Oklahoma tornado

Union City Oklahoma Tornado (mature)

Union City Oklahoma Tornado (mature) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was only a matter of minutes before the questions came: ‘How could a loving God allow this devastation? How could a God of love allow the deaths of children?’

You have heard these before; perhaps you have tried to answer but with no real satisfaction. You are not alone, but be careful not to make the leap of illogical conclusions as if God could be put on trial and found guilty.

We live in a world that is currently in a condition that is man’s doing.  Wars, rumors of wars, murder, deceit, lies, adultery, theft, homosexuality, backbiting, embezzling, and the list is a mile long that proves man is the misfit that God says he is.

So when we see a fierce display of natures wrath, some blame God, for after all they say, is he not the God of nature? Indeed He is, but He is not to be charged. It is easy to place the blame where it cannot be proved, and where there is no rebuttal; rest assured, if you were to hear from God, there would not be a rock near enough and large enough to crawl under to hide from his word.  God is mistake free, while man is full of spots.

People should try to look at these things from heavens point of view, for the concern  is generally seen as ‘how many were killed,’ or ‘how many innocent lives were ended.’ Not bad questions, but wrong questions.  I would ask: ‘who deserves NOT to be pelted with hailstones,’ or ‘who deserves NOT to be swallowed up by an earthquake?’ Get the point?

Once this is addressed honestly, all natural disasters can be understood in the context that God is not only just, but he is long suffering and merciful. Man has long been a trespasser on God’s creation, by birth and by practice, but people make the mistake thinking they ‘personally’ have escaped   God’s eye of displeasure.

If we judge with a single eye, and look into the window of truth,  there can be only one result: God is perfect, and He can do as He pleases and does not answer to man, even though He has left a witness through His word that all may see and know His ways.

It is terrible for a family to lose loved ones in such a way as a tornado, as the pain is immeasurable and time leaves scars, but a good man can question God, and answers need not be given, and this seeming aloofness, is also a great balm. God needs not answer, for he explained it already:  s i n.

Young ones are born into a sinful world, and the earth is not now as God made it. In the board rooms of the exchanges, in the corporate meetings of Madison Ave, sin is not discussed, yet ‘sin’ sells.

Man revels in his success using decadence to make money and a name, yet cares not as to the offense he has caused by trafficking in that which is despicable to God. God has every right to wipe man from his earth but chooses not, for his love is greater than his wrath, but how many give thanks to God for tragedy?    None.

‘Why should I?’ is the question, but again, this is looking from the wrong point of view. God’s word says ‘in everything give thanks?’ Really? Are you kidding me?   No, because giving thanks is an admission God knows what He is doing, while I do not. His ways are not your ways, as He is higher than the heavens. The pot does not question why the Potter made it thus.

Tornados are devastating even if nobody dies. Oklahoma witnessed natures fury and we should be thankful 10,000 were not killed. Ever think of that? Would you be equally enraged if 1 person died as opposed to 500? No, for we judge casualties in volume, but God could no more be accused if a million people died or if only two lost life.

The pain of losing children this way must be incredible, and I am not in any way diminishing the loss, but God cannot be charged. Pray for and help the people of Oklahoma, but bless God as well.

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