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Teaching from scripture with emphasis on rightly dividing the word of truth

An arrow finds its mark, perfectly.

Ah yes, solid gold. Some one-liners just have a way of encapsulating a point, an idea, an ideology, a world view. This happens to be a fav. Enjoy, and try to disagree. But first, do you know the difference between … Continue reading

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Not particularly….now

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There are priceless gems in scripture which reveal other jewels, and if we care to pay attention, we can see God’s timeless wisdom and His admonition to be like the industrious ant, toiling without special notice, and laboring to uncover … Continue reading

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A harbinger of things to come

Hi friend and neighbor. After all, what are a few thousand miles between pals? Received a rather unusual comment that has given birth to a soon repost of some things I wrote three years ago. I have never been accused … Continue reading

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The dancing buddhapest

In the ever amusing merry-go-round of useless arguments, we see what I call the ‘fly dance’ rear its nasty head. The fly lands on your arm, and with lightning reflexes he says ‘ha ha, you missed me’ when you try … Continue reading

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Work is a good thing

In consideration of America’s Labor Day, here’s a heads up to scripture. -In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and … Continue reading

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The rock of offense.

What strange days we live in, that folks are so easily offended. Hmmm. This short accounting is important, not because I was party to the convo, but because faith and God’s word is continually under assault, and the sting to … Continue reading

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This song above songs

Surely any day could be cited as THIS day, for to be simply alive could qualify; tomorrow does not, at least not yet.  Are some days better than others? Of course, there are a million reasons why we could choose … Continue reading

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Hey, that’s no mystery

Mystery. Mysterious. Mystifying. Words that conjure excitement, dare, the unknown, the unexplainable, difficult to understand, truth, bravery, beauty, questions, answers, and a thousand other things and images. I always thought it mysterious HOW a magazine is delivered to your doorstep … Continue reading

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You on trial

Question for you. If you were on trial for being a christian, would there be any evidence to convict you? That is, could your life withstand the scrutiny of every person that sees you daily, in the market, in the … Continue reading

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elders: are you fit?

written 1.05 –Preface A rather demanding and serious topic and a lengthly discourse with many associations in scripture. Necessary reading and study for anybody having an interest in the presbytery. You may be pleased to know, that Paul the apostle … Continue reading

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False teachers

We are pleased to consider your question: how can one know with certainty who is and who is not a messenger from God. In other words, you want to know how you may know a false teacher. This is easy … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Camping

Family Radio July 19,04 Harold Camping An open letter; (feel free to read this on air, but only in its entirety) Sir: I decided not to call you, live, for there was a chance you would have been embarrassed, and … Continue reading

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Muslims and hope

Only a fool would say there are no decent Muslims,  as morality has many friends, but for the most part, Muslims follow a different god. If you are Muslim, you are asked for everything, and offers so little or nothing … Continue reading

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Church fathers?

A warm salute to those of you across the world. Surely you have heard of mans appeal to the so called church fathers to defend certain religious practices; as if the opinions of men carry more weight than the apostles … Continue reading

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Predestination- a few thoughts

The cherubim of glory shadowing the mercy seat, of which we cannot now speak particularly… Hebrews Predestination. A word which immediately causes consternation by many, avoidance by others, and a pontificating attitude by still more. It is a bible word … Continue reading

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Glory of God

Question for you. What should be the most important thing on a believer’s mind? If you had to narrow your choice, what would it be? There is a fine thread woven through scripture, from the opening verse  unto the ending … Continue reading

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