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Words like an arrow finding its mark

So few are religious

Good word bad word there. In the hands of the unlearned it is usually revolting, but in the hands of the mature, it is actually a fine word crossing many disciplines of life. Some may be surprised to know that … Continue reading

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Always Seeking Goodness

I’ve been attending the 8 a.m. Mass at another parish in town; the earliest Mass at my parish is 9. When you are an early waker, as I am, you tend to… Always Seeking Goodness Pop over to Jill’s place. … Continue reading

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Should Biden run in -24?

Hmm. Being he can’t walk in -22……. ….seems a stupid question.

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A most annoying catch phrase

You have heard it I’m sure. It is rather popular in our media and ‘star’ infested networks, and when muttered, there is supposed to be a ‘you heard it first here, so listen up, this is important.’ John Depp after … Continue reading

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Folklore Christianity: Flat Earthers?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
First let me say, I am quite fond of several flat earthers. They have blessed me, taught me a lot of significant things. For one, just look at this little…

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Sing it Just some good stuff. I love the host’s reactions as much as the content. There are a zillion vids made inspired by Nathan Evans- and there are dance moves unique to the tune. Try to listen to the whole … Continue reading

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To all good mockers

Anybody who dismisses God’s word as unreliable, untruthful, irrelevant, a crutch for the weak, inaccurate, a collection of useless tales, behind the times, scientifically barren, or any other shortcoming or defect, then you, and I mean you, have an intellect … Continue reading

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Clouds. A big deal?

Yes, I do think so. Goes to the heart of where we live on this temporary home called earth. These clouds were on display last week and I was immediately arrested by my eyes. Are you not as well even … Continue reading

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Punishing thought for the day

Does the atheistic brain hold the capacity to comprehend God, or is it forever delegated to the pits of ignorance? In other words, can light penetrate the darkness? Short answer, yes. but there must first be a willingness to remove … Continue reading

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What Is Wrong With Atheism?

Originally posted on Silence of Mind:
First, what is the definition of atheism? According to Merriam-Webster: atheism is “a philosophical or religious position characterized by disbelief in the existence of a god or any gods.” That is correct. Atheism is…

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A quote for the ages

When asked what advice he would give to incoming college students, the always thoughtful David Berlinski said this without hesitation: ‘Read the Old Testament. It is the greatest repository of human knowledge and wisdom in the history of civilization, any … Continue reading

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An invitation to you

Attention: To my faithful readers from every stripe and any worldview, offer your best reason and do tell a worldwide audience WHY you are, or are not, more significant than a maggot. Go ahead, accept the challenge, but be careful … Continue reading

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Great debate/ must see tv

It’s great because it’s civil while having two strong opponents. Prof. Lennox is as seasoned as they come; a great mind using and following the trails of logic. Usually in these talks, there are massive insults hurled ala Hitchens, who … Continue reading

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A filthy word

I am starting to despise the word ‘science.’ Actually, I have loathed it for years, ever since the high priests such as Degrasse and Nye, Harris, etc, all have hijacked it, the same way the word ‘rainbow’ has been profaned … Continue reading

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Why Paul? Why not you?

A topic/question deserving more attention than a passing comment elsewhere: Why did the apostle Paul receive an invitation so unusual to see the risen Lord? A common complaint shared by they who say ‘there is no God,’ or that the … Continue reading

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Sober thought for the day

Hospitals are filling space with masked patients who….wait for it: are having problems accelerated by the inability to breathe fresh air, and are inhaling their own toxic poisons. Fact. The govts of the world have aided and abetted the present … Continue reading

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I predict….

No Tkx needed in advance/ nor does it take a genius to cite the obvious- even though it did not yet occur. When President Harris and Biden are sworn in…. there will be a gush the likes that you have … Continue reading

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Who dares to challenge the goodness of God?

Beauty and goodness comes in many flavors. Here is a song that should make believers happy, and while it may even excite the auditory canals of the atheist, a greater question should be asked: Why does something please me that … Continue reading

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Love this burial

Don’t you so tire of hearing the age old charge that Christianity is the root of hatred and ‘death to the Jews?’ I do. I believe that narrow minds are responsible for the perpetuating of such an idea. Not that … Continue reading

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Thanks a bundle

During December, people across the world generally heap upon others good words of cheer and simple good will; to every thing there is a season I suppose, so I too would like to join all comrades far and wide, and … Continue reading

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