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Bells of glory

No apes and peacocks today, but something equally finer coming from the book of books, the Monarch of books even, something that rolls off the tongue and sounds so sweet to the finely tuned ear, that can hear both the … Continue reading

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Well, this is deeper yet

Imagine the last vid as an appetizer if you will, to this, something better.  So we know next to nothing regarding the fountains of the great deep; those depths of waters clearly above our limited understanding of what lives beneath … Continue reading

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The greatest of these scents…

Recently a joke was made regarding Christianity online, as well as another empty observation, and these twin broken lines of raw sewage need to be fumigated, then scorched. I’m happy to do it, but please accept a thousand apologies for … Continue reading

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Just another stranger…

Preface: Here’s hoping to warm a place in you where the natural temperature cannot go. And tkx to all for the encouragement of things not seen………….. ____________________________________________________________ So there she was, her hopes dashed, probably struggling to see through her tears, forgetting … Continue reading

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The donkey knew its maker

I found myself referring to a ‘donkey’ quite a few times of late, and the thoughts below are once more worthy of simple consideration. This is an excerpt from a post written some time ago. Truly, the Lord does all … Continue reading

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He is nobody special…

If the next sentence does not trouble you as a believer, I implore you to examine yourself. There is a thought floating around that says the son of God brought nothing new to mankind, that His teachings were simply  borrowed … Continue reading

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The shepherd above all

He is the good  shepherd He is the great shepherd  He is  the CHIEF  shepherd   The  GOOD  shepherd lays down his life for his sheep The  GREAT  shepherd is the guardian of his sheep The   CHIEF   shepherd will carry his sheep to glory … Continue reading

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Useless and broken

Julie accidentally dropped the remote control and it shattered into pieces; useless. When the water pump in the car decided to quit working, the car broke down, was useless until repaired,  and when the clerk dropped the light bulb, she watched it … Continue reading

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