WA florist in hot water

It was bound to come to this. Washington State Attorney General Ferguson is involved in a case that will have reverberations across the land. Robt Ingersoll brought a complaint against Arlene’s bakery because he could not purchase flowers for his ‘wedding.’ He is gay, and states he is being wrongly denied services.  The owner Barronelle Stutzman is trying to be civil, but is standing on principle against this kind of  ‘marriage.’

Mr. Ferguson has stated he will seek an injunction requiring the shop to provide services for gays and lesbians, and if not, he will levy a fine of $2000. per offense.

At issue is the shop owner’s  right to deny services, and whether a customer has a right to purchase. There appears to be a heavy weight of opposition against the floral shop by loud voices who are proud of this charge.

Ingersoll would have had a tad of credibility if he did not enlist anybody to help him,  now he desires a tour de force to plead his case.

This is the card that is being played that tips the hand of deceit. Why would anybody want to do business with a co. that does not want your business? Surely there are many ‘gay’ friendly flower shops that would want the business. No, Ferguson wants to make this a class action and set precedent, taking advantage of a persons disagreement.

Do not the owners of the shop have rights to sell to whoever whenever? I would hope so. Cannot they discriminate? What about a restaurant that refuses to serve folks who are not wearing a shirt? You have seen it, ‘no shirt, no service?’ Or a black tie event; how many walk in wearing t-shirts?Discrimination exists all day long, we just refuse to admit it. We only take note of discrimination when we are offended. Get over it.

This is not about the store-owner per se, it is about forcing those with differing opinions to fold. It is forcing the boy scouts to fold- it is forcing a school to attempt to  cancel a Santorum speech. It is all the same, intolerance for they who hold to differing opinions.

The christian owner has principle, you have to give her that.

(For what its worth, the Christian thing to do may have been to sell the flowers. ‘I do not approve this kind of arrangement, but here are your flowers.  45 dollars please.’  There is however the other issue just as important, and that is their personal and business rights.)

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