Cain was a good man

English: Cain Slays Abel (Gen. 4:8-15) Русский...

English: Cain Slays Abel (Gen. 4:8-15) Русский: Каин убивает Авеля (Быт. 4:8-15) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Atheism has long been an anomaly; its roots cannot be traced to the first family, for even that rascal Cain was quite the studious fellow.

Time needed many converts to the ‘new’ way of thinking, that man can exist apart from a creator, but both running and hiding are poor twins only meant to delay the reality of facing God.

Cain was a very good person, and I suspect a rather industrious worker in the field. He probably worked sun-up to the going down.

He proudly brought the fruit of the ground; remember his parents were charged with the tending of the garden, so the husbandry was passed along to the offspring.

We learn many things from Cain, primarily that he brought an offering unto the Lord. Do we get this? He knew there was One above him, One in whom he lived and breathed and had his existence. Cain had no doubts there was a creator, yet in his natural mind, he decided to go his own way. Atheism was unheard of.

His brother Abel brought of the firstlings of the flock, and God had respect with him, as well as his offering, and this seeming favoritism lit a fuse under Cain which eventually blew up into a personal catastrophe, followed by the tracks known as the ‘way of Cain.’

There was a defect in Cain’s heart, and he lacked respect.  Pride has a father that is the enemy of God, and Cain decided himself that his own offering was better than what the Lord requested.

‘In the process of time,’ a clue here that there was instruction as to what the Lord favours, but Cain denied ‘the instruction of righteousness,’ and he secretly seethed.  Reminds me of the elder son who was irate that the father killed the fatted calf when the repentant son returned to his senses.

Cain was a proud man, for he should have been happy that his brother gained respect, but no, pride reared its ugly head. How many have traced the same footprints of Cain, and brought God an offering of their own choosing? Keep in mind, Cain was no atheist, and he certainly recognized a creator, but the way of Cain is the broad way that leadeth to destruction.

Today, atheism is worshipped as the ‘new’ thought of advanced souls, but in the beginning it was not so. The fool ‘says in his heart there is no God,’ proving there is discussion in the inner man, thanks to a God-given conscience.

Cain was no apostate, but he surely denied the right way, hence the old adage: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Morally, Cain was upright as could be, the work of his hands and his offering attest to this, but goodness God cannot accept from a distanced heart. He is jealous in the most perfect way.

Cain is a person who I could admire as well as despise, for the word of Jeremiah: ‘the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked above all things,’ is a truth all too familiar.  People who deny this have never seen through the  window of their heart with unvarnished honesty.

The thought that Cain was sort of a rugged mountain man, while Abel was a stripling is a thought not supported by scripture. The brothers were a perfect picture of families today.

The two brothers are proof positive that 1. Adam’s sin was devastating and real,  2. There was spiritual training in the family which pointed to Calvary,  3. Atheism was nowhere to be found,  4. Belief in a Creator was common knowledge, and 5. Millenia’s have been affected by the way of Cain.

There is precious teaching as to what pleases God, and ‘works’ are off the table. (the discussion of the works of the redeemed are for another time)

The ‘way of Cain’ is an approach unto God laced with pride and self-absorption which makes man larger than God. It is devilish at the root for there is ‘some’ degree of respectability while appearing religious. Cain was in fact a good man, while at the same time being a very, very, bad man.

Let’s not forget that this one who brought an offering unto the Lord, MURDERED his brother.  Where oh where did the idea come from to slay a human being, when no body had physically died as yet? I’ll tell you, it came from the heart, a dark heart that was bent on destruction. In 2014, has the heart improved? Sure it has it you are deaf, dumb, and blind.

The way of Cain is alive and well in 2014, and its tracks are easy to see, even without footprints in the snow. Progress without a Creator! Man is the new god! Science has trumped and done away with creation!  Still,  God’s word remains intact, untarnished, and more relevant than ever.

‘Evil men and seducers shall was worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.’  A two thousand year old exhortation, fresh out of the daily news.

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