It’s good to be all shook up

And now for today’s news ((7/05/19)) from the west coast. This is a copy from years ago, April 2015. Enjoy.)

Science does a stellar job of explaining the tectonic plates under ground as the reason how the earth quakes, but cannot explain the source of ‘why.’  Sure, the limited wisdom of man may attempt to say ‘why,’ but cannot do so adequately apart from God. As a matter of fact, he fails miserably and completely.

It is quite a fascinating thing to ‘feel the earth move under my feet,’ and if there be a Creator, one would think he would have said something about it. Oh wait, he did. When the earth first quaked, it was recorded (no, not in the 1700’s) thousands of years ago, as the man of God said:

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‘But if the LORD make a new thing, and the earth open her mouth, and swallow them up, with all that appertain unto them, and they go down quick into the pit; then ye shall understand that these men have provoked the LORD.’

Of course, not only did the earth split wide, but a man and his family and everything that belonged to them went down below as the earth closed back up. God as the owner of all that is, proved that quakes belong to Him, and He is well aware and sees all the shaking fists of mankind. Do not confuse his lack of action today with His indifference.

There is this thing called grace, while at the same time the whole creation groans. Only God could orchestrate the two marvels. But earthquakes. A natural display of spiritual truth, that in any age, the Creator of life has an interest and keen eye on the affairs of earth. A mere clearing of the throat as it were, this little quake; a hiccup, an opportunity to open the eye and listen with the ear.

So the word of God admonishes there will be earthquakes in many places. Yes, in the United States, a place kinda irrelevant at the writing of scripture. Quakes in places one would not expect; quakes across the world.  Sure they are expected in the middle east……………..really? Why? There is a stirring in the heavenlies, more so today than yesterday, more so tomorrow than today; indeed there must be an accounting and a point when time ceases to be.

And behold, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.

Uh oh.  The clearing of the throat has become a bit more pronounced, but man does not care. A lifetime of sunrises, rain, heat, snow, rainbows, life, death, sorrow, pain, the wonder of the fingernail, hearts, lungs, eyes, ears, tongues, memories, and ten thousand other proofs have all gone unnoticed as man asks for one more proof that God is.

What do you want a personal invitation? Oops, got that too. One would think though, that even the most sober minded of seismologists would take another and closer look at WHY the earth quakes, and come to agree: ‘in the beginning God…’

The presence of God should give us the shakes, as He is higher than the heavens, but became the lowliest of all. The crushing and death of the son of God was far more intense than any earthquake or flood; as a matter of fact, it was the entire wrath of God unleashed against sin and ALL ungodliness. Yea, a thought worth quaking over.

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