Religion poisons everything

After many years of careful study, and because of blogsville, it is safe to conclude that the quote above could only be uttered by a mind full of bias, mental blindness, and spiritual myopia, not to mention selfishness and the inability to judge a matter squarely and fairly. What reasonable person would say this?

In addition, it is my critical opinion that the more famous the atheist, the more vapid is the tongue which suggests such devious and slippery thoughts. Darwin, Maher, Sagan, Nye, and the ‘religion poisons everything‘ copyright by a member of the so-called intellectual club, Chris Hitchens, is proof enough.

Of course those of you with the ability to count to 3 know this is a statement from the mouth of fools: ‘Religion poisons everything.‘ Of course it is, as common sense prevails.  Let’s dissect this a bit shall we, and then decide if it is true, or simply wishful thinking by the atheistic worldview.

I had observed at another place where this quote is enjoyed by the godless that ‘pure religion,’ as described in scripture, is not only good, but is very good. ‘To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction,’ is cited as ‘pure religion,’ in that wonderful book of James,  and I dare any fool to find fault with this statement.  Scripture, when read properly, has a tendency to correct such wayward thinking.  But people are lazy thinkers, poor readers, and sloppy writers, hence such a detestable statement as ‘religion poisons everything.’

Picture an older man locked in a nursing home, having nobody of blood to visit him, no kin, no family in his life, or if he does, they are not around or just plain do not care. Why? Because he is old, has ‘nothing’ to offer, as his days are spent, and all he has is a wheelchair to comfort him.

Along comes a young man or woman, or a middle-aged man or woman, totally unknown to him, and sits to ‘visit.’ Wanting nothing, they sit with the elder fella. A little bit of ‘pure religion’ here, inspired by the good book, because as you know, time is oh so fleeting, and before long, you and I will meet our end of days also.

Some will say: you don’t need ‘religion’ to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, as many people do just that. Fine, go for it, but please note, you are being religious. The essence of humanity is courtesy of He who created the heart, unless of course, you agree with the lunkheads who think the human heart designed itself from a rock which had no brain to even consider what a heart was, but I degrasse, I’m sorry, I mean digress.

PURE religion is non condemning, is full of mercy and good fruits, is kind, seeks no recognition nor reward, motivates and inspires to be lawful as opposed to a miscreant, understands truth as opposed to guesswork, and recognizes that the Creator made one moon for our viewing pleasure, and one sun to supply heat, as opposed to a hundred suns or moons all competing for our attention.  Right, pure mental poison that the Creator chose to grace us with only one of each.

In the good book a man is told to love his wife, but religion poisons everything.

A child is told to obey his parents, religion poisons everything.

A man is told to pay his taxes, but religion poisons everything.

A woman is told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but religion poisons everything.

A man is told to forgive his enemies, but religion poisons everything.

Are you noticing the inability to connect the dots of reality as far as religion is concerned? Do you note that it is only a delusion of fools which suggests that religion poisons everything?

But the atheist will praise two men getting ‘married,’ they will praise a rebellious child, because little junior should have no boundaries; they will praise a man going into a girl’s bathroom, because they are superior minded and liberal; they will praise girls being admitted into the ‘Boy Scouts’ because after all, to delineate the sexes is soooo Wilma and Fred; they will praise a tax cheat, as long as he is not a believer, and they will blame a mass murderer on the effects of ‘religion’ because an idiot read the bible in Sunday School once.

Yeah, religion poisons everything all right, and I bet you believe that the godless scientists have more knowledge and wisdom than the Creator Himself. Yeah, and ‘religion poisons’ the life and times of the Amish, who go about their business quietly, working harder than mules, because their bibles tell them to live peaceable lives.  Sure, some real poison coming out of those carpenter shops, sawmills, leather shops, and fruit stands. I forgot, religion poisons everything.

A man and woman home school their children because they are better equipped to teach, and spend valuable time actually teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, as opposed to sitting in a classroom lectured by social engineering people regarding the ‘value’ of same-sex bathrooms for 7 year olds. But right, ‘religion poisons everything.’

An armored truck overturned on the freeway, and a hundred thousand dollars were grabbed by passersby because they thought it was ‘free money,’ yet a believer turned in a bag of two hundred thousand dollars because the good book says: ‘thou shalt not steal,’ but I forgot, ‘religion poisons everything.’  (whether or not an atheist returned the money is irrelevant; this example shows the mettle of a mans decisions based on scripture. Period.)

If you have any sense of mental balance, and one drop of fairness, you must conclude that the quote ‘religion poisons everything’ statement is pure delusion, and cannot stand three seconds of serious scrutiny. I could write much more on this, but reasonable people already agree, and the atheist will not care, as blindness is the preferred meat of choice on the menu.

(If you care to venture into that place where this post sprang from, do offer a word of daylight to a much-needed cadre of folks who do not know the difference between Genesis and Revolution, as they pretend to be oh so learned, and oh so elitist)


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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37 Responses to Religion poisons everything

  1. Nan says:

    CS, you linked to my blog, yet the core subject was NOT about “religion poisons everything.” It was related to a question asked by a blogger as to why blog comment sections often deteriorate into nasty attacks against those who disagree (as they often do … on both sides of the aisle).

    In the comment section, in response to another person (not you), someone included the phrase and referenced Hitchens (who is noted for this saying).

    Personally, while I don’t support Christianity OR religion in general, I do NOT agree with the totality of Hitchen’s perspective so I would appreciate it if you would delete the link to my blog. Thanks!


  2. Puts me in the mind of Marx and his feelings about religion being the opiate of the people.
    And in Marx’s case…he was refering to Christianity.
    So let’s just scratch religion out and scribble in what he really meant–that being Christianity. And I’d then dare say that just might wake up a few sleepy heads who now would find such an idea a bit offensive. Sadly however I’m still waiting for many of the faithful to simply wake up period!


  3. KIA says:

    I disagree also with Hitchens. Religion, in my case Christianity specifically, does poison a lot of things but I think it’s a stretch to say it poisons everything. I do have the book on my shelf though and even listened to the audio book awhile back. How about you Color Storm?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Well at least you are reasonable somewhat mike.

      As to listening to him completely, I have heard enough, and have no further interest.

      His take on ‘religion’ leaves him clueless.

      His kind are a dime a dozen, and the poison coming from the mouths of his ‘followers’ is enough.


      • KIA says:

        So… you haven’t read the book or listened to the audio book? I suppose I never would have either before I deconverted from Christianity. “Oh be careful little eyes what you read…”


        • ColorStorm says:

          hey mike-

          Just because there is a bottle of poison on the shelf, that does not mean I have to drink it to see if the label is correct. I am well aware of DeGrasse, Nye, Maher, Sagan, Hawkins, etc, they are cut out of the same rags and mildew.

          Atheism IS the poison. Plain and simple. If you were honest with yourself, all you need do is compare your favorite atheist boggers (you know, the ones who helped u deconvert.) and what vile pornography spews from their mouths, with believers sites; the comparison is the difference between light and darkness.

          One day you just may wake up.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sorry mike,

          You were never ‘like me.’

          Scripture holds all the aces mike. Recovery awaits? From what, light back to darkness? From the power of God back to the god of this world? Are you kidding me?

          If nature does not testify to the God of creation to you…………if scripture does not testify to the God of Creation and redemption, if common sense does not speak to you of the God of creation, if logic does not speak to you of the God of creation, then you have one seared conscience.

          Your elevated opinions of the atheists of the world is truly pathetic mike.


        • KIA says:

          I was exactly like you John, just not as aggressive and hostile to people as you are. In was a born again Christian for 34 yrs, bible believing, kjv (TR if you please), young earth creationist, evolution denying and very missions minded. I even served Christ as a missionary in the inner city here for 5yrs, and in two other countries… sans paycheck, ie. On my own dime. I was in avocational ministry for 25yrs. Even started blogging on WordPress as a Christian ministry blog originally “purposeful pruning”. So yes John. I was exactly like you, but less caustic and more friendly and polite.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sorry mike, tks for the attempt at a testimony, but I am well aware of your past, and your wolf in sheep clothing dialog with James and wally, which I very deftly avoided, and which you used as an ‘excuse’ to deconvert, as if people are to blame for your deconnery.

          Let me repeat: you were never like me. Light repels darkness; turn the lights on and watch the rats scurry.


        • Nan says:

          OK, now, CS … when you make this kind of statement: Atheism IS the poison, you are claiming something that has no more validity than Hitchens’ declaration.

          This is what disturbs me (and why I wrote a post about it). There is simply no need for name-calling, using ugly descriptive words, making accusations, etc. just because two people can’t agree on their religious beliefs. It’s NOT going to change anyone’s mind and just creates rancor and resentment.

          Yes, it’s YOUR blog and you can do or say anything you want. But in this case, are you not the pot calling the kettle black?

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        • ColorStorm says:


          I have been a believer for 35plus years, and daily study which confirms my absolute confidence in scripture and the only living God.

          I have been dealing with atheists forever, and on WP, some of the most vile, revolting, and disturbing commentary has come from atheists, many of whom you communicate with on a regular basis.

          Huge difference between a man saying ‘religion poisons everything,’ which is demonstrably a lie, and me saying ‘atheism is the poison.’

          The difference is light and darkness, but tks for the comment.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    I understand why might say Atheism poisons everything, but Atheism is a symptom, not the cause. The poison is pride. Humility is about accepting the supremacy of God and the fact we need Him. It takes a lot of foolish pride to deny the existence of God. Unfortunately, we often have that much pride.

    Does that sound wrong? Then consider where Lucifer erred.

    James 2:19 New King James Version (NKJV)

    19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!

    The demons believe God exists, but they want to be God. So they refuse to accept His love and to love Him and to obey Him.

    Humans are more cowardly than demons. To justify our disobedience — to live with it without fear — we pretend to ourselves God does not exist.


  6. Arkenaten says:

    ‘religion poisons everything,’ which is demonstrably a lie,

    It may have been me that wrote the quote on Nan’s blog. And I stand by it 100%
    As the root of religion – and in particular the Abrahamic religions are all to a greater or lessor degree based on untenable presuppositional supernatural death cults, then they most certainly do poison everything they come in contact with.

    Look toward the most socially advanced nations and you will see that by and large they are all moving away from religion.
    Look at the most religious and you will see the exact opposite.


    • Arkenaten says:

      Lol…. I should have deleted the part : ”demonstrably a lie”, which is, of course, completely erroneous.


      • ColorStorm says:

        No, if you want to be fair, you musty admit that was my quote, which is entirely true.

        The post stands on its own merit, destroying all petty gripes.


        • Arkenaten says:

          No, it falls because of no merit and the evidence of history is my witness.
          In fact it is also my witness in the present day.
          Simply consider the Syrian war or the Israeli /Palestinian conflict.
          Checkmate my moth eaten friend.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Chess? You must be unaware that there is only one King, and all others are imposters.

          As is the only Lord of creation, as all others are imposters and wannabe gods in the minds of misfits.

          Be sure though you pay attention to my upcoming post. Could be my best ever, but probably not for reasons you would think.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Rhetoric wont save your argument – it never does.
          The war in Syria is example enough to validate my assertion.
          The genocide of the Indians in north and south america, perpetrated largely by Christians and in many cases instigated by priest pastors and the bible itself should be enough to make you hang your head in shame and weep for the god you claim.
          The internecine war s s+read over centuries where entire sects were exterminated …. by Christians.

          You can’t hide the truth like some embarrassed cat in its dirt box, Colorstorm. The truth speaks for itself and it still smells.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Stop embarrassing yourself on my blog. It’s bad enough you do it on your own.

          Don’t bring your irrelevant smokescreens to me. Maybe you should mention the French-Indian wars, and Gettysburg, and the arrival of young George Washington too.

          It is utterly impossible for you to see the blindness of your own arguments; you have already said enough; you would think your rope marks around your neck would cause you enough pain to stop.

          It is apparent that my little post here has stirred you to consternation; love it. I really do not want to continue to embarrass your sad case of mental myopia, by your assertion that ‘religion poisons everything.’

          For God’s sake, even the calmer Nan agrees with me.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Embarrassing myself! Smile I think not, my toothless feline.
          Tell me, has anyone in your government or religious faith ever apologized for:
          The Indian genocides, the Crusades?
          Has anyone ever apologized to the Australian Aborigines or the Negros for the slave trade?
          We had the Truth and Reconciliation commission in this country and Apartheid was sanctioned by the NGK – a Christian church.

          But sure, we can mention any war you like.
          A huge number were fought between Christian believing nations.
          A huge number were fought between differing Christian sects.
          Pick one. I know a bit of history and know about a few.
          How about the attempted extermination of the Cathars?
          You entire worldview os one huge blind spot.
          You are as painfully ignorant as you are disingenuous.
          You have no argument let alone a moral one to justify the vile, heinous things done in the name of religion in general or your religion in particular.
          Were you watching when those of an Islamic bent flew jetliners into the Twin Towers. I remember it like it was yesterday.
          Did you see the cheering and praising to God from certain Muslin sections?
          Have you seen the horror and devastation of the Syrian war?
          Have you ever read accounts of the slaughter of Native Americans – by Christians – or the brutal genocidal campaigns against Muslims by their Christian brothers?

          How about the attempted extermination of the Jews? Oh, and NOT by dear Adolf(sic) but sanctioned by the Church.

          Religion. Poisons. Everything.

          And it has most certainly poisoned you.


        • ColorStorm says:

          How about extending a courtesy and please cease your mind numbing repetition of all things done by evil people.

          Godlessness, evil acts, and pure religion are not triplets, much to your chagrin; you would love to think so.

          Pure religion is not responsible for ONE improper death. Look up the word PURE in the dictionary, it may help you.

          I have proved the case, and you sound like a blathering fool and a parrot.

          And for God’s sake, stop mentioning Hitler. I’m not quite sure though but he was as deceitful as you with information.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Theproblem is , Colorstorm that a) you would not be able to identify pure relgion – and every faith and denomination will claim they have it.
          b) Every act I have listed that has been and continues to be perpetrated by the religious in the name of their religion is considered sanctioned, justified and ”pure”

          I only mentioned Adolf fleetingly and only to offset that Christians have been responsible for numerous heinous acts against the Jews.
          Where on earth do you think all the centuries of antisemitism comes from? Chrostoans of course!

          And you didn’t even have the integrity to respond to the question of apologies by those who religiously minded ancestors perpetrated numerous acts of genocide on indigenous peoples.
          I reiterate, you have no where to hide from has been done in the name of religion and in the name of your god.

          Religion is guilty as charged.
          Yoiu should be ashamed.


        • ColorStorm says:

          ‘PURE RELIGION’ is as innocent as a chain saw or a thousand long rifles, which would not hurt a fly…………without evil intent.

          Perhaps you should chastise the piano for inspiring thousands to commit atrocious acts.

          You can never win an argument against God, scripture, and the faith once delivered to the saints.

          Perhaps you never heard of Stephen, you know, the one who stoned the Jews to death? Oops, got that backwards, the one who was stoned to death as he prayed for they who killed him………..

          Pure religion tends to silence the mouths of fools. God says what religion is, not you.


        • Arkenaten says:

          I have no desire to argue against any god.
          However, if one turns up and greets me then I shall extend it the courtesy of giving it the benefit of the doubt and let it speak it’s piece.
          Meantime, as you seem hell bent(sic) on insisting on focusing on your religion, and your god, ( letting all the others off the hook – nice of you!) then I guess we will have to stick to Yahweh.
          Can we at least trash Islam and Judaism while we are at it?
          If you wish to offer an example of this pure religion you are harping on about then maybe I would be silenced.
          However, the religion you and every individual who claims to be Christian are part of one of the most vile ideological worldviews in the history of humanity.
          And as I stated up front, history bears witness to the truth of my words.
          From the very first drop of blood spilled in the name of your god you haven’t got a prayer of defending your religion.

          And once again, not a single utterance that might resemble an answer regarding an apology for the things perpetrated in your god’s name. Not even a peep about the genocides, the contraception, the wars, the abuse?
          Colorstorm, shame on you!

          The truth damns you every which way up.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Last comment here, and it’s mine:

          ‘Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.’ -from God’s word.

          But an apology? Sure, here ya go. I’m sorry you cannot see the difference between light and darkness. Case closed.

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        • Arkenaten says:

          And the disingenuous lying hypocrite has spoken.
          Well done!
          What a thoroughly disgraceful individual you truly are.


        • ColorStorm says:

          I can’t be THAT disgraceful. After all, I let you have the last word against my wishes, and let you show my friends how vile I am. 🙂


        • Arkenaten says:

          Maybe that’s just your ego?
          How about an apology for the things done in your god’s name?


        • ColorStorm says:

          An ego would be appeasing you to satisfy your thirst for an admission regarding a non-existent god.

          He is God. Period. Above all others. He needs no apology. It appears you have Him mixed up with all other imposters. And it is also obvious you mistake the deeds of good people with imposters as well.

          We are done for today.


  7. Couldn’t wait to hear another attack on RELIGION…as its easier to say you are one, than to be one…is my plea. I too can count the cost of those in pride, who exlude those “outside” their thinking…and your heart to hear the ones in the nursing homes…gave me reason to do more there…with those who need to see and hear..a friendly voice…thank you

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  8. I believe you missed the point entirely, and I also believe you’re trying to re-define religion.

    I have no idea what you mean when you say “pure religion.” Religion is the belief and worship of something superhuman, like a god. You seem to be taking “kind human interaction” and defining it “pure religion”, which is highly misleading. Religion is belief and worship of gods, at it’s purest, and says nothing about human interaction at all.

    Which brings me to the seeming misunderstanding. When Hitchens said “everything”, he meant all of human interaction. Just look at your list.

    Child told to obey parents, okay. Child told to obey parents with the threat of either being stoned to death or hell, not okay.

    Pay taxes, okay. Pay taxes but vote to steer them in religiously motivated causes, not okay.

    Pray, completely useless, and prevents real action. Also, convinces people that Israel has the high ground in all matters, when the truth is much more complicated.

    Forgiving enemies, okay. Forgiving them without being the wronged party, while the wronged party still is feeling the effects of the wrongdoing? Not okay.

    And the elderly visit- as I noted first, I have no idea why you call this “pure religion”, it’s misleading. But visits, okay. Visiting and telling the old man that god will care for him, when real medical care is what he needs, not okay.

    I personally wouldn’t say religion poisons EVERYTHING, but it does taint nearly all human interaction. So it’s really not that far off the mark.


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