepBlue: ‘200 million moves a second……but it is not smart.’ Ha! But Garry understands a computer’s program (and the sciences) do … Continue reading

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Byden’s Olympic gaffe

Surely you have heard. Well, it’s been in the mix since forever, and little joe is the latest mouthpiece for the leftist mob posing as high powered intellects. Transgender guys and gals are now greenlighted to engage in sports acting … Continue reading

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Oh how they pontificate

The much revered hero of artificial intellect, aka, the godfather of atheism, Richard Hawkins, when speaking of Trump, opened his trap regarding the silencing of ‘words’ he finds offensive and said this: ‘He went far beyond expression of opinion (which … Continue reading

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More lunacy. No thank you.

After a long waited appt. for an eye exam, I showed up, charming personality hidden behind the maskly donned 6’3 frame, on time, took off my jacket, said hello, and was immediately accosted (ok maybe an exaggeration) by the woman … Continue reading

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Judicial restraint?

You have heard it all. The cop was a monster killer. Floyd was a boy scout. The word ‘Justice now!’ is given a platform, and is code for ‘we want OUR verdict.’ Everybody apparently is on the ‘protest’ bandwagon, and … Continue reading

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The condition of things

Greeting to friends across the world, hello to believer kin, evo and atheist neighbors  everywhere. Do consider. Social distancing? Uh, nnnnno, let’s go with the more correct phrase: social Conditioning. Don’t think so? Bear with my folly, then decide for … Continue reading

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Learning makes people th2pid

It was only a matter of time. An animal granted personhood. This is the result of so-called elitist educational programming which has simply supplanted true reason, logic, facts, and above all, common sense. I’m quoting from the article: Judge Elena … Continue reading

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A master stroke by Trump?

Wouldn’t it be the cat’s meow if the current US president has played the media like a fiddle… and uses a phone conversation with the Ukraine leader that completely exonerates him? Is it possible? Sure. Likely? Time will tell, but … Continue reading

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Let’s talk gun control

Soooo, immediate and predictable was the response by the short sighted minds to lay blame at the feet of an unthinking tool: the gun made me a killer! Let’s dissect this a bit shall we. It’s the automatic weapon that … Continue reading

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Just when you think you heard it all…….

So this dude named Sam Smith has attracted the attention of the media, and all of a sudden  he is relevant in the eyes of perversion and decadence. Why? Oh Romeo let me count thy ways. “Sometimes I feel male, … Continue reading

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My .02 is gold

Apologies in advance for offending at least a handful, but here’s my take on that sproutling CommieLa Harris, the pathetic monument of all things anti-American, erected as the media darling being the latest face of lawlessness masqueraded as intellectually elite: … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh slaughter

You have heard on national television the merciless and senseless unabated murder by a monster in a synagogue on a rainy Saturday morning in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. A baby naming ceremony. Heart wrenching. He targeted a Jewish community exclusively. 11 people … Continue reading

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A little detour

Surely you have seen the pics of the so-called  ‘immigrants’ parading toward the southern US border. But did you happen to notice that which the cameras conveniently avoid because it does not fit the template of liberalism gone sideways? The … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh, Flake, and the face of atheism

Strange bedfellows these words above? Nope, not at all, and as usual, no apology will be forthcoming for telling what is plainly true. The now notable elevator scene with Senator Flake. He was approached as he was closing the door, … Continue reading

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Dr Ford?

So how many people have I offended because I have not included her maiden name? So what, who cares? In the middle of her testimony today, here are a few observations: -Not ONE Democrat has offered the idea that we … Continue reading

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Has the dust settled?

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Surely you have heard of rose-anne fame, and her on again off again romance and fame as a shock jock entertainer.  What really got my goat was not her mouth (which I’m pretty sure is only her opinion and so … Continue reading

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Q tips?

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I think it was Drudge who posted a link about an article in the men’s magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly regarding literary opinion, of which, no surprise here, the Bible made their short list on works not worthy of reading. Guess what? … Continue reading

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Logos, Wut?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
The word “logos” keeps popping up. It’s a bit funny how I can get myself into so much trouble over a single word. I haven’t yet forgotten the epic melt…

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Tghuoht fro teh dya

The human mind has the instant ability to perceive things that a red fox may have a little difficulty. It does not take supernatural skill to know that I have a ‘thought for the day.’ I need not supply ‘evidence’ … Continue reading

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Some Fridays take the cake

I once heard a man say the reason he studies Christianity night and day is to help him through his past suffering and recover lost years from believing the bible to be nothing more than tales written by campfire nomads.  … Continue reading

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