The Dagger that slices

Here is a thought that will surely rattle the cages of the so-called intellectual who pretends to know more than God. Yeah, there’s an idea, mere mortals ‘knowing’ more than God. Anyway:

The study of scripture is the most demanding and exacting of sciences.

Ouch. I just ticked off many a friend and foe. But who are really the foes here? Those who disagree with every post I’ve written or tickled their ears to the point of Christian disgrace?

There is more science in the opening words of Genesis……IF we would but pay attention. God in His infinite wisdom and mercy toward our modern shallow thinking skills, has given us a head’s up and revealed what TRUE science really is, that we be not lost as fog as they who pretend to know, sitting in judgment of God and His work, as if 2019 is well beyond the elementary principles or allegedly outdated information of how flora and fauna, birds and fish, and man and woman all had their first day, as clearly defined in the monarch of books.

Men come and go, kingdoms rise and fall, technology advances and retreats, (is it really an advancement of society where people walk down streets by the millions eschewing other humans while staring into a handheld machine………..)

But science. The arriving at conclusions by a bias free tested, observable, and repeatable process, is what Genesis does not pretend to offer opinion on, and which truth is loathed by all intellectual fools today.


Observable.  Repeatable.


Observable. Repeatable.

Such is the divine consistency of God’s hand. Does not the whale still today reproduce after his kind per Genesis? Does not the sun still move in his circuit providing heat and light to our earth per Genesis? Does not the moon still move in her nightly circuits providing the cool light of night per Genesis? Do not the mighty oaks produce after their kind per Genesis? Do not all the sparkling gems of the night also show God’s favor and magnificence by such a display of awe and power per Genesis?

Does not the water above our heads and the sheer fact that the earth sits in the waters below speak volumes of science and truth per Genesis?

Now then, what is it about man, and the desire to appear ‘smarter than God’ that drives the intellect to deny what is rightfully the Creator’s,  and to supplant the Owner of Life with man’s paltry opinions that Genesis is not science, nor can it be true?

I’ll tell you. It is the love of false science. It is lying science, with a shout out to the apostle Paul, for the mind of man does not change regardless of the century. Lying science existed then, it exists today, and it will thrive and survive tomorrow, but so what, for there will always be a market for extortion and theft.

Genesis could have been written this morning, and is as fresh, is as relevant, and speaks to the prince or pauper, kindergarten student or college PhD without apology or embarrassment. Things testable, observable, and repeatable. Let these concepts sink in.

14 billions of years IS NOT TESTABLE, nor can it be OBSERVED. Aah but you may say, ‘neither is in the beginning God………..’

But you greatly err, because the truth of Genesis then is true today, and our conscience demands we pay attention. It is not a matter of opinions which are a dime a dozen. Genesis has no competition, as if God can be challenged on creatorial grounds. He cannot. His word proves this. The ‘kinds’ test this. We ‘observe’ the ‘repeatable’ and know that ‘I Am That I Am.’

So what be this dagger? Easy. To repeat:

The study of scripture is the most demanding and exacting of sciences.

Go ahead, take a lifetime. Study what scripture says, NOT what infidels or lying professors have said, but what scripture SAYS. It appeals to your deepest need, and after decades of daily study, you will only unravel the first of layers. Truth is below. As it should be. It is not on the shelf where any untrained or careless shopper can decide between beans or sprouts, nope, it is behind…….may even have an ‘expiration date,’ but this date is a ‘whispering suggestion’ that God’s word is irrelevant, a hiss that is ignored by the correct of thought and soul.

Study the astronomy and How and Who put it there. Study the science and wisdom of Solomon by the unequaled ‘cut the baby in half.’ Study the long range and vision of Joseph who prepared 7 years of feed. Study the magnificence of the greatest stone workers, and the science of mathematics in carpentry by skilled hands such as we have never seen.  Study the farming of David and Amos.

The scientists of yore would embarrass us by their daily ‘living’ of what we masquerade by ‘testing.’ They would no doubt walk into a lab and say: ‘this is your livelihood, trying to erase God with a hand made microscope, while denying the Maker of the hand?’ Yikes.

It’s no wonder modern science fails miserably as it erects its own tower of Babel. The heights of heaven cannot be reached with bricks, steel, aluminum, fuel, or even rockets for that matter. Oh how He who sitteth in the heavens must laugh.

When I build a wall and hold a level, the bubble does not care, let me say it loudly: THE BUBBLE OF LEVEL DOES NOT CARE as to my opinion.  I can disagree with the opinion of the level, but the science of things observable, testable, and repeatable will prove the level correct and me a liar. Truth holds to its own.

So is the truth of Genesis and scripture. We may not ‘like’ the fact of a universe created by God; we may argue against the acts and wars of men; we may cite God for cruel or unusual punishment in commanding cities to be destroyed, yet, Yet, YET, we miss the boat entirely if we do not see that it is the Potter, and not the clay who acts as He wills, without controversy and always perfectly, if we would only remember that His creation was pronounced ‘very good.’

As I said, the science of Genesis could have been written this morning, such is the timeless word of the living God. And need I remind you that the lazy edicts of atheism are cut in pieces by that same word which is sharper than ANY two edged sword.  Now this, perhaps no other 5 words of majesty ever written, and in such demurity speaking of science:

He made the stars also. (Genesis 1.16)


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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8 Responses to The Dagger that slices

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  2. xPraetorius says:

    Just so.


    — x

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  3. Nina says:

    Thank you. This is a much needed reminder. Let God be true and every man a liar.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Now then, what is it about man, and the desire to appear ‘smarter than God’ that drives the intellect to deny what is rightfully the Creator’s, and to supplant the Owner of Life with man’s paltry opinions that Genesis is not science, nor can it be true?

    The love of science is not the problem. The problem is pride. We love ourselves more than God.

    What happened when Satan tried to supplant God? Why did Satan want to do such a foolish thing? Because he was jealous of God, his pride demanded that he put his own stamp on Creation.

    We cannot replace God, but we can pretend H does not exist. We can even weave scientific theories that say God did not create all we know of, but we vannot prove such theories. In the name of science,
    We can only demand belief

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi CTom, tkx for the input.

      ‘We can weave scientific theories………….’ Love that/ because it’s true. Ever truer is the pride thing, as it was from the beginning-

      You would no doubt agree that ‘science’ today has become the golden calf worshipped with pride as the seed that to use the word again ‘supplants’ all that is truly good-

      but i’d to suggest to all believers that great men of old have noted that scripture (and I concur entirely) contains more true science if we follow the clues-

      (WP still dumps me from following you……..!!!)

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      • Citizen Tom says:


        Agreed. We create our own idols. I think this is a relatively complete list of modern idols: stuff, sex, science, state, and self.

        WordPress is a San Francisco based company. Probably not the best place for a Conservative to keep a political blog. Still, I never expected the computer industry to behave the way Google, Facebook, and Twitter behave. I guess I had intelligence confused with wisdom.

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