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Around the kitchen table kind of talk with a clever and spiritual edge

A good perspective among covid nonsense

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Wait a sec

When you walk into the home of a friend as an invited dinner guest, generally you are mindful of where you are and how to behave, or are you? You don’t bark out orders to get this or that, or … Continue reading

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Ah yes, faith, what a defect.

I am so a sucker for stuff like this. Just watch me unwrap and melt away. More so when things like this are true. Surely you have heard of the intellectual crippling effect of faith, or as some like to … Continue reading

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The best of all time

There will never be a greater male performer. Elvis Presley had a range far and wide, vocals above all others, from ballad to gospel, rock to roll, and everything in between.  Never out of style. Timeless. Enjoy. With special tribute … Continue reading

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Just perfect pitch

This song was first memorable by the awesome duet of John Denver and Mr. Domingo. Here, we see beauty added by this father and son team. Some things captured my attention. The passing of the mantle so to speak from … Continue reading

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The need for speed!

So I have become a familiar face to the big place that warehouses all things for home repairs, you know, without mentioning names, the orange apron people. Endless summer projects, stealing every minute of my already action packed time with … Continue reading

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Random goodness

Ok I admit, I’m a softie for stuff like this. The thousands of ways we affect people without even knowing.  Yeah yeah some will argue that God is not needed to be human.  And I would say: Ah, but stuff … Continue reading

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Hey Christian

(Maybe there is something here for believer and unbeliever alike) Just a heads up to the pontiffs of pride, the holders and wearers of ‘the crown of truth,’ regarding THIS time of year, or so it is thought.  Ah yes, … Continue reading

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Uh oh I’m in trouble now

You have heard of dangling participles, misplaced colons, unnecessary italics, untidy prepositions, and poor spelling. But wait, there’s more, but first… Ok I’ll say it up front lest anybody accuse me of being the antichrist. This idea is pure humor, … Continue reading

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Dear Abbey…

(Follow up to ‘Good bye friend,‘ for context see original) I warned you. Please don’t stone me! True, the information was limited, but I did however give an invitation to ‘ask’ any questions if a person needed more info before … Continue reading

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Good bye friend

Lisa and Abigail were friends for 32 years. Seems they knew each others thoughts, kind of like the closeness of David and Jonathan. Lisa came from a large family: 6 sisters and three brothers. Abigail was an orphan who had … Continue reading

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She didn’t know jack…

Ok you may have heard that Jack and Jill went up the hill, but hold the fort. First, they were trespassing, but that’s another story, absentminded doncha know. Too much manure in the air. True Jill’s sister was leaning toward gender … Continue reading

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Men working

Ooh call the cops, I just triggered some people and offended others; woe is me for being so insensitive and oh so politically ignorant. While on a recent trip, I enjoyed seeing the quintessential road signs: ‘men working,’ while seeing … Continue reading

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Hey it’s me Marco….

Geico is running a very clever commercial; actually the first time I saw it I laughed out loud. It is that good in its simplicity. Like most things however, there is always more to the story, and valid points can … Continue reading

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Lousy neighbors

On another post, and in the usual style of the bartender serving up bizarre gripes about people of faith, a self-described decon while sitting on the bar stool, and in a moment of careless honesty, made this following observation about … Continue reading

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To the end of love…

Others have written of the dance between the sexes, especially the chemistry of marriage, the impossibility of a union when left alone, the interplay and respect between the two, the give and take of male and female, that is, specifically between … Continue reading

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Rise and shine

I’ll betcha so few farmers are non believers, as God has a soft spot for the salt of the earth. Farming is the epitome of man’s dominion over the earth shown in the care for livestock, the plowing of the … Continue reading

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Grim tales in a sea of hope

(pardon this blend of humor in todays pc climate with a twist of lemon) Hickory dickery dock, three mice ran up the clock. The clock struck one, the other two escaped with broken legs……..and soon filed a lawsuit against the … Continue reading

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Say hi to Phil Keaggy

May I introduce you to Phil Keaggy. To those who may not know, Phil comes from a colorful past; success with the band Glass Harp, contracts with Decca, and as an opening act for many great names,  he rose to … Continue reading

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How cold is it?

Just a bit of whimsy to help facilitate the arrival of spring. Of course there must be a recognition of He who brings the cold. Top ten reasons it is so cold: 10.  It is so cold the Maytag refrigerator … Continue reading

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