Such a perfect day at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Yes, looks like the gem of Europe; never been there, but sure would relish the opportunity. The layered lakes are off the charts gorgeous, and what what I’ve read, the area is a natural wonder-land

Awesome pics

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If you’ve ever travelled, you’ll know that the best-laid plans can fall apart, become muddy and complicated and sometimes take you way the wrong way.

I’ve had days where a simple A to B route became anything but simple. Train delays, flights that land in St John when you think you’re going St John’s (sorry, Amanda, couldn’t help it), wallets getting stolen, bus stations not existing where you thought they were…

But then there are those times where everything falls into place. I thought visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park would be a pain. A pain I was ready to endure, because it was meant to be a magical place, but still. Annoying to get to, expensive to stay near. Do we need a car?

But then it all worked out. A bus from Zagreb left us right at the entrance to the park, there were huge lockers for our packs and a walk…

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1 Response to Such a perfect day at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

  1. Ana says:

    yes,it’s nice there, especially when it’s really hot in near areas and cool where waterfalls abide 🙂


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