Bill Maher and friends

English: Bill Maher attending a ceremony to re...

English: Bill Maher attending a ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

orig. 3.12.12

Mr. Maher does a fine job of masquerading as a comedian, as he appeals to the prurient

Maher’s appeal is his ability to express this base speech to they who are afraid to say it publicly.  His opinions are thought to be god-like because of his alleged courage to attack whoever and whatever, whenever.

He hides behind a microphone with absolutely no accountability, apologizes when it suits him, and makes huge donations only to draw attention to himself, therefore he is also a magician. When he makes a ‘joke’ about the right, it is with a view to present them as idiots. When he takes a jab at the left, there is no debasing here; it is only ‘funny.’

He presents himself as genuinely fair,  but this is understood in the context that there are no absolutes, no accountability, (unless he is again dismissing the right) thus, if a left leaning lesbian is proven corrupt, he thinks of her as a saint, while a fair-minded  Alaskan  governor is said to be a slut.

The news is always filtered through Maher’s lack of conscience, and a garbage hungry media uses his material very well. Maher’s ego is similar to Obama’s,  larger than the moon, but sadly, there are far too many who are moon struck and find him funny. Thieves are not funny, yet always have buyers for their goods. Oh yes, he steals, he steals the reputations of good people.

It appears Maher hates God, and hates all people who express this belief, this idea that man is not the king-being that Maher would imagine, and that a person would actually take a stand and make a platform of governance based on the strength of this simple truth.

According to Maher, ANYTHING Ms. Palin says should be examined under her malicious thought that all created life springs from one hope eternal, (God), so it would follow that Maher would find her to be such a joke. Maher even went on record  attacking Palin’s family and made a caustic remark about a child who is retarded, and yes, people thought he was funny. Vintage Maher.

Maher is NOT funny, and his attempt at humor is proof of a depraved mind. He searches for his next victim to front before an abetting audience, for our culture is grossly vulgar, not only because there are many Bill Maher’s, but because society WANTS Bill and friends.

Occasionally, Maher will put a mask on and pretend to insult the left, but it is short-lived and disingenuous. Within days the mask comes off and it is business as usual.

Maher is a closet politician first, similar to Chris Matthews, and he lets fly his moronic views at every turn as he tries to be funny, and he ends up as a poor comedian with fools for an audience.

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