The glorious book of Revelation

Secrets revealed for they who are intimately familiar with every book of the bible which precedes it. Intellectual and spiritual maturity, (so missing in the tender ears of the immature or unlearned) which guides the soft hearts in knowing the marvel and excellence of God, are the critical components in unfolding the book of books.

Of course to the ignorant it is a book of nonsense, but to the wise it is the capstone that reveals mysteries that only baffle an atheist.

Above all, it proves the Creator of the sun and moon does not sleep, and is well aware of man’s attempts to supplant Him. In this God laughs, and His patience is otherworldly. In context, covid-19 will prove to be but a pimple on the page of history, as Revelation is not a book of gossip or which agrees with majority opinion, nope, but a book which puts a premium on understanding, the KEY to unlocking it’s contents.

What is so dark about topaz, jacinth, or jasper? What is so strange about He whose voice is as the sound of many waters? What is so strange about the plagues that men so equally deserve? What is so odd about God telling His agents: ‘hurt not the trees?’

Revelation declares with no ambiguity the end of days, with no appeal to a higher court, as only God is truly Supreme. No gloom of days, no, yeah rather, an admission that when the last crop is in, when the last raindrop falls, when the last dream is had, when time must cease, Revelation states what has always been true: that God is always good and His ways perfect.

The Lord of heaven and earth stands true, and of course His word is always good. A man would be a poor carpenter if he has never learned the secrets of the plumb line and the level. 65 books to test the apprenticeship. Revelation, while difficult, is not a book for amateurs.

Which is harder to believe, that the air of Mt. Everest is heavy, or that God’s angels await with patience?

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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  1. YAY, looks who’s roaring back to life 🤗

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Love the book of revelation!

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