Christine Aguilera’s anthem

English: Christina Aguilera singing "Hurt...

English: Christina Aguilera singing “Hurt” during her “Back to Basics World Tour” Español: Christina Aguilera cantando “Hurt” durante su “Back to Basics World Tour” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ms. Aguilera’s rendition of the national anthem was unusual to say the least; some say offensive.

The song was never meant to be sung to draw attention to the singer, it was never meant to be sung to a different melody, it was not meant to be screamed by an ego driven singer.

She was a national embarrassment, yet she will be insulated from comments such as this while she collects a check. ‘O say can you see…’ apparently  can not be seen, for why are such clowns invited to sing in the first place? But this is not new.

There is a tendency to ‘do one better’ than last years mockery of the anthem, and few can resist the urge to press the envelope of decadence to the next level.

Pride is a dangerous thing; to be front and center, to take the bait and say ‘yes! this song is about me.’ Oh so few can say no.

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