The color of time changes

Growing up, I really liked the color blue. I had a shirt that I wore till it turned to rags, and the more it frayed, the greater my affection. Blue skies. Ocean blue.  Purple and blue in the Lord’s things in the temple of old.

Image result for rainbow

While still loving that color, I rarely wear blue today, except for the quintessential Levis’s jacket. Yellow ocher has my same attention today, but for different reasons. The golden wheat fields in the distance create a pleasure and a flood of thoughts that is just plain wonderful.

Age tends to alter perception of color, as if it is closely related to maturity, or growth in spirituality. Similar to music, what I once devoured in interest may still be appreciated, but now tempered and seen in a different light. Like sharps and flats on the musical scale, the nuances of color are like balm for the eyes, and exotic food for the soul.

Cerulean blue, cobalt, ultramarine, navy, periwinkle, pacific, cadet, it’s kinda hard to have any dislike for the blues.

If people had to be identified by color, geez, now there would be some interesting stuff. Recently, a person observed that this blog could be described as ‘puke.’ Hmm, this commentary is an insult to that shade of green, but more importantly, what color would be residing in the mind of a person who sees black where light is represented……..? (Odd is it not, how a simple comment took the train here from a nice place about color to the tar pits in one sentence…..)

Today though, I have an affinity for brown. Simply the color of dirt. Demure and unassuming, the color of life. It does not boast, call attention to itself, is not proud, and is a compassionate color. Brown does not want to be fuschia. It does not want the chief seat, as it is fine being thought to be ‘just dirt.’

I like brown, but then again there is blue, ocher, burnt sienna, copper, all having their own secrets of inspiration, and all pointing to the Creator for His genius in allowing man to see the non existing blue of the seas, the white of the moon, the green of the trees and grasses, the gold of the farms, the dazzling colors of the peacock, the unsurpassing colors of the eyes of men and women, and the zazillion (endless) tkx tricia 😉 reasons how and why color belongs to the Creator, as He laid out this canvas called life.

God in His infinite wisdom, uses color as a reminder of His enduring and endearing promise to man, that even through the darkest of storms, His oath is good. The rainbow!

There is a spectacularness to color that is above and beyond human comprehension. Of course, for even in eternity, color will be enjoyed in all its new splendor. Topaz, beryl, sardius, and things we have not seen will confirm our fondness for scripture,  and the idea of singing a new song (for many reasons) will appear to be most reasonable.

By the way: red, yellow, and blue as the primary colors when combined, make brown. Oh the magnificence of the Creator.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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21 Responses to The color of time changes

  1. mike and brandy says:

    blue is of course my favorite color. next to purple, which was our wedding color. thx for this. -mike

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    • ColorStorm says:

      @ mike

      I knew a person who despised the color green. Makes me think something traumatic happened……………….

      But there is no doubt ‘color theory,’ and why certain colors appeal, and others repel.

      Your wedding thought would be a worthwhile study as to color and the longevity factor.


  2. Ah, colors are amazing, aren’t they? I love blends, the way colors go together, like lavender sliding into gray. We don’t have to live in a colorful world, we could have been placed in all shades of gray, as it often is here in the winter time. It’s no accident that we were given that rainbow as a promise.

    The color of time changes, yes, when I was a child I loved pink, but today I can hardly pick a favorite because I have grown quite fickle. Green is amazing, but than there are all those ambers, and colors come in different shades and tones. One person’s “puke” is another’s moss green, the stuff of key lime pie and rainforests.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Love your last line 😉 perfectly placed.

      And speaking of gray insanitybytes22…………..seems there are so many ‘gray areas,’ those things clearly distinct in color……….but interpreted through the lens of personal bias, such as: Marriage.

      Where one sees gray, another sees verdigris. It’s all about the light perspective 😉

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  3. As the art teacher—you know I’m going to love anything to do with color!!!!
    Color theory was a unit my kids always loved—as I’d always start out the unit with a look at the psychology of color or how various colors effect us psychologically—effecting everything from our moods to our buying habits and even our eating habits (there is a reason why most the fast food restaurants use red in their color schemes as red tends to increase appetites and yet it also diminishes the passage of time.) Companies spend big money learning how using simple colors in advertising can effect the buying habits of the general public.
    It is amazing how the subtle influence of something so many of us simply take for granted. . .that being color. . . even the intensity or brightness, can effect us for better or worse.
    Throw in sunlight, add some dust particles, allowing them to diffuse through the water vapor and ice crystals in the atmosphere and we ooo and awe over a brilliant sunset or sunrise laced with the deep magentas, oranges, blues, purples. . .the sweeping brush strokes of the Master Creator. . .or just dust, light and ice for others. . .
    Good food for thought CS—-

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yea jules, that’s a dissertation many have enjoyed I’m sure: color theory.

      But bring the Creator into the equation……………

      And the hills are alive as you say………with the sight of color………..then there is always the ‘city of Gold,’ Jerusalem….

      (good report on your father btw 😉


  4. Colors are so incredibly endless. I once saw a video about a type of shrimp that can see four times as many colors as we can. Which is totally unimaginable and cool.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yea Louis, cool enough, but what’s up with the jumbo shrimp?? 😉

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      • Yeah, it just sort of came to mind, and I’m not sure where I was going with the shrimp. But it is an example of how very little we humans know about seeing the world through the eyes of other creatures. Imagine the colors God must see…
        But even the ones we can see are, as you point out, a testament to His artistry. Seeing more colors would be one thing but inventing them? Phew. That’s pretty rad.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Just borrowing the irony of the contradiction as in something that is large but small 😉

          Indeed, God is the master colorsmith though. Quite a lab the Creator has………..

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  5. Melissa says:

    I need some color tonight, brown sounds good. Unassuming yet full of life, where the plants spring forth! Miss you friend!

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Sounds like the Lord Melissa: ‘Unassuming yet full of life……………’

      And for fruit to grow, we must be grounded, eh. Sounds good to me. All the best back atcha, and trust you are well; your observation appears you are. 😉

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  6. Wally Fry says:

    I like brown. I’m a brown kinda guy really. I love color though, in my garden, but it all came from the brown stuff. Me too, you know…all of us. God took that soil and breathed life into it and here we are. I’m ok with brown.

    And on a P.S. thanks for what you do here my friend. The world needs it right now.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Lots of votes for brown. Very interesting braid of agreement, which speaks to a lack of ego I believe, among many things. ‘Just a thought.’ 😉

      Appreciate the vote of confidence too Wally.

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  7. Tricia says:

    Colors certainly do invigorate an already fascinating world! As an amateur photographer, I enjoy the striking differences the same color can hold just depending on the time of day. And did you know some species, spiders I think, can see certain types of ultra violet light we cannot and snakes infrared? And the common pigeon, a seemingly plain and uninteresting bird can see millions of hues, perhaps more than any other living thing on the planet. God certainly likes variety in his creations!

    Zazillion has a very nice ring to it, perhaps a new Merriam Webster entry sometime soon. 😉

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  8. Lily Lau says:

    I have some brown clothes and they can’t suit me better 😀

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