Light and laughter

I luuuuv this observation, which by the way, I have been saying similar things for years.

‘Sunlight entering the water may travel about 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) into the ocean under the right conditions, but there is rarely any significant light beyond 200 meters (656 feet). … Sunlight does not penetrate to these depths and the zone is bathed in darkness.’ (From NOAA)

And why do I like it? Tkx for asking, I’ll be happy to tell you.

Because it exposes man’s fraudulent arrogance, and proves that every word of God is good. No ‘significant’ light beyond 600 plus feet. Ouch. Yet, the modernists, the so-called elite of the intellectual boys club, swear they ‘know’ what goes on millions of miles above, no, check that, zillions of miles above our heads, far above the great deep of the Creator’s handiwork.

Cousteau below and Piccard above spoke the same truth, albeit unknowingly, when they uttered such words of majestic chagrin, because deep answers to deep. Whether it be a water drop in a pond or a heavy cloud, we live UNDER the Creator’s umbrella, we live under heaven’s zip code, and there are lands which today we cannot travel. But science fiction is real doncha know, as there is a cottage industry which steals money from people as long as they are told they are ‘smart.’  Fortunately we have the mind of the incomparable Paul as taught by God:

There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.

In plain language, men are clueless regarding ‘science.’ Our distortions looking UP through vapor are magnified, and the millions and millions of miles and light years from here to there reveal arrogant and deceptive hearts made in the image of men. But note: the sun, moon, and stars are not only different, they are different in kind. Can we fathom this? Different kinds of lights. Not accidental purposeless cosmic rocks, but Lights, EACH with a purpose.

If we cannot see clearly what is a thousand feet beneath us, how can we say with ‘Intelligence’ we know what is above us? Apart from Intelligence, we cannot.  Intelligence, which men claim, by their very words, proves otherwise.

Truth be told, knowledge can never make people smart, as it only confirms what already exists. Bias is fed by the baristas of bias. Starbucks has always been late to the party. ‘Noah never lived, there is no EVIDENCE of a flood…..’ Blah blah blah. Bill Nye said so. DeGrasse agrees. Hawkins said science disagrees. Blah blah blah.

Can I remind my faithful readers, friend and foe alike, that Everest and K-2, are 29,000 ft above sea level, a height above that of a flying 747- which height is equaled UNDER the oceans. Are you getting this ramification? Yet, where pray tell, does ALL that frozen water come from at that massive height to create such torrid conditions and avalanches which kill a man for trespassing. Rest assured, the ‘natural man and his science are clueless.’ 

But yes, all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. It rained. And it rained. And it rained. And the waters rose. And rose. And rose. But you ask for evidence? Well here you go. I have it on good word that they who mocked the grand construction by the family of Mr. Noah were not laughing, just as they who mock today will not laugh tomorrow. Men’s laughter is all the evidence you need. Their watery coffins were sealed by the wax of their very lips.

Some things never change, and we saw more of this when that 9 foot goon dared to challenge the only God of creation, and who fell to earth quickly and then was headless. Yeah, mock that too. But science has no answer for godless arrogance and Death, as all things continue as they were. Am I sure?

If ‘scientists’ are lost as fog regarding 99% of what lies beneath the waters of the world, would you then trust these same people when they say they ‘know’ mileage, dates, and times as to the heavens? The answer appears obvious to an honest mind.

The waters at the top of the world, ie, Everest, and the deep oceans are once more proof and evidence that God’s word is good, that there are waters above and below, and that God separated the waters from the waters, and without knowing this, science is the great fail, and receives a failing grade of E+ in the college exam, and the + is only because science is spelled correctly.

But more perfectly: rain and snow are nature’s greatest laughing evangelists.


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