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Nature declares the glory of God. Insight and inspiration

The web of serendipity?

It has been said that if you want to learn the mysteries of the oceans, study the dewdrop. I say, if you want to know the depths of the universe, study the spider’s web. (porch photo) The planning, design, math, … Continue reading

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The music of Spring

Just as the Creator promised, the continuity of the seasons confirms that He is, that his word is good, very good even, that He can be trusted, and that there is absolutely no shadow of turning in Him. When a … Continue reading

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That’s no angry bird!!

In my never ending quest of easily exposing the fraudulent false science of evolution and godlessness, and proving every word of God is good, today we have this. One would think, that after bazillions of years of head banging, the … Continue reading

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Foolishness has many friends

I can’t tell you how much I love this pic. Sorry a man was foolish to test his law-breaking with 3 powerful animals, but imagine the chaos of that scene. No doubt money was involved in his criminal activity, and … Continue reading

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The music of the beast?

With recent press time regarding animals in zoos and their interaction with humans, thought it may be a good idea to offer a few observations. So a lion is put to death because he killed a worker. Sad to say … Continue reading

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Let it bee

Since they were first created, the honey bee has been delighting we the people with that wonderful treat known as honey. The comb, an engineering marvel second to none, (there is that spider ‘s web though) has long stumped godless … Continue reading

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And now for the news

Today there are spectacular fires in the western US, ice storms in the east, recent hurricanes in the south, flooding in places one would not expect, snow in the north, cold where one would not expect, and heat where one … Continue reading

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Gotta love that light

God does not need the Science of Atheism to explain or maintain His creation. True science is always at the mercy of God’s hands, and never contradicts God’s immutable word.  Just ask a whale or an ape; they were whales … Continue reading

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The teacher above all

Was reminded of an old favorite scripture truth recently, brought to our attention by the astute, level-headed, sober, and brilliant mind of Paul the apostle, a mind by the way, that has no modern equal. Is this my opinion? Nope. … Continue reading

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The facts of life

Just when you think you have heard and seen it all, have a look-see at this wonderful example of godlessness, with an added heap of praise by infidels local and universal, and I kid you not, this is word for … Continue reading

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Hello sunshine!

‘Though He be not far from us.’ Sound familiar? Indeed, that BE God Himself, in the worlds He created.  Science would have you believe that yes, if there be a God, he be far from us, borrowing such antiquated language … Continue reading

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The little log cabin

Little but not easy to build. Unless of course you are a grizzly bear, with those broad shoulders to carry heavy logs, and those claws which can shred a tree to a plank within  minutes. Wait a sec, that’s not … Continue reading

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Just sweet

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(Ran across this, and concur entirely; written well over a hundred years ago by the most devout and sound thinker. I quote word for word.) “There is no subject, with the exception, of course, of those which are essentially divine, … Continue reading

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Tying shoes in truth

I knew a guy once who was a proud atheist in a humble sort of way. We were friends and always had fine discussions about this, that, and the other. Haven’t seen him in a while but this thought occurred … Continue reading

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Oh deer

Which came first, the mountains of snow, or the whitetail deer, able to sit comfortably all day in a climate of 50 degrees below zero, relaxing in a blinding blizzard of a snowstorm, as if he was eating mangos in … Continue reading

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-17 reasons

Consider for a moment that it does not rain 2 ton boulders instead of water drops. Consider that it does not snow in pre-formed blankets 6 feet thick which would instantly crush you. Consider the fact that there is the … Continue reading

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Don’t laugh it’s a fair question

Sooooo, man is no different from a ground-hog eh? Man is no different from a common fly? Man has no more value than a hyena eh? When is the last time you served up ‘last rites’ for a gnat? Why … Continue reading

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Chew the cud will ya

Cows may be much smarter than we the people. They chew the cud as it were, thinking about things over and over and over. Now then, think on this:  It is easier to believe that the scriptures are true, than … Continue reading

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I’m not tellin him!

Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of a past observation by CitizenTom: did you see those teeth? Yeah, try telling this fella his ancestors were miniature dogs, sea turtles, kangaroos, or wads of doo, poo, or carpenters glue. Yeah go ahead. … Continue reading

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The autumnal wink

(This is a reprint of a perennial favorite) Here a leaf, there a leaf, the weaker of the leaves give in to the first chill of fall, and boast of their first rights to claim a spot on the ground. … Continue reading

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